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GPS Forex Robot 3 Review


GPS Forex robot 3 is the latest update to Mark Larsen’s automated trading software. Mark tells us that his latest version was developed for private group of traders and it’s now making over 30% a month with live documented proof to back it up.

Mark Larsen is a well-known developer in the Forex market. He’s been trading and producing systems for about as long as we’ve been running Forex Robot Nation. It’s also worth noting that he’s stuck by this system for many years, and doesn’t jump from one project to another. He is willing to provide updates, although, the last update to version 3 came out in 2015, so it’s been a while since the most recent changes. There is no address provided for their company headquarters, but support can be contacted via

Today I’ll be taking a look at this proof reviewing this software and taking a look at the trading history provided.


GPS Forex Robot 3 Review

My review of the GPS Forex robot 3 has to be different than most of the other systems I’ve reviewed in the past because the software has been on the market for an extended period of time. With that being said, I will focus on the software, the results provided by the vendor, Mark Larsen, and then make my way to some of the community feedback I found and what my overall opinions are about this trading tool.

GPS Forex robot 3 is being sold for $149 with a 60 day money back guarantee. He seems to be one of the few robot vendors that actually stayed with click bank throughout the years. The story behind the software is that 4 years ago came up with the idea for robot can be sustained in any market condition. Mark join forces with 2 traders named Antony and Ronald who eventually led to the creation of the trading robot that supposed to work like a GPS navigator that predicts short-term movements with a high probability. Many consider it a best Forex robot, and for good reason, as it’s been on the market for many years.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $149
  • Strategy: Reversal strategy
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: EURUSD

For traders interested in the GPS Forex Robot, the software is going for $149. The package comes with the software, the trading manual and a single license for live trading. There is a 60 day money-back guarantee that is offered through the ClickBetter payment processor.

GPS Forex Robot 3 Results & Strategy

Now let’s take a closer look at the results being provided by Mark and his team. Mark claims that GPS Forex robot 3 is right 98% of the time and has a very impressive Myfxbook account the backs this up. This account was started in May of 2012 and has since gained over 545%. The software takes a slow and steady approach and over the past 8 years the system has only racked up 480 trades, most of these trades came in 2012 and since this year they have been less and less. In 2020 there have been only 19 trades, which means the system is trading only 1-2 times per month. This is obviously working for the developer as they haven’t had a losing month in a very long time, but the gains aren’t as large as they once were.

It’s also apparent that the monthly gain percentage of the GPS Forex robot 3 is dissipating at a quick rate. While the software is still positive in 2015 the account gain per month has dropped to around 1% on average. If you compare this to 2014 it’s quite similar, in 2013 though the average was around 2.5% and in 2012 approximately 15%. We can see that each year the software is providing less profits, I don’t expect it to drop below 0% so I don’t think this is a huge issue but I also don’t see it returning to the days of 15% a month.


I have done some extra research on Mark Larsen and the original GPS Forex robot and like any other system on the market there are positive and negative reviews. There was one review by a man who claims himself to be the lazy trader that went into great detail about the GPS software and he tells us that he believes Mark Larsen is a scammer. I am not sure about the viability of his claims so I cannot comment on this further.

The fact that this article was written in 2011 and never got much traction makes me believe that it isn’t much of an issue, and as a whole the feedback is pretty strong.

Though, there are some scam affiliate marketers really pushing this software which does make me worry a bit.


Mark Larsen’s latest update the GPS Forex robot 3 is likely going to get a lot of attention so make sure that you do due diligence before placing your order. I hope that this robot can live up to his team’s expectations and that it starts to win a higher percentage per month. I hope my review helped you get a better understanding about the software and that you come back to Forex robot nation soon to learn more about what we have to offer. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

GPS Forex Robot $149
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GPS Forex Robot is a long-term trading expert advisor with a large base of affiliates promoting it.

Comments Rating 2.33 (3 reviews)


Myfxbook results Long-term software Known developer


Limited strategy insight Some poor feedback

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  1. Has never done much for me

    I’ve had GPS robot for years, never really seen much of a return.

    I don’t understand why it’s rated the best Forex robot on a bunch of review sites.

    Must be affiliates or something.

    Hasn’t even been updated in years…

  2. Hi.what is the highest monthly profit the robot can make ?

  3. Huge drawdown in progress

    Looks like the GPS Forex Robot is struggling in recent market conditions.

    I’m following this account here:

    It’s showing an 82.39% drawdown, which is insane.

    If it dips down any further entire accounts are going to be lost.

    Be very cautious with this robot.

    I haven’t seen any comments on this from the devs either. I hope they speak up and let us know what is going on!!

  4. Reverse trrade is horrible. Blew up my account when eurusd opened a sell reverse trade and it goes against the trade

  5. No Updates in Years

    Wondering why GPS Forex Robot hasn’t been updated in years?

    I bought it not too long ago and see that the robot was updated last on 3/17/2020.

    That’s well over a year without any sort of update.

    My performance is not really going anywhere, I think an update would help it be better.

  6. Do NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE!! It does not work properly and you will lose all of your money. I tried it out and had them log in and set it properly so that I knew it was setup correctly. 3 weeks later it took trades to blow the account. DO NOT waste your money!!!

  7. Hi, does the bot only work on EURUSD, or does it work on other pairs as well?

  8. Thanks for updating your review. I’ve been looking into this GPS Bot for a while, the only thing I really want to see is some updated client results.

    Is anyone using this? Can anyone share their results with me?

    Thanks, I’d love to see it!

  9. I do I purchase the GPSs robot

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