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Breakfree Trading Review (Forex System)

Breakfree Trading is a Forex trading system that believes there is a new way of trading the markets. The creators of the service want making stable money in the financial markets to be accessible to everyone in the world, not just experienced traders or hedge funds. Today we will be providing a review, and letting the community know if this service is achieving their goal or not.

The service is owned and operated by two young men, named Anton Kann and Asger Emborg. Neither of the two have much of a reputation in the Forex marketplace, and they seem quite ripe. They are located in Singapore, but do not provide an address for their headquarters. We would like to learn more about the developers, and have access to their real account to see if they are effective enough to run s service like this one at such a young age.

To get in touch with support, traders can click on the chat bubbles on the bottom right hand side of the website. There doesn’t appear to be a direct email address or phone number to get in touch with support.

Breakfree Trading Review

The main goal of the Breakfree Trading program is to make successful Forex traders. They believe that this is possible due to the three main aspects of their service.

  1. Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0. This algorithm is built to process and decode market structures for you in real time. It goes through “100,000+ financial assets every minute” in order to identify high probability trade opportunities. The algorithm is compatible with Forex, stocks, commodities and futures.
  2. 12 hours of video content. The vendors believe that in order to be profitable, traders must have a framework to follow, which is the purpose of their video program. They claim that they’ve had over 1800 students go through this program successfully already. We would love to see some proof of this, and maybe some trading results from these clients to back up the claim.
  3. Legendary community. Another important aspect of their service is the community where over 1800 members interact on a daily basis. They believe it’s important to work as a group, “compound and multiply money together.”


It’s clear that the Breakfree Trading team has some knowledge about the Forex markets, but we aren’t sure how in-depth that knowledge goes at this time. The creators of the service provide their first week of the trading course for free, but this week is very simple, only covering the basics. This is to be expected, as it is the first week, but considering this is all we can see, it’s hard to know how helpful these two young traders are when it comes to more advanced techniques.

We would like to see direct information about their strategy, and one of their advanced videos in order to get a better understanding of the algorithm. This is not an outlandish request, as we ask the same of all other Forex courses, as shown in our recent reviews of LittleFish FX and Live Traders.


  • Established: 2019
  • Type: Trading course
  • Strategy: Algorithm
  • Content: 12 hours of video
  • Price: $69/month – $199/month

For traders interested in the Breakfree Trading service, it can be purchased for $69/month – $199/month, depending on the package. Traders can either go for the Discovery plan, which is $69/month or the Pro plan which is $199/month. The pro plan provides access to the entire program, and the discovery plan holds back some key elements. With the discovery plan traders don’t get access to stocks, futures, cmarkets, most timeframes, and personal support.

Trading Results

The Breakfree Trading group provide a spreadsheet showing 39 trades from August 2019 to November 2019. These trades resulted in 30 wins, 9 losses, and a gain from $10,000 to nearly $30,000. All of the trades are proven with a tradingview reference link.

While we do appreciate the effort, these results can’t be relied upon 100%. The results do show that the vendor is capable of winning trades, but in no way can we consider these results verified. The vendor could easily be cherry picking the winning trades and not posting the losses, because the results are not verified by any third party.

It’s also concerning that these results only ran for 3 months, and they haven’t continued providing results, as we are well into 2020.


We appreciate the majority of what the Breakfree Trading team are trying to provide the community, but we need to see more. There is little information about their advanced strategies and their trading results section is stale. Both these aspects need to be covered before we can consider a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments and reviews below the article now.

Breakfree Trading

$69/month - $199/month












  • 12 hours of training
  • Algorithm access
  • Live webcasts


  • No verified results
  • Very ripe owners

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