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The Profit Goldeneye by Element Forex

the profit goldeneye

Have another review on a new product by Element Forex that they have dubbed The Profit Goldeneye.

Element Forex claims that you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands to have success with Forex systems if you just follow their advice and use their software. This new Forex system is and alert software that will tell you when to place the trade, what pair and whether to buy or sell.

More Information

The Profit Goldeneye system is $50 being sold on the JVZoo payment processor. The software is installed into your meta-trader four broker and then you receive the signals from there. Let me go ahead and take a look at some of the results being promoted by Element Forex.

Here we can see two days of trading.

From what we can see in the results the system provides signals for many different pairs and it also provides over 10 signals a day. To me this amount of signals can be very dangerous so be cautious if you plan on using The Profit Goldeneye software.

The Forex robot nation team is undecided on Element Forex. This company came around maybe six months to a year ago and have been releasing software quite actively during this time. We have had both good and bad results with the software from this company so we are willing to give them an opportunity.

Final Thoughts

While we are going to give them an opportunity I am not going to outright recommend that you purchase The Profit Goldeneye. I would like to do my own testing or have some of the Forex robot nation members do testing to provide us with more insight.

As always please leave a comment below with your thoughts and any questions you may have.


  1. In the right time system like this with tight sl and money managment and compunding will make you rich . But market conditions must be right.

    This is price action volume between timeframes its wery profitable in the right market..

  2. I just the last three days trying to get this software to work. Unfortunately, I was not successful.

    Pro: I was very pleased to receive a prompt refund.

    Con: Support did not seem to understand my questions.

    Here’s the reply that I received when I asked for additional information on seven specific fields that I found different values for in different parts of the program. (CapillaryTrigger, Number_Of_Roc_Tick, VineProjectInPastData, AVPMTFScanner, ILPSpeedLevel, ILPSpeedLevelNoise, DonchianConfirmation).
    I am very sorry if your confused. The other settings are built into the formula and do no need to be touched. You can change them but it would be risky. It is best that you leave them untouched. The most important one is “Trend Selector”. This is the time frame of what The Profit Goldeneye will scan for you to get confirmation of signals. You do not need to input any values in the any other fields at this point. Until we release an addon to the system, you can leave it the way it is. When we implement something else, that is when we can change those around. Hope this helps.”

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