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Forex EA Review: Trends Tracker Pro

Trends Tracker Pro is a 100% automated Forex trading robot that promises a unique algorithm. The developers provide us with multiple trading accounts to view and claim that their robot can be used with absolutely no prior experience in the Forex market.

Today we will be doing our best to break down and analyze this new expert advisor so that the community has a better understanding of its potential. Feel free to leave your comments and questions underneath the article.


Trends Tracker Pro Review

As is too frequently the case recently, the Trends Tracker Pro developers do a poor job at providing us with adequate information about their product. Instead, they throw a few my FX book accounts in front of us, a brief breakdown about their money back guarantee and believe that’s enough information. It’s not. It is important to give some sort of explanation about the expert advisor logic and overall trading strategy. Not only does it help clarify specific details, it also helps understand how knowledgeable the creators of the software are. If the software creator doesn’t understand their own product, that’s a major red flag.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $297/1 basic license $597/1 ultimate license
  • Strategy: N/A
  • Timeframe: N/A

Tracker Backtest

The Trends Tracker Pro sales page includes a two year backtest. This back test shows a $1000 initial deposit turn into over $90,000 with the profit factor of 2.83 and a drawdown of 9%. These are very impressive numbers but we have to keep in mind that this is just a back test.

It’s rare to see back testing in 2017 because nearly every EA uses live data that can’t be reproduced in back tests. Hopefully this robot isn’t behind the times.

Trading Results

There are developer accounts with both my FX book and FX blue. We are not really a big fan of FX blue here so we will focus on the my FX book accounts. There is an account with the basic version and an account with the ultimate version. The basic account is showing a 3% gain with a 2% drawdown, so there’s really nothing to see here. With stats like these it’s hard to believe that the developers are actually charging $300 for a copy of this.

As for the ultimate Trends Tracker Pro version, this software is showing a 67% gain with an 8% drawdown. The statistics are quite impressive but we have to keep in mind that the account has only been running for 2 weeks. Will have to monitor these accounts and analyze them further down the road.


It would serve the developers of Trends Tracker Pro well to take a step back and give their results some time to breathe. With just 2 weeks of trading results, there’s no way that we can recommend traders here at Forex Robot Nation shell out $597. We are going to leave the rating at 3 stars until we get some community feedback and hopefully see a larger sample size.

Please let us know if you have anything you would like to add to the review. See what’s performing best in 2017 and find a robot that suits your needs.

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  1. What’s their website?

  2. Trends tracker pro does not exist anymore

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