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EUR/USD Violates Double Top Pattern – Buy Signal

EUR/USD Long-Term Trend: Bullish

Key Resistance Levels: 1.2154, 1.2159, 1.2166

Key Support Levels: 1.2143, 1.2135, 1.2131

Daily Chart:

The EUR/USD is violating a strong intraday resistance area of 1.2180 level and above this, the pair has the potential to go after the next target level of 1.2243 level.

EUR/USD Medium-Term Trend: Bullish

1-hour Chart:

On the lower time frame the pair trading above the triple top resistance level of 1.2180 which now is working as a support. We expect a breakout to the upside and a rally all the way up to the target profit of 1.2243 and 1.2285.

Signal Idea:

Buy Order @ 1.2191

TP 1 @ 1.2243

TP 2 @ 1.2285

Stop Loss @ 1.2140

Trade Safely 🙂

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Live Webinar Speaker & Derivatives (Forex, Commodities, and Indices) Analyst with the broad range of skills for evaluating financial data. Expert in investment trends, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, market sentiments, and trading psychology.


  1. I wanna subscribe Forex signal monthly, please.

  2. Does Buy Order mean > Buy Limit ? I mean place the trade as Buy Limit not Market Execution?

    • Hi Saifur,

      Buy Order = Market Execution
      Buy Limit Order = Buy Limit Pending Order

      I hope it helps. Please feel free to ask if there’s any confusion.

  3. Hey Do u think it will hit tp1 or should i cash out

    • Hi John,

      The trade Hit TP1, I hope you enjoyed the trade. Anyways, always move your Stoploss at breakeven (entry price) when trade is 20-25 pips away from your entry price.

  4. When should i breakeven

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