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Course Review: Desire to Trade by Etienne Crete

Desire to Trade is a Forex trading Academy, that’s built to help traders develop their skills from anywhere in the world. Under this brand, there are other products that include one-on-one trading, and a Forex trading assistant, but our focus today will be on the trading course as that’s the main draw.

The creator of the service is Etienne Crete, a Forex trader located in Montreal, Canada. He writes many articles on his blog, and also hosts one of the most popular Forex podcasts in the market, which currently has 175 episodes. In order to get in touch with Etienne for support, traders can fill out a contact form on his website. He warns that he needs at least 24-48 hours to respond to emails, due to his heavy traveling schedule.


Desire to Trade Academy Review

Etienne Crete created his Desire to Trade Academy with the hopes of introducing traders to a committed attitude to achieving success in the Forex trading marketplace. He tells us that he started trading in 2013, and lost 70% of his account in the first few months of trading. Then, after multiple years of research and trading, he found the key to his success. He claims that “if you want to succeed in the Forex trading, you got to surround yourself with traders playing at a higher level than you are.” Etienne believes that his community is full of powerful traders that gives you access to a large group of winners that are playing at the highest possible level.

As for the course itself, it’s built on the principles of swing trading the Forex market, much like Falcon Trading Guidance (FalconFX). The specific strategy isn’t elaborated on in much detail on the sales page, but the program comes with 10 modules “that cover all essential aspects of trading,” including strategy, mindset and different money management techniques.


The Desire to Trade Academy is advertised as a platform that’s built on self-paced programs and professional coaching. The service gives traders access to the powerful community, result guides, checklists, accountability systems, monthly office hours, simplified license and actionable trading strategies.

Each of these items are put in place to help clients learn from full time traders, stay accountable, avoid feeling overwhelmed and keep their progress tracked to ensure that they are growing as traders.

The Progams

The Forex trading course comes with 7 different programs.

  • Power Trader
  • Ultimate Trader
  • Trading Strategy Playbook
  • Trading Strategy Series
  • Forex Trading Psychology Mastery
  • Profesionall Trader’s Risk Management Intensive
  • Full-Time Forex Trading Accelerator

Etienne estimates that each of these programs should be valued anywhere between $195-$697. These programs all come with different approaches to the Forex market.

The Power Trader program is the core knowledge base. The Ultimate Day Trader is a collection of live trading sessions to introduce traders to the market and trading strategies. The Trading Strategy Playbook goes into detail about which strategies Crete is currently using in his daily trading. The Trading Strategy Series focuses on 3 swing trading strategies that can be traded in under an hour a day. The Forex Trading Psychology Mastery is built to help traders better understand what trading style is best suited to their personality. The Profesional Trader’s Risk Management Intensive help traders learn about money management, and how to establish risk profile. Lastly, the Full-Time Forex Trading Accelerator is the final piece of the puzzle where traders learn how to create a trading business model that will help them earn money in the markets in the long term.


The course has three different payment options, starting trader, elite trader and platinum trader. All of these are the same, except the platinum trader package also offers 4 private trading growth coaching calls.

The starting trader package costs $69/month. This exact package can be purchased for a one time fee of $697 as well, which is labeled the elite trader package. The platinum package goes for $1497, which comes with all the exact same elements as the first two, but with 4 coaching calls, which essentially cost $200 per call.

Community Feedback

The only reviews we’ve been able to find so far are about the podcast, and not the Desire to Trade Academy itself. It’s worth noting that the majority of these reviews are positive, but in order to show you a balanced report, I will provide both a positive and negative review.

Trading Results

Like most Forex trading courses, the Desire to Trade Academy does not provide any trading results from the creator of the service or their clients. This is in line with other course providers like the Traders Help Desk, and Forexia Pro.

Yet, there is no reason why Etienne Crete can’t provide us with a Myfxbook or two of his personal trading accounts. Seen verified results from the course creator or some of the clients of the course would be extremely helpful in proving that this is a viable product.

In 2019, there is no reason why we shouldn’t expect this level of transparency from every single trader in the Forex marketplace.


Our first impressions of the Desire to Trade Academy and Etienne Crete are positive. The creator of the service comes across as knowledgeable and is podcasts, and has put together a girth of information about Forex trading over the years. Before signing up, we would like to see some verified trading results, and some more feedback from the community to really get an understanding of the impact this program can have on Forex trading accounts.

Thank you for reading the review, and please feel free to let us know if you have anything you would like to add by leaving a comment below.

Desire to Trade $69/month
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 75%
  • Trading Results - 50%
  • Client Feedback - 90%
  • Customer Support - 80%


Many programs
Multiple strategies


No course feedback
No results

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I just had a call with Etienne, and personally I don’t think he’s to be trusted. When I said that I was just looking for his previously available monthly subscription of $69, and that I had already paid out about 10k for trading education and did not want to spend another grand or two on more education, he quickly became argumentative. I said that for me, intraday trading the 1 minute chart was more difficult than swing trading, hence why systematic trading is largely for swing trading, and why various famous traders like Larry Williams, Linda Raschke etc don’t trade the 1min for super fast trading. Hence why I was interested in learning some of his swing trading techniques. But he seemed to be more interested in finishing the call as rudely as possible and said to me “I think that’s bulls, and I wish you best of luck”, and then promptly hung up. Even if my view was incorrect, as someone with less experience than him you’d think this view would be forgivable. But apparently you don’t even need to respond to someone with basic manners if they don’t represent a sale for you. So I have to say that this guy is a dishonest, obnoxious shark. No Myfxbook to prove he’s for real, but still this bull approach that they are apparently so elite that they turn down lots of candidates and that you should feel grateful if they choose YOU to pay THEM thousands of dollars. I suspect that he used to work in sales, because there was a lot of manipulation on the call and he refused to tell me how much the ‘lifetime subscription’ was. I’m sure he can take advantage of lots of desperate and gullible novices to hand over their money, but his current approach puts him firmly in the ballpark of another bull educator who just wants your money because he’s not that good at trading himself. Disappointing, because his website used to be quite transparent, and this ‘have a call with me first and then I’ll tell you the price’ telesales approach is a relatively recent development. Maybe he’s fallen on hard times recently and needs some money quickly. Might explain why he refuses to show any kind of proof of his trading.

  2. I had been following Etienne Crete’s interviews and podcasts for a few months now and finally decided to look at his webpage and joined the email mailing list as I was excited about his program after watching his videos thinking he would be a great mentor to learn from. After joining the mail list, I was redirected to another welcome webpage and I tried to join his $2497 Platinum Trader program. I had the money to join the program without question, but I was denied access after completing an online form when I clicked on the $2497 option via an email by an Alejandro Perez indicating that after review of my application by him and Etienne, that I wasn’t fit for the program, but without clear explanation.

    I was not given any reason why I was denied access to the Platinum program and was very upset about this so I sent a reply asking for why I was denied and below was my response from Alejandro Perez. Based on the below email, I am still not clear why I was denied access because I can pay the $2497 and he is referring me to something else. I don’t understand what is meant by needing a US$22K account.

    I looked on the website and based on your review, was also not very clear about what I could gain, but based on Etienne’s podcasts and interviews, I was highly motivated thinking he would be a mentor I could learn from, but to be rejected without a very clear answer seems harsh for someone who says they want to help people and doesn’t provide any clear requirements for acceptance into the Platinum Trader program. I was interested in Etienne’s program because of his main website title “Want To Trade Forex While Traveling The World?” and found that that was something I wanted to do and gain the freedom to do it through Forex. I had high hopes for this, but now these hopes have been squashed by the negative response I received and being rejected entry to the program. Just wanted to leave this here for anyone looking for a review as I am not pleased after this rejection and it has made me not want to join the program now.

    Response Email From Alejandro Perez:

    Alejandro Perez
    2:41 AM (17 hours ago)
    to me

    Hi Libert,

    Thanks for the reply.

    For the 1 on 1 program we usually have a 22K+ USD account to justify the cost. One on One programs are expensive as you get the full academy + sessions with Etienne so the total cost of that its 2,497 USD.

    We do have shorter programs and single one-on-one calls but they tend to have less impact on the traders as there is less responsibility from the side of the trader.

    If you are interested in this program, I can talk to Etienne and arrange something for you or get in a call to discuss the full program.

    Let us know if we can help in any way!

    • We want to ensure you’ll get proper returns on your investment in our coaching program, Libert.

      Based on a $25k account at 5% per month, you would get a positive return after 2 months. If you have, for example, a $5k account, it would take you around 6 months.

      That’s where we’re coming from.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for that review 🙂

    I’m honored!

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