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Zone 99 Forex Trading Review | Zone 99 EA

Zone 99 ForexZone 99 Forex Trading Review | Zone 99 EA

Here we have a new Forex Robot that is capable of tripling an account within 3 months.  The “secret weapon”  can turn a $5,000 deposit into $17,163.00.

Zone 99 Results

The Zone 99 Forex Review begins in looking at some of the newest strategies developed by their team.

  • S.E.P.P – The EA uses a strategy based on a Self Evolving Price Prediction.  Unlike other robots this one claims that this technique will earn you 81.68% accuracy in your trades.  Where many in the past claim 100% we all know that’s not true so I am glad to see some honesty.
  • AMA – This is what is being called Anti Monitor Awareness, which ensures that the user does not have to watch over the system at any point in time.  While other forex software claims this, it is often not the case because of glitches in the EA which make bad decisions.  Here the AMA blocks this from ever occurring.

Zone 99 Forex Trading is a robot equipped with all the latest market updates.  A developer that goes by just Patrick has taken control over many accounts and has seen HUGE WINS.  Now that’s not to say it is illegal, it is actually 100% Legal.


With a 100% money back guarantee and a great 24/7 support team.  Go check out Zone 99 Forex now and see how it can earn you money!

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    This robot is a scam, Reny has confirmed our suspicions.

  2. It is unfortunate to know and confirm that the newly released Zone99 Forex Trading Robot is a scam. According to others, it is a another version of Funyoo’s Xbars MA Scalper. My brush with this shady developer confirmed that.

    For four days, the system didn’t open one single trade and the customer service was ineffective at best and terrible at worst.

    Please Admin, do NOT recommend this robot to anyone out there. The publishers are scammers.

  3. I bought this robot and up to date, it has not opened one single trade. Everything was installed correctly and yet no trade.

    I’ve written the support team and I’ve not got any helpful hints from them. Likely this robot will not last long in my arsenal before it goes back to the sender.

  4. The live results shown on this EA at the publisher’s website are very encouraging. But the only problem I have with them is that: The live results are not up-to-date even though they are fairly recent.
    Admin, have you used this EA on any demo or live account? If so, can you please publish your live results for us to see so that we can confirm the publisher’s claim?


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