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EA Review: Trend Profiteer

For today’s review I’m looking at a new “premium trend management software,” Trend Profiteer. This Forex EA comes with a comprehensive manual, video training modules, webinars, a chat room and a forum. The package looks like it’s a combination of education and a semi-automatic Forex robot that does require you to confirm or deny potential trades.

The creator of the EA is Michael Nurok, who’s been behind the launch of multiple Forex trading systems in the past. The company headquarters are located, in the heart of Sydney’s financial distrcit, on the 27th floor of Macquarie Tower. There is no specific address provided. If you require support, or just want to ask some questions about this service you can email

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Trend Profiteer Review

There’s really quite a lot of information to go through here, the Trend Profiteer sales page is over 20,000 words. Most of the documentation is sales pitch jargon, but there’s also quite a few interesting tid bits, and sample trade videos as well. In fact, Michael provides us with 33 separate examples where his trading system worked properly to gain anywhere between $600 and $5700 in profits.

The EA is built to “catch all trends and swings with ease.” In doing so, the developers hope to win trades in the 60 to 130 PIP range. Additionally, the goal of this trading strategy is to provide a risk to reward ratio of 20:1, which is an incredibly lofty goal. They hope that in providing a ratio of this manner, the traders can lose over 50% of their trades and still make a generous profit on a weekly basis.


  • Type: Semi-Automatic Forex Robot
  • Price: $697
  • Strategy: Trend Based
  • Timeframe: 4H, Daily, Weekly
  • Pairs: All Pairs

This strategy is quite different from the normal expert advisor that we come across because of its semiautomatic nature and longer time frames. It’s also not very common to come across a robot the trades on all pairs. Years ago you saw this frequently, but those systems always fail because their strategies work specific enough to game the markets.

I could continue on with reading over the sales page, but I’d rather take a look at the developer of the software and what type of reputation they have online.

Michael Nurok

Michael is well known for two trading systems, Traders Elite and Forex Precog. The traders elite software seems to be the most discussed online out of the two. The Forex Peace Army rating is currently 1.952 over 9 reviews, so pretty much every single review is negative. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad software, but it’s not a positive sign.

The majority of the complaints are from traders that claim the service promises thousands of pips in profit, but actually deliver nothing but losses. The vendor does respond to all of these comments, but it is a little disheartening that there are so many comments saying the exact same thing.

I don’t want to use these comments to judge Michael Nurok, and his new Trend Profiteer robot, but it’s going to add to my skepticism and probably stop me from spending the $697 until I see positive community feedback.

Trading Results

Michael provides us with over 30 videos and a handful of screenshots that show how the semiautomatic trading robot is built to work, and a screenshot from of a backtest equity curve.

What I don’t understand, is why we have no access to see the Forex Profiteer on a statement sharing service. Obviously, the price point is higher for the system than others because the developers provide other services outside of the robot, but they are missing a very important element here.

Without verified trading results, I don’t see how I can give this a chance, especially when the price tag is over $600.

My made advice for Michael and anyone in the Forex market looking to release an expert advisor, is to have a few months of trading results backing you. In doing some research and trying to find some results, I came across a Trader’s Elite myfxbook account owned by Michael, but there were no active systems. Hopefully he decides to change this in the near future.


There are certainly many interesting aspects to the Forex Profiteer software. It’s very different than most of the trading systems I review on a regular basis and Michael comes across like a very intelligent man. Yet, the feedback for his last product makes me skeptical of his talents and I’m going to need to see a my FX book account to change my mind.

Thanks for stopping by, and please let me know what you think about this new trend based auto trader.

Trend Profiteer $697
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Trend Profiteer is a semiautomatic expert advisor / indicator that utilizes a trend based trading approach.

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  1. May 2024 – I’m using trend profiteer and incredibly successfully. I use it on TF H4 in conservative mode on both : trend and swing. You have to be very patient and wait for opportunities bu…..they come sure

  2. Is anyone still using this?

    I bought the trend profiteer a couple of years ago but didn’t have any success with it. I’m wondering if they’ve made updates and if I should give it another go.

    Thanks in advance for responding.

  3. Im having trouble getting Trend Profiteer set up, it reqires an email validation on two sections which it keeps rejecting Ive sent 3 emails to support but they just dont answer

  4. I had no success with this software and requested a refund

  5. The nice thing now is that deciding wether to buy something or not got so much easier: no myfxbook, no buy.

  6. Worst EA I’ve ever used. When you ask them for stats, myfxbook, drawdown, backtests, they just don’t respond. The support responds on other queries2 days later. It doesnt’ detect trends, only price direction, which could be for 5 pips or 50, or 100. I actaully made a test where I did the opposite of what the EA suggested and that actaully made a little money. Thats how bad this EA is. The semi automatic function is delayed, and also tells you retracements are entry points for a trend, more often that it finds a trend. On my demo account to test it, it my 28 failed entries in a row. This EA WILL blow your account eventually. What also scares me is that Micheal only shows you his best trades, and never discusses false signals and drawdown. 28 bad entries at even 1% risk is 28 percent of the account without no winners. DO NOT BUY THIS EA!

  7. I am 79 and watched the weekly webinar this afternoon, and did other things this am. But despite this I have traded and am up 300 pips. The day is not over yet. 07-31-17
    This is my 12th trading day of using Trend Profiteer. I have averaged +75.8 pips per day over the 12 days. Yes, there have been losses, but the wins are more than the losses.
    In the chatroom, other traders are doing better than I am.
    Give it a try.

  8. I decided to take the plunge and try out this system. So far I’m about into the 3rd module out of 12. The material is pretty well laid out and so far easy to understand I’ll be trying this on a demo account on the first several weeks. so far looks promising.

    • Hi, can anyone comment if this system is profitable over multiple weeks?

      • Hi Stephen, I’m a little new to it as well. I have made money and lost some with Trend Profiteer , however in all fairness, I didn’t go through the guide and all the cheat sheets they requested in order to get the best results out of it. I personally think they are worth trying. I have a year’s membership and I’m keeping mines. It is well explained and put together. I also used their auto trading which is where i made money, but you also have to be careful because some of the trades can go against you. But they did say to verify each trade with your cheat sheet. Yes It’s a keeper for me. I did try another one name fx profit rush by Connor Jackson that one is also good, just that his bonuses could be improved upon and he could provide a little video tutorial for newbies..but I’ve made some money from it as well. So I’m using both of them.

    • Hi KimJ. Looking at your post, it’s been almost 2 years now. I am curious about your progress with the TrendProfiteer system to date? I too will be using a demo account, but I have not made the investment of the system yet. I bought another indicator, that was recommended by Michael of all people, called Trend Mystery. I want to get it set up and see how it works. I really don’t have money to burn so I am extremely cautious. Please reply at your convenience. Thank you.

      • I haven’t used it in quite some time. I’m focusing on mastering grid trading now as I’ve gotten some really good results so far. I’ve seen the ads for trend Mystery, let me know how it goes.

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