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Best Forex Brokers

In order to trade Forex, you need a broker.

The broker is where you deposit funds, trade, and then withdraw your winnings. Whether you are using robots, signals, or trading manually, you will always need a broker in order to trade.

Once you signup with a broker, they will give you access to the platform (Metatrader 4/5), that you can install on your computer, phone or tablet, so that you can start placing trades.

Currently, I’m using three brokers for my trading, and you can see these recommendations here:

Best Forex Brokers 2022

ImageMin. DepositRatingCountriesSign UP
United States & Worldwide

United States & Worldwide



Crypto Broker

In case you are using my crypto signals, you will need a place to use them.

ImageMin. DepositRatingCountriesSign UP
Worldwide & US

To learn more about the #1 ranked broker in 2021 for worldwide clients, watch my video review here:

If you’re in the US, then please watch this review video here:

As we continue to grow, we add more and reviews to the Forex Robot Nation resource. In the past few months, we’ve started to review more brokers to give the community more options, and we’ve found that many of these reviews are getting a lot of real client feedback in the comment sections.

That being said, here is our full list of recent Forex broker reviews:


If you would like to see more brokers added or you have a certain Forex broker that you would like us to test just send as an email or leave a comment.

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  1. Hi. I have opened a Cent account with FBS with a leverage of 1:500. Would this be fine to subscribe to your signal? Is there a minimum amount of deposit to receive your signal at optimum performance?

  2. Patrick, please include issues on how to trade and deposit and with draw money from countries where trading forex is illigal. Thank you.

  3. Hello. Just wanted to know if you have heard of any problems with Osprey in regards to deposit or withdrawal. Thinking of starting with Osprey now. Thank you.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    Found your website after hours looking at “genuine” reviews and must say you are one of the few that are actually genuine!
    Thought I would sign up to your free signal service to get a flavour before signing up to th VIP because you say you provide one free signal a day. Over the past couple of weeks this has not been the case and only 2-3 max over a week. So I’m sure you can appreciate, if I’m not getting the advertised 1 per day for free then I’m very reluctant and now sceptical about signing up to VIP signals if they don’t flow through at 2-3per day as suggested let alone lining your pocket to boot! Sorry for the blunt delivery but as your a pretty genuine guy I know you’ll give an open and honest reply.
    Cheers and congratulations on your success.

    • Hi Ian, I am providing less free signals and focusing more on VIP now that it’s grown to nearly 600 members. I’ll see what I can do to get that number up to 4-5 again since I’ve had a few other people mention this as well.

  5. Hi

    I’ve been watching your videos, u rock in every single of them. I’ve watched a video a few months ago now on the broker ospreyfx. I just wanted to see your opinion now if the broker is legit after you trailed them now after a few months, are they hassle free and give you withdraws without a fuss. I’m from Australia I’m going to join them but I just wanted your opinion first about them as I’ve been scammed in the past of a broker and now I’m treading the water carefully on brokers. I like this brokers because of the variety of cryptos to trade plus also the leverage, as in Australia with the regulations are alot tighter and not much of a variety of Cryptos. Thank you

  6. FYI you should alert your readers that out of Paxforex, FXopen, Ospreyfx and Adro, only Ospreyfx appears to accept USA clients. And in small print Ospreyfx says at the bottom of main page that their services and info are not intended for USA customers.

  7. G’day Patrick,

    Mate, I went to open an account with PaxForex as I want to use the Fury EA, and in the sign up for an account with them when I selected the MT4 in the platform selection it wanted me to go and create an account with ADROFX. Yet I am supossedly able to download the MT4 from their (PaxForex) site… IS there are reason for this?

    • Same parent company James, using adrofx servers.

      • Thanks for that mate. Had a feeling that it may have had something to do with me being in Australia. Although companies claim to be worldwide they do not always cover every country, especially Australia. Something to do with our trading regulations. Plus having been bitten in the past by a registered brokerage company that went rogue it was a bit of a red flag too when I was directed to another site.

        Thanks for clearing that up.

  8. Hi. I have subscibed to your VIP signals but most crypto trades are not available with the 3 brokers I use (MT4). Who should I use ? I am in South Africa. Thanks

  9. Hi, can i use pepperstone?

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