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Best Forex Robot Tests

My Best Forex Robot and Expert Advisor testing process is thorough. I take a deep dive into the live and demo accounts of MT4/MT5 compatible products and draw conclusions based on statistical analysis. I provide a full comparison table with trading statistics drawn directly from Myfxbook, and FX Blue accounts.

Best Forex Robot Tests 2022

Here you can find my personal EA tests, to help you decide which Forex robot is best for you. I am currently testing hundreds of different expert advisors, and I’m always adding more accounts to my servers. The tests are fair, running default robot settings, on the recommended broker. Some of the tests have ended up in blown accounts, which have been abandoned, but these are still available for your perusal.

Each of the robots undergoing testing is fully automated, which means it will enter and exit trades in your account once it’s installed. There are currently 20 robots in testing, leave a comment below if you want to suggest a new robot.

Rank Robot Review Gain Monthly Gain Drawdown Deposit Balance Days Chart

Note: The stats are updated hourly. We are adding more robots and EA’s regularly, stay tuned!

Best Performing Robots

  • 100% verified live myfxbook accounts
  • Proven to win on every pair
  • 93% winning percentage
  • Up to 10 trades per day
  • Compatible with all MT4/MT5 brokers
  • Works with all brokers

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  • On the market for over 10 years
  • Over 6000 active clients
  • Proven trading results
  • Active support team (fast responses)
  • New trading strategies and updates added regularly
  • MT4/MT5 Compatible with all brokers

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#1 Ranked BOT Video (Full Review)

Just like the results table, the best Forex robot & EA video is updated every few months. I base these ratings on the data from the table, as well as on current and future performance projections.

Forex Robot FAQs

What is a Forex robot?

A Forex robot is an automated software built with algorithms and market specific rules that determine trade opportunities. Robots have many settings that allow for clients to set their take profit, stop loss, lot size, trade time and even influence the strategy itself.

How does a Forex robot place a trade?

Robots will place trades in your MT4 or MT5 trading account when it’s connected to your chart and all the settings are set up properly.

How does a Forex expert advisor determine trade strategy?

Most robots or EA’s will utilize indicators and rules that specify when the software will enter trades. Often the simplest strategies outperform the most advanced. The most common indicators used in algorithmic trading are moving averages. Specifically, moving average crosses to determine accurate trade entries.

Do Forex robots really work?

Yes. Forex robots work. That doesn’t mean that all robots are profitable, but if programmed properly they will execute a strategy and place trades in your account. It’s also worth noting that just because a strategy performs well for a certain period of time, doesn’t mean it will always be a winner. The market is always changing.

How much money can I make using a Forex robot?

This really depends on how much you are willing to invest. A really effective robot can make over 10% per month, and if you compound those gains it can add up very quickly. Though, robots that make larger monthly gains are likely risking more to make those gains possible. So make sure to pick robots with lower drawdowns.

What is the best Forex robot?

Forex Fury is currently the best Forex robot in 2022. This is backed by social proof, and verified live trading results. Most robot developers aren’t willing to invest $50,000+ in live trading accounts like Forex Fury does, which says a lot about the project.

What is the worst Forex robot?

Honestly, there are hundreds vying for the worst Forex robot as way too many of these systems hit the market without proper testing. Due to the widespread use, and exorbitant amount of negative complaints, I believe Odin Forex Robot currently holds the title.

Most Important Categories when Picking a Robot

Our analysis of what makes a best Forex EA or robot is based on 7 important categories. Understanding each of these categories is very important when picking out a robot that you can trust with your account.

Gain – we are only interested in systems that are showing a steady gain in overall account size. Accounts don’t have to reach thousands of percentages in order to qualify, as we are content as long as the accounts are consistent.

Monthly Gain – in terms of monthly profit percentages, anything over 3-5% is acceptable. Many robots will naturally start to produce less and less profit over the years. So, it’s important for us to analyze the gain, the monthly gain, and also the recent history. If a robot produced all of it’s best numbers 5 years ago, then we will often advise against it.

Drawdown – the drawdown is incredibly important because it’s the easiest number to use in order to determine the risk level of a robot. For example, if the drawdown is 65%, this means at one point in time the software had -65% in open trades. This doesn’t mean that it resulted in a loss, but it does mean that in the future the software can potentially hold large losses open. The closer this number gets to 100%, the riskier it is. Generally, the best Forex EAs will have a drawdown below 30%, if not even lower.

Account Length – it’s important to know how long a robot is active. Many robots will arrive on the scene with incredible gains in a single month, and then disappear. In the last few months, we’ve been going through all our expert advisor reviews, removing many Myfxbook accounts that crashed. There were over 50 accounts that came out of the gates with a high-risk approach and lost all of their funds within a few months time. So, it’s imperative that vendors provide multiple accounts, showing both long-term and short-term success. If you purchase a robot on just 30 days of evidence, you are taking a risk.

Risk/Reward Ratio – we always analyze the risk/reward ratio of every expert advisor or robot we test. In doing this, we look at the average win, average loss, best trade, and worst trade all in pips. Obviously, depending on the strategy of the robot, these numbers will vary, so a trader’s personal preference comes into play here. We have no issues with large risk reward ratios, as long as the win rate is very high.

Profit Factor – the profit factor is a number that’s been used in testing robots for many years. Basically, it specifies how many times the sum of all the winning trades exceeds the sum of all the losing trades. If this number is high, you are generally looking at a top performing robot.

Average Trade Length – not as important as many of the other categories, but another great indication of how an expert advisor trades. If you prefer short trades, then you will want to see the average trade length below 24 hours. If you prefer long trades, then you can see this number extended to weeks or even months if you appreciate the long game.

There are more categories and specifications we could go on about, but these 7 we selected are very helpful in in understanding what every trader should be looking for in an automated trading software for MT4 or MT5. We have a similar process breaking down how we analyze each of our reviews too, which can be found in our about us section of the website.

Best Forex Robot Review (Most Recent)

We have reviewed thousands of robots over the years. This review table is comprised of all of these reviews, and can be sorted or filtered for your perusal. To start, all of the robots are sorted by date, so you can see what’s new in the market. While we appreciate the advanced technology that new products provide, that doesn’t mean they are always the best. Often, old expert advisor strategies are more profitable, especially if they are updated frequently.


Robot Testing Conditions

All best Forex robot tests are run on a Forex VPS, the Forex Robot Nation team finds that results are much more consistent, and positive when using a Virtual Private Server. This also allows you to turn your computer off when you trade.

If you have not started using a Virtual Private Server for your trading, go to our review page above, get a coupon and read our easy Forex VPS set up guide to find out how easy it is to start.

Forex Robot Trading can be difficult if you don’t have the right product (best Forex robot).  As a Forex trader, you need to have the right expert advisor, at the right price, and we offer this with our reviews. Currency Trading is an art, if you want the profits and the pips at a low risk then you need the right software. Here at Forex Robot Nation we do everything in our power to make sure you get access to all of the best automated trading systems.

We are always adapting our reviews and processes as we look for the Best Forex Robot and expert advisors based on current market conditions. So, if you are a a Forex trader interested in Forex robot trading then you need to look at some of top systems we have selected.  They are low risk, priced low and are easily accessible, even for new traders.


Do you need more Best Forex Robot information? Feel free to click on and check out our full expert advisor reviews or go to the official websites of each vendor. We are always looking to discuss these Forex Robots and add new systems that are performing well so send us an email and we can help you find the best forex robot.

There is a lot that goes into our testing process. In the beginning stages of Forex robots, we really never had the same level of technology that we do have now, so there’s been a very positive shift. This makes backtesting very difficult because the majority of popular commercial systems are all relying on live trading data. This makes demo testing and live testing extremely important. The only issue with this approach, is that we need to trade a system for quite some time before we have enough of a sample size to rely on.

Our testing process will only grow more and more complex as the years pass by, but this is a good thing. This allows us to look at many different robot strategy elements and find ways to ensure that the community is only dealing with systems that can securely grow their investments.


  1. want to download the forex robot. but can’t download. why?

  2. Want to download the forex robot

  3. Hallo I’ve been trying to download the robot but I can’t. Please assist.

  4. I need a robot that suit my trading style is it possible to get one here, can you guys assist me on choosing the best one?

  5. this is great, i can’t wait to use one of them

  6. Thanks for your Best Forex Robots.

    I’ve been using both Steam and Fury successfully now for 3 years.

    I am thankful to have found this page, and believe in the power of these MT5 trading systems. Keep up the good work, and let me know if you ever find a third option, or an indicator that I can add to my collection!

  7. I need a automatic robot to trade, since we’ll not having an experience about trading. I really want it to help me while I’m still trying to find my way of be come professional trader and while still trying to get the right equipment.

  8. Hi to everybody. I bought the ODIN EA in September. I am going to share my account so everyone can see how good or bad this EA really is. I have seen some negative comments about the EA and the company that sells it. As far as customer service is concerned I dont have problems with FRT. They answered my emails within 24hrs.

    I only started trading in September and the account is not profitable at this time. I have used other EAs and traded manually so up to this date its not all down to the ODIN EA.

    Firstly, I am using a VPS. Its located in UK and running MT4 with Oanda. Its a live account.

    “Out of the box” settings have not produced very good results. I contacted FRT and they have sent me custom EAs for the currency pairs I chose. I am now running ODIN on the same account with no other manual trades or EAs.

    I told FRT my account was still losing after 3 months and they offered to send me the custom EAs.

    As far as i am aware no one else is running a live account with the ODIN EA so for those who are interested here is the link

    I am trading the following pairs:
    Currency Trades Pips Profit($) Trades Pips Profit($) Trades Pips Profit($)
    EURJPY 24 178.2 16.37 18 -20.9 -1.93 42 157.3 14.44 29 (69%) 13 (31%)
    NZDUSD 35 135.6 16.59 46 -32.5 -2.32 81 103.1 14.27 49 (60%) 32 (40%)
    NZDJPY 26 80.3 8.97 20 -15.1 -1.33 46 65.2 7.64 27 (59%) 19 (41%)
    GBPAUD 1 17.0 1.14 0 0.0 0 1 17.0 1.14 1 (100%) 0 (0%)
    AUDJPY 5 0.9 0.10 5 10.7 0.98 10 11.6 1.08 7 (70%) 3 (30%)

    The above results are from Sept.2019 to December 24th 2019. Whatever happens now is down to ODIN with the custom settings.

  9. Have you reviewed the FXMAXIMAL EA. Would like your view on this one as it claimed to give good and regular stable returns and low drawdown (6%).

  10. Is the drawdown an average drawdown or the highest drawdown?

  11. My robot hunt is over.

    Thanks for the best Forex robot comparison table. I check this every day now to see which systems are the most consistent and I started trading Fury on my live account just 3 weeks ago.

    My first day I had a loss, which really sucked, but it’s been all wins since, so I’m back on the train and feeling GOOD!

  12. Hi, Bob here… February 2019 – Just got the Fury robot. I was wandering if anyone runs multiple pairs on the same account with FURY. Second question would be if any of you are running multiple ROBOTS on the same MetaTrader4 account which I currently have. I run a different Robot for now and am including the Fury, but one of the instructional videos said something along these lines… do not have any other charts open EXCEPT GBP/USD, so I am little confused. Perhaps misunderstood what they advised. My current robot runs with as many pairs as I want on the same platform, however thinking may be a performance issue for the Fury. Please let me know.

    To summarize questions:
    1. Can the Fury be run on multiple pairs on the same platform?
    2. Can I mix up a little bit and run Fury on a few pairs and at the same time run a different robot on other pairs, same platform?

    Thank you.

  13. Thanks for your comprehensive robot tests.

    I am a subscriber of yours for over 4 years now, and I’m having great success with Forex Fury and Forex Steam.

    I wonder if you have any other recommendations, so that I can continue to increase my products.

    I thank you in advance for your response.

  14. Win, Win, Win!

    This is how I feel in 2019 so far with Fury and Steam.

    Why I waited so long to sign up, I don’t know anymore.

    Just stopped in to say thanks for the great recos!

  15. Hi,
    I’ve purchased Forex Steam and I’m starting to using it in my account.
    I have one question: does this robot works in a Metatrader VPS? As long as I know, Metatrader VPS’s doesn’t allow for DLL calls. Since there is a DLL which must be installed with the Steam robot I wonder if it will work in the Metatrader VPS.

    • Hi Luis, I believe Steam requires DLL imports to market adjustments. All effective EA’s should have this capability as we approach 2019. For a more thorough answer, you should email support.

  16. I appreciate that you added a new table to the Best Forex Robot page.

    I hope that you will add more systems to it soon.

    Forex Fury is working very well for me so far.

    Thank you.

  17. Julian derczynski

    Hi I’m not new to forex as I’ve looked into it a lot and I know some of the basics and some other stuff, but I don’t have any experience in forex and I’m wanting to use a fully automated or a robot that is mostly automated and that doesn’t require much manual work and that is suitable for beginners.

    Can you please suggest one that is suitable for beginners and is fully or mostly automate, as I was going to use the x scalper but I’m not sure after reading your review on it?!

    • Hi Julian, automated trading is the best way for new traders to enter the markets. My #1 recommendation is Forex Fury, and has been for some time. This is the perfect for beginners.

  18. Hi, I just want to thank you FRN for your service, I am using Forex fury I started off with €25 and 3 days later I had €100 in my live account. The growth rate is spectacular! Top shelf!

    I am trading these pairs
    Usd jpy

    I can safely recommend fury , thank you!

  19. Really happy with the recommendations provided here, just like the other readers. My time with both Steam and Fury hasn’t been without losses, but over the long run it’s been very fruitful. I recommended the product to my brother, and after 2 weeks he had a couple losses and quit. I was really disappointed, because I was able to show him my results and let him know that this works, but I just think he needs to be in control or something.

    What I want to say is that you shouldn’t give up.

    If you lose, that’s not the end, that’s just the beginning.

    Forex isn’t easy, so if you don’t have the willpower don’t even start. Life is for challenging yourself though, or at least that’s how I see it.

    Happy wins all, I’m out!

  20. Great list, running em both with a good success rate.

  21. Thanks for the Best Forex Robot list!

    I’m doing quite well with your top recommendations. I hope that you find more soon 🙂

    • Are you using both Antony?

      Can you elaborate on your success?

      I’m thinking about signing up this week.

      • Ya, I use em both Meg.

        I started with a demo account, and once I started to win consistently I moved to live trading, and I’ve grown my trading account over 120% in the past 4-5 months.

        It’s very beneficial.

        • Commenting to see if these are real comments. Also the “Live MT4 pages” aren’t showing very promising results BUt I could be looking at them wrong or missing something. Thanks

          • Hi Ty, I do exist 🙂

            Not sure what you mean by Live MT4 pages though, I don’t mention this in any of my comments.

  22. Do you have to buy the both robots or are you good with either one them

  23. Hope everyone is well.

    Just checking in to say that Fury and Steam are both working well for me so far in 2018.

    Wondering if any updates are coming for these systems, have you heard anything admin?

    • It’s likely they continue to do small market updates. With the high level of winning both systems are currently achieving, I see no reason why they would do a major update.

  24. hi everyone am new in the forex i need somebody to help me pls

  25. just wanna ask if the fury works ok with broker even if the leverage is 1:50 only ?

  26. Thanks for the list admin. I’m using Fury and Steam on my live accounts after a short demo testing period and I’m very happy with my successes so far. I’ve been able to double one of my live accounts using some pretty aggressive settings, which has paid for the cost of both EA’s and much more 🙂

  27. Saw you updated your Best Forex Robot list for 2018!

    Thanks Guys

  28. what is your “Max spreads” settings for each pairs there ? Did you use it at live real accounts ? And what your other settings same defoult only friday switch off ?
    Thx for your answers

    • Hi Lerner, I don’t trade Fridays. As for Max spread, I just make sure that this setting is set above my broker spread. This is very simple to do, just ask your broker what their spread is, or install a free spread indicator on your charts, to show you what the spread is. Yes, I use it on live real accounts.

  29. Hello, which one of pairs you use yourself at the moment at Fury ? And what kind settings of them (point of spreads inside settings each pair?)

    • Hi Lerner, I’m using GBPUSD, EURUSD and USDJPY on three separate accounts. I like to keep them apart. I don’t have spread data off the top of my head, but they are low spread accounts, which I recommend.

    • I’m using USDCHF, it’s not trading much but it’s really good!


    Hello, I am new here, it’s been long i started looking for how to and where to buy a robot for trading because of the fact that i have lost so much money in the past in Forex. so please tell me, i am new in this organisation just like i said early, i want to ask if i can use this on the demo or the real account just to text my own performance on how do i start to use ur them and finally ow much does it cost. i hope to hear from u soon.

    thanks and best regards.


    • Hi Raphael, you can use the systems on both live and demo accounts. For pricing and more information, I recommend following the links on this page to the websites for Fury and Steam.

  31. Fury & Steam, are the perfect combo. I always have trades, and I’m always growing my accounts steadily.

  32. Hello, thank you for this amazing eas, can i let furry and steam running on same trading account?
    With default settings`

    • Hi Stefan, yes you can run them on the same account with default settings.

      • Hasan Hajibrahim

        Hi Admin,
        I have purchased Fury and the installation video mentioned only 1 pair GBPUSD, it didn’t say it can be used for EURUSD, also there is a chart on FRN for Forex Fury on USDJPY, I’m confused, can you explain please?
        Another thing is the time setting : is it best trading for only 1 hour on GMT 23 to 23:59? what if I trade 24 hours with Fury?
        Thanks & best regards
        Hasan Hajibrahim

        • Hi Hasan, new pairs are being utilized now as you can see by the trading accounts available on the front page of the Fury website. Specific time trading is very important to the overall strategy of Fury.

  33. Hy Admin,

    do you recommend to trade on Friday ?


  34. why ea not use SL ?? And opening 7 orders at same price ??

  35. hello
    please answer my questions:
    1- please tel me about your expert strategy.?
    2- are you use martingel?
    3- drowdown ?
    4- minimum deposit?
    5- profit monthly?
    6- is compatible any broker?
    7- my broker is forex time(FXTM). can support?

    • Hi Mehdi, most of your questions are answered by clicking on the accounts provided above. There is no martingale trading, and you can use any MT4 brokerage of your choosing with as little as $100 on micro. Take a closer look at the Myfxbook accounts and they will show everything else you require.

  36. Fury & Steam are both on a roll right now.

    Thanks for recommending them to me.

  37. Hello, I know that every day the market behaves in a different way, but what is the monthly profit percentage of Forex Fury, more or less using it in moderate configuration?

  38. What is the best ea?

  39. #1 Fury
    #2 Steam

    That’s all I’m using right now, and that’s how I rank them.

    Thanks for all that you do FRN.

  40. Hi,
    I’m new here. just wondering that Can i used with Pepperstone AUS. Or need to change in to US currency? can i invest just only300$? which one is suit between fury or steam? Thank you

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