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Review: Forex InControl Reborn

Today we are taking a close look at a new robot, Forex InControl Reborn. This EA recently released a new and improved version that comes with a bunch of features to help the software work with both experienced and inexperienced traders.

With the product being priced over $200, it’s important that we analyze and inform the Forex robot nation community about this products viability. See our most recent tests here.

Forex InControl Reborn Review

There are 3 main aspects of the Forex InControl Reborn robot that are highlighted as reasons that make it profitable and reliable. Firstly, there is a hard control drawdown which allows for the EA to take low risk trades that will not allow traders to lose a dollar more than it should. The automatic stoploss is a very important aspect of this software. Secondly, the robot trades on two different pairs. While the developers claim the system can work easily on many pairs, they have done enough testing to ensure that these pairs of the most profitable. This is certainly something that we prefer here at Forex robot nation, because it means that the development team has spent enough time in developing a strategy. Lastly, is a section called risks in profits which just seems to go over the fact that the robot trades 2 currency pairs again. So probably, there should just be 2 main aspects but we won’t hold that against them.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $220 regular version, $270 upgraded version.
  • Strategy: Not disclosed
  • Timeframe: Not disclosed

EA Trading Results

There are 2 types of results provided for Forex InControl Reborn. There are 6 back tests, 2 of them are around 15 years long and the other for 4 years long. Out of the last 4, 2 of them are with the accelerator on and 2 of them have the accelerator off. The difference is substantial. With the accelerator the AUDUSD pair is showing $759000 in profits, and without just $24000. The same goes for the EURGBP pair. This is quite the discrepancy between versions, it’s almost hard to believe that they are even using the same strategy.

The developers also provide us with an FXBlue account. We do prefer my FX book but we will still do our best to analyze these trade results as well. The winning percentages quite impressive with both pairs between 75 and 81%. The winning trades are generally either 35 pips or 65 pips while the losing trades can be anywhere from 6 pips all the weighted 98 pips. This isn’t the worst risk reward ratio we’ve ever seen.

Please keep in mind that this robot does not trade frequently. Forex InControl Reborn has traded just over 200 times in the span of the year. For me this is more than enough, but some traders require very active trading systems. Personally, I don’t care as long as the robot wins.


From what we see thus far from the Forex InControl Reborn developers and trading results, we are willing to provide a 3 star rating. We plan on testing the robot ourselves, as well as listening to the community feedback to determine whether this system deserves to gain or lose starts moving forward. So now, please leave your thoughts and recommendations.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to come back. This is going to be a busy week as we catch up on a lot of Forex robot news and new product releases.

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  1. Looks okay, I’m not sold though.

    Anyone have results for this?

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