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Indicator Review: Super EZ Forex

Super EZ Forex is a Forex indicator built to take 20 minutes to learn for a lifetime of profits. Along the indicator, traders also gain access to live trading room sessions, free updates, members area training and their triple arrow trading system. Today, we will be providing a full analysis of the service, and letting you know all of the details that the vendor is providing us with.

is a Forex indicator built to take 20 minutes to learn for a lifetime of profits. Along the indicator, traders also gain access to live trading room sessions, free updates, members area training and their triple arrow trading system. Today, we will be providing a full analysis of the service, and letting you know all of the details that the vendor is providing us with.

The vendor provides no information about who they are, or where they are located. There is a connection in the testimonial section that the service is developed by someone named Pat, but that’s essentially all we know. According to the sales page, Pat has been developing the trading system for approximately 4 years.

There is no contact information provided on the sales page either, so traders cannot get in touch with support before purchasing. This is certainly an odd way of doing things, and not a positive sign.


Super EZ Forex Review

The sales page is clean, and not overly developed or unique but it’s also lacking real detail about the Super EZ Forex services. The website is comprised of 5 different sections, including what is Forex, why us, features, testimonials and frequently asked questions. None of these sections provide the amount of information you would expect from an investment service or Forex trading strategy with multiple areas of interest.

In order to qualify, and be considered one of the best Forex indicators, a vendor has to provide enough of valuable information to prove that their product is viable. That does not seem to be the case with this current iteration of the sales page.


The Super EZ Forex trading system works for position trades, swing trades and day trades. Though, much like the rest of the presentation, the explanations are lacking. The vendor does not tell us how he Forex indicator works with different trading styles or strategies. The vendor also fails to tell us the overall methodologies and approaches the triple arrow trading system.

Instead, the only section of the website dedicated to strategy is a short story about how the creator came to the conclusion that he should build a Forex indicator. He tells us that he “originally set out to create a simple system” to teach his wife and children so that they would have an easy way making money. Then, after sharing the system with his friends, and his pastor, he felt that this would be perfect program to released to the world.

It’s a fun story, but it’s fluff and lacks any sort of real substance that a Forex presentation should provide.

Indicator Analysis

  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Owner: Pat
  • Founded: 2018
  • Price: $323.67

There is one package available for traders looking to sign up with the Super EZ Forex service. This package costs $323.67, it can be purchased via PayPal or Bitcoin. The price of the software is much higher than most Forex indicators, as the majority of the products in this marketplace go for somewhere around $100. This is apparent in our most recent Forex indicator reviews of FX Delta, and the Perfect Trend System.

Client Feedback

There are a few testimonials on the sales page, but outside of these, there is little to no information online. This is obviously not very popular program at this point in time, though that is not always meant to be a deterrent or concern.

Trading Results

In the why us section of the Super EZ Forex website, there are a few images under the label system proof. These images show sample trades that the indicator has provided. While the images are impressive and show gains of anywhere from 41 to 166 pips in a single transaction, it can hardly be considered proof.

The problem with this type of trading results, is that the trades can easily be cherry picked, or manipulated by the vendor in any way. This is because the vendor is not using a statement sharing service provider that offers verified trading results. In fact, the results provided don’t even show the details of the trade, so they could be taken from any date and time for all we know.

The results drastically need to be updated.


As it stands, the Super EZ Forex indicator has potential, but the vendor needs to do much more in order to prove that his system is viable. There is no real information about the trading methodology, no real trading results, and a large price tag. That is simply a formula that doesn’t add up, but we will check back from time to time to see if they have made any revisions to their approach.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments and questions below the article now.

Super EZ Forex $323.67
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Super EZ Forex is a trading indicator built for position trades, swing trades and day trades.

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  1. I’ve been a member since 2019. The system is inconsistent and doesn’t work. The group chat is full of nonsense and confusion. Uncle P rambles on in his free classes. Over the years, I’ve only seen a handful of successful people in there, Alison who trades the quarters theory (friendly in the group chat but a bitch outside) and Andre who has massive gains but doesn’t share his strategy. I wish I never joined this group.

  2. Been a student for 2yrs – internal upsales and paid monthly signals. System is not consistent and strategy keeps changing

  3. Check out his latest video smh he doesn’t even use Simplicity to call signals but wants people to spend all this money on a system he don’t even use smh man this forex game is very sickening if this was the stock and options side of things he people like him wouldn’t be able to last from the sick lies they are telling people smh

  4. I was in his group for almost 2 years, each new “indicator” he makes and resells is the same old stuff only repackaged AND it basically goes off of the macd, RSI, an MA and you’re trading the crossover of all of them in some way, shape or form. He claims to have been in tons of trading seminars learning stocks and options yet all he gives is indicator crossover strategies that don’t work. SAVE YOUR MONEY

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Kevin.


      • This system is crap, doesn’t work. It’s a reversal indicator and it’s bad at what it does. 3 years of trying my hardest trying to get it to work. Hours on hours of forward and back testing. Like I’m talking over 1000 hours of and not a signal withdrawal. System is trash don’t buy it. Lost already 10k in hopes this system would work. I bought his signals too. Absolutely crap! I had high hopes for you uncle P but everything seems like a gimmick. 1 out 5 trades works, if that. By then the lose are more than the wins. Trust me, DO NOT PURCHASE. Always with new system. Why? Because he knows it doesn’t work. And needs a new audience.

  5. LOL ya’ll crazy. Super ez forex will make you some money. Now they have the new system, simplicity, and the market scanner. Ya’ll crazy not to be involved. Uncle P, keep doing what you do. Your system is making me a second stream.

    • Youre either in denial, havent been in his group long enough, or youre one of his goonies his pays. Either way, I was in the group for almost two years and that shit does NOT work! Big FN deal he “repackaged” the same crappy system to look like something new and added a market scanner…whoopie FN doo!! Come back to this post in a few months and lets see if youre singing the same tune. Have fun losing your money lol. 

  6. My honest review after having the system almost 2 years now, save your money.

    • Thanks for sharing Shawn. Is there anything in particular you feel the Super EZ Forex indicator is doing incorrectly?

    • If you think it was a waste of time and money I am sorry you feel that way, but its funny that I have been doing live classes for God knows how long and not once do I recall you attending class to ensure that you are using the system the way it was supposed to be used. I would challenge you to come to class on Tuesday and discuss some of your trades so that I can see what your doing and help you if you need it rather than gossiping and such as if that will improve your trading career. I will be and always have been available to help so take advantage of it.

  7. Hi Scam Buster where would I find the free indicators that are worth having.

  8. I asked for verified results and was kicked out the group. I WAS a student but no longer for asking the right questions. Also the strategy changed so many times its confusing. Sad really

  9. This dude is a really filthy scam artist , you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out , renaming free mt4 code and calls it his custom indicators , I actually regularly watch his videos on YouTube (for pure entertainment) he pretends to be a philanthropist , his latest video is asking jobless people these days to sign up to his crappy trading system and signals because they don’t have work so he will be helping them this way , this is the kind of sick mentality this dude has taking advantage of people in need , people like him need to be locked up because of leeches like this idiot a lot of new traders lose heart money and quit, I don’t need to explain much with his system , he pretends to pinpoint reversals off fu**ing zigzag , half trend and moving averages and guess what he will place trades (on demo) and when one wins he will jump on YouTube making a video selling his crap like these other Instagram fools, his actual strategy is flawed and will blow your account guaranteed. Stay away folks from morons like him

    • You guys are missing out on this system I tried tons of indicator and the triple arrow is the best by far. You guys only see the youtube videos but when you purchase this system you get tons of training videos, live training with uncle P twice every week and not to mention the support on telegram. I retrain myself on this system and now i trade with no emotions. Pat and his team are amazing people you will never be alone and i’m not blowing smoke I promise you.

    • 1000% correct! Hes the worst kind of POS!

    • Am I really? Wow. 3-4 hours of training each week at no extra cost but I’m a scam?

      • Dr Pipper is no Scam, he knows his stuff, I look at his video classes every Tuesday and Wed, Great Stuff. The Simplicity System and Scanner and top notch stuff. I use them both to get my 5 to 10 pips a day and I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

      • 3-4 hours of you saying the same thing about your crappy system that doesn’t work and you know doesn’t work!

      • Look uncle P I have never used your system but watched your Sunday videos after church man you have changed my mind set . Let me tell people find system and for every signal they get wanna trade it don’t care about any other rules like structure , fundamental e.c.t keep helping those who needs help and ignore those gossiping because in time of trading I have realised nothing and everything works it’s all in the mindset thank

  10. What I actually find amazing is the fact that people will gossip about you and talk about you as if they know you personally. I have been trading and helping people for years. When people join paying one small fee we offer live trade and training classes with multiple instructors several times a week. Futhermore I would love to see you cackle like hens ones we release our new system. Lastly I have tons of videos on YouTube with live trades. So please due your due diligence before trying to rip into someone you don’t even know. As a bonus we have already proven time and again that every purchase of our system has contributed thousands of dollars to organizations around the world and CEOS from those organizations send us thank you emails and updates on what they’ve been able to do with the money we give away weekly. Can you show proof of that?

    • Then why not link your one of your account that use the system to myfxbook and share the link with everyone to see the results, if it’s as good as you claimed why you scare to link it up and show it to the world?

      • I learned a long time ago after doing live videos of many live trades that no matter what you do people are going to have an opinion. Myfxbook does not verify if the person themselves took the trades or someone else which happens in this business. So I decided to do live trades and look at that. Still not good enough. I teach live classes and even sometimes call out trades during class sometimes and still not enough for the critics. I just did a video a few weeks ago showing verified proof of the thousands of dollars we donated and gave away. But I am still a scammer. So go figure.

    • Pat, youre seriously one of the most manipulative people Ive ever seen. And youre an idiot if you think there isnt a growing community of people that see right past your lies. One day the chickens are gonna come home to roost.

  11. Unfortunately all comments for all YouTube videos are disabled, which is a red flag in itself.
    The so called proprietary indicators are all available on the internet for free. Anyone that has the mq4 file of an indicator can change the name and default settings.
    Super EZ now offers a signal service for $69/monthly but Pat has refused via multiple forums and other outlets to provide live trading results in the form of profits earned from trading the system.
    Pat has mentioned numerous times during his live webinars that any Forex mentor who charges a monthly fee doesn’t actually make money trading in the markets.

    • PIP STAR could you please specify which indicators is he using? Thanks

    • I provide a weekly report on all trades to our clients. So because I don’t do it to non-paid members I am a scam? Our company gives you 2 free additional indicators, live trade scalping session and signals throughout the week but that is still a problem for $69 when these other companies are charging hundreds of dollars and not even doing half of that? Wow. Gotcha.

  12. This is Pat myself. I can appreciate your breakdown but your analysis is completely off course. It appears that you have never once went to our YouTube channel to watch one video. We have tons of videos including before and after trades to show our system to the people who are interested. We do not put this excessive information on the website as it will slow the load time. The video tutorials and educational materials are also built into the site. Please visit our YouTube page and feel free to contact us at
    Thank you

    • Hi Uncle-P, text would not slow the load time of a website. That being said, our questions are mostly about the trading results and strategy. You are welcome to use this platform now to explain those areas that we found were under developed. This would be a better response than your original.

    • First of all never trust a guy who nick names himself Uncle P. Secondly, Pip star is correct, the indicators are already free on the internet why pay him a dime. Notice also how he doesn’t post live trades. Just pops up on a silly youtube video say Boom, Boom, Boom! Lastly folks, real traders don’t make stupid youtube videos they trade.

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