Set up a Forex VPS for MT4 | Forex Hosting Help

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Set up a Forex VPS for MT4 | Forex Hosting Help

So lets start this as simple as possible.  What is this VPS?

It is a remote computer with a REALLY FAST connection that is on 24/7.

Now you want to know How this helps you and how to Setup a Forex VPS for MT4.

The speed is so fast that the MT4 systems react better with forex brokers and you get sharper Entry and Exit points to your trades.  So to keep it short you earn more money, which is what we all want, especially here at Forex Robot Nation.

Forex Hosting Help Step by Step

  1. First go to UltraHosting Here and click at the top right, buy the F-5, use the coupon FXRNATION to save 10%.
  2. You will receive an email from UltraHosting with a Username and Password for your MT4 Forex VPS.
  3. You have to connect now.  If you are on a Windows computer, go to the Windows Button, then search for Remote Desktop Connection.  Or you can go to Windows Button > All Programs > Accessories and you will find Remote Desktop Connection in there.  This is installed on your computer by default with Windows.
  4. Now you open this program, enter the Username and Password and your are connected to the Forex VPS, almost all Setup.
  5. You will see a normal Windows background see image below.

Forex Hosting

6. Click on internet explorer.  Go to your broker website and download your MT4 Client to the Forex VPS.  If you do not have an internet connection inside here, send an email to say I NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION with your Order # and they will ensure you have it within a couple minutes :)

7. Then you have your Forex VPS set up, download the MT4 client, install it, install your Forex Robots if you use them and TRADE TRADE TRADE!

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  • nike

    sorry about my first post,my question is ,is it possible for ultrahosting to get us an internet connection in our country.i read on your blog that we can mail them if we do not have internet connection.

    • admin

      You could host your Metatrader client on UltraHosting if that is what you are asking.

  • Kriss

    For this set up with so many MT4 clients running are you using one forex account or do you have an account for each client? I tried to look on Ultra Hosting but I didn’t found any related information about account or founding it.

  • admin

    You can run multiple MT4 clients on one account.

  • james

    please, just want to find out if i set up the vps on another system apart from the one i use at home,do you know if there could be any problem because of the 1 IP address. please, advise!

  • Ekin

    Can I use/setup/ install my own ( multiple) mt4 from different broker on ultrahosting?

    • admin

      Yes of course Ekin, you can install any broker to the VPS.

  • Devendra

    very informative

    • admin

      Thanks Devendra, feel free to email us if you need help.

  • Stephen Robinson

    How do we upload and install EA’s? And can we upload one that has it’s own installer?

    • admin

      Hi Stephen,

      You can download the EA using the web browser or you can copy and paste it from your system. Even one that has it’s own installer yes.

  • gary davis

    I want to install two copies of MT4, I have 2 broker accounts. I want to have 10 or 12 pair open and each with its own EA. Will the VS F-5 be OK for this?

    • admin

      Yes Gary this would be fine.