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Supra Forex | SupraForex Review and Bonus

So unlike most of the products we review here at Forex Robot Nation, SupraForex is not an expert advisor.  It is a simple online software that informs you when to enter and exit a trade.

By telling you the exact point to place your stop loss and when it should be moved to the breakeven point there is minimal risk and it is extremely easy to use.

For those who are having issues using Forex Robots, especially beginners this is a great system to help understand currency trading and make money in the process.  Here at FRN we have been using the system for a month and have seen over 100% of our initial deposit.

That being said, we had to write the SupraForex review.





Supra Forex

SupraForex Software

Here are month by month results from January – December 2009. It’s definitely quite surprising how efficient this system is, and at the same time being so simple to implement.

SupraForex Results
January 2009 3519
February 2009 2862
March 2009 2385
April 2009 3643
May 2009 1969
June 2009 2578
July 2009 1637
August 2009 1773
September 2009 2059
October 2009 1697
November 2009 2054
December 2009 1219
January – December 2009 27395

Depending on how much you are looking to risk these type of earnings can make you well over $100,000 per year.

july-december 2009

As you can see the consistency of the Supra Forex system is unlike most forex signials which again is why we just had to review this oustanding software.

Each month has boasted over 1,000 pips!

the strategy

The strategy for this system is quite simple. You open the software, the expert SupraForex team tells you exactly when to open and close trades. You are sent live warnings and are only expected to spend 30 minutes a day monitoring.

the conclusion

With so many robots and systems coming out every week it is very difficult to pick out winners. We talked for hours with the creators of this system and tested their knowledge, went back and forth discussing strategy and theory.

We were very impressed, not only with the pure intelligence but the philosophies the team put into place for every single trade.

SupraForex has earned a spot in our top three systems and we expect it to climb quickly.

We suggest that you go check it out and see for yourself.

Supra Forex

Try Supra Forex

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