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If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us.

Some topics you might wish to inquire about:

  • New Robots
  • Forex Signals
  • Forex Indicators
  • Our Reviews/Results
  • Robots that you would like us to Review
  • Which Broker to choose
  • Which Forex VPS provider is best

A lot of the information is available on the website but we feel it is important to keep a line of communication open with our users.

All e-mails can expect a response within 24 hours if not less. Some members of the staff are better suited for certain questions and that will be kept in mind.


2 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 1A1


  1. I just joined the signals group and it looks like there is no way to contact anyone. Looking at things it looks like the signals are not in Telegram. And its just a link to go to another site. I would not have joined if this was made clear. I am guessing you understand that by the fact there is no way to contact anyone threw Telegram.

    I have been coming to this site for close to ten years. I would have expected better.

    • Hi Stefan, there is a contact form on this website, you are on the page leaving a comment where you can send me a message at any time. You can’t put full charts and analysis in telegram, so we send the link to the signal. This is a good thing, so you get full analysis and actual information. I don’t understand this negativity.

  2. I bought subscriptioon to the VIP channel but, even joined but after put my mobile down it disappeared. I have still only Telegram Bot channel in my channels list. Could you double check, what about my subscription?

  3. I subscribed to the vip channel but I still don’t have access .It keeps saying link expired . I need help.

  4. Does anybody have any feedback on results with Forex Ninja martingale strategy ?
    I tryed it, but it just blew up my account by 20%. And the associated telegram chat is down. No answers. I had to say bye bye to Eryk. Maybe an update of the review on forexrobonation is welcome ?

    • Hi Francois, you’ll want to put this in the Forex Ninja review, that way other traders can give you feedback.

      • David William Mahoney

        “Merry Xmas” Patrick and all you followers of “Forex Robot Nation”!

        I am writing NOW simply to point out that eMails sent through this web-page are not being answered at all and I am a bit concerned that I simply cannot get a reply from Patrick Ryan, who is clearly “one of the good guys” in this industry and I am trying to get some answers to questions from MY point of view as being a total “newbie” to Forex Trading and I really DO need guidance!

        My eMails (about three now) have been sent a few days apart over the past two weeks or so, since I happened across this terrific site that you guys have up and running!

        I send them via the “NORMAL” eMail form directly above here, but as I said, not even ONE reply have I received and I have thoroughly checked ALL folders in my eMail program, which is Microsoft Outlook (a the old “Hotmail”).

        I am only posting this here now, as it may be more likely to get a reply, since it is sort-of “in answer” to what Patrick has said above to “Francois”!?

  5. Is there any free robot to try

  6. Hello have a private question. Whom can I speak with?

  7. Themba Mthombeni Peter

    Hi how can I buy the Robot for real account (Mt4)

  8. Zulkamalchin Abdullah

    hi, i am interested to become a member. How to register?

  9. I find out and want buy forexfury EA, but i don’t access web .Thank you !

  10. Aristio caprio adri

    Hey FRN i just bought FX Steam your product today, and i use for backtesting/strategy testing first. But i see no trade with ‘default setting with $100 (history EURUSD downloaded), im sure follow the instruction ; File locating, authentification.
    (file but if there something wrong please tell me, Thank you.

    Strategy tester issue :
    2019.04.28 12:09:56.485 2017.12.01 00:06:30 FFCal EURUSD,M5: FFCal Error – Web page download was not complete!

  11. Hi I wish to buy Fx Steam EA. Could you give me the link please ?.

  12. Does it works on FBS? i was thinking about using it with FBS

  13. Hi,

    I’m a beginning trader.

    I have MT4 via, demo account only.

    I’ve done a handful of practice trades to learn MT4.

    I know the basics of charting.

    I’ve never made a real trade and don’t feel that I’m ready to.

    Here is my question.

    Should I get more forex knowledge and experience before using robots?

    Is there a downside to jumping straight in to robots as opposed to first becoming more proficient at
    manual trading?

    What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Mitsu, I believe that you can do both of these things at the same time. Utilize a robot, while you learn to trade, and add this into your analysis. You can learn alongside the system to see how it trades, while still making your manual trades. This can be done on demo and live.

      • Thank you for your response. I agree and that’s the route I’m going to take. I just purchased ForexStream via your link and based on your recommendation. I’m in the US so I’ll probably go with PaxForex as the other broker you recommend does not accept US customers. After I settle on a broker I’m then going to find a VPS provider and sign up.

        Also, I really like your website. Clear and helpful information, without all the noise and fluff. Much appreciated, thanks again.

  14. does Forex Fury only work with specific brokers? I was thinking about using it with would that be possible?

  15. I never got an answer, you have two sites on your best vps, which one is it, interserver or the other one, and is it hard to have an mt4 and a website running on the linux one? thanks

  16. can you help me out I’m new trader and have a question, what is your recommended broker for Usa for robot trading ?

  17. Hello,

    anyone has experience with wallstreet forex ea 2.0 evolution?

    What is the best..steam or wallstreet ea?

    I have a budget and want to invest in a very good ea that you can trust

  18. Just bought the forex steam 9v any advise on settings or the default ones are good to go?

    any help much appreciated

  19. Don’t buy Manhattan FX. They send you a password that doesn’t work and when you contact them they don’t respond.

  20. Hi guys,

    If I want to start with only 1 of top 2 recommended EAs, should I start with Steam or Fury?

    Also, for Steam, what is the difference between Steam and SteamLite version?

    Thank you very much and I am pleased I found your web site today. I LIKE it !

    Kind regards,


  21. Hi I need help in setting up a vps , Can you help me? Thank you , Phil

    • Hi Phil, after you order the VPS it is setup for you automatically. Then, you connect and use the VPS web browser like you would use on your own computer to download the files you require.

  22. Any idea when is Forex Steam Version 9 release ? Forex Steam talked about Version 9 in their Facebook page but never reply when member asked about the release date.


  23. Are you guys really making money? Give me a hint what to do




      Hi… Have done any trading before?

      • No! but can learn if given the right info,.
        Guys I have down load the mta4 and the free
        robot from FRN SITE but those stuff not working
        as per the video instruction.So guys send me something
        tangible to work with

        • recently using 3k per trade 12lost 12 win trades i am losing less than half of my money but believe can pick up i am still a beginner

    • Hi Nadine,

      Feel free to send us an email with whatever it is your interested in, your past knowledge and we will have an in depth conversation.

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