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Forex VPS | Best Forex VPS Review with Coupon

For users that don’t want to run MT4 or trade on their computers a VPS for Forex is the perfect solution.

While many of the Forex VPS companies charge outrageous monthly prices we have found one hosting provider that offers tremendous service, and value for very low prices.

The entire team here at Forex Robot Nation are with InterServer.

If you have been with other companies, like Forex VPS, Forex Hoster or The SmartFX then you understand that VPS Hosting can be extremely expensive.

Please watch this video to have a better understanding of this software and how it can help you. There is also another video below if you need further assistance.

See the Free Forex VPS chart below.

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I suggest that you use the $10 plan, and then if you need, or want to run more clients upgrade at a later time. It’s easy to upgrade, and you can do so when you have to.

Forex VPS Comparison Chart

Forex Hosting
Forex Hoster
Price (cheapest)
Instant Response
24 Hour Response
24 Hour Response
# of MT4

I made a move to InterServer and paying just $10.00 per month I can run 2 clients no problem.  In order to run even more clients you can upgrade whenever you want to.  Please see the photo below to see the image of how your Forex Hosting VPS would look like.

Forex Hosting

There are different plans on all providers, what we have highlighted here are the cheapest and best forex vps systems.

The Verdict: InterServer is the cheapest, and most reliable VPS Hosting Forex provider on the market. If you want, you can go spend more money for less but we all know that’s not what any of us want. If you are looking for a Virtual Private Server for your forex trading this is the only company you need to go to. Or better yet, check out the other companies to, I know you’ll end up with InterServer after reading the Forex VPS Review.

Make sure you use the Forex Robot Nation coupon

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How does it work?

It works quite simply as well. Once you place your order with either InterServer  they will e-mail you your Login (IP) and Password within about an hour.

Next, you will be able to open Windows Remote Desktop, a program that comes with Windows free. Here you enter
the IP and Password and you are connected to a new Windows Desktop where you can go on the internet, search for files and install them just like you would on your own system at home.

Forex VPS Connection

If you have any questions or if you need any more help contact us and let us advise you on which to choose.


  1. Hi Patrick

    Tell me this VPS I can use it in South Africa or not?

  2. George Carroll

    Plan ti purchace fury 1 but i have ? Tho,
    Will the vps work on Android and chromebook?

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