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Forex Megaliner

Forex megaliner robot is a new automated trading system by Anna Monti the founder of Anna Forex trading club. I’ve never heard of this Forex trading club or Anna but when I go to I see that there is some sort of a club but it looks like it’s just a mailing list. Today I’ll be providing a review …

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Forex Sakura Robot

Forex Sakura robot is a new Forex robot by Den Murakami, a relatively unknown developer who decided to put together an algorithm that was based on his experience trading. Originally the use this strategy for his manual trading and then turned it into an expert advisor that he is now selling for $98. I will be providing a review on …

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Broker Arbitrage

Broker arbitrage is a new Forex robot by Mark Reid a developer that I’ve never heard of but believes that despite how crazy and far-fetched his system is that it is 100% real. The strategy buys and sells based on two different broker price feeds and tries to exploit a difference in the price from each feed to profit. Today …

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Forex 3D Robot

Forex 3D robot is the latest software from Rita Lasker. Lasker has had a long history of trading systems in recent days has been providing a new software every 2 to 3 months. Some say that Rita is releasing systems too quickly and is not able to support or improve upon the other system she is releasing. Today I will …

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Forex Sword

Forex sword is a new trading system developed by an unknown Forex developer claims of 32 years of Forex trading experience. The product comes with two indicators, one template, set up instructions, support and continuous product updates. Today I will be taking an in-depth look at this software and the new developer and providing the Forex robot nation readers the …

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Easy Pips Machine

Easy pips machine is a new Forex indicator developed by Dan Thompson, a new game the market the police traders only have to work one hour a day. Dan believes that his step-by-step secrets can generating income of up to $3500 a day. Today I’ll be providing a review in looking at the system to determine whether or not this …

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Pips Profit Dominion

Pips profit dominion is a new Forex software by Sean Taylor that provides trading signals including take profit and stop loss. The developer believes that you can win 90% of your trades by copying a strategy of a renegade trader that makes between $4-$20,000 a day. Today I’ll be providing a review of this software and letting the readers of …

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Profit Trader EA

Profit trader ea is a new Forex robot that claims to be providing nearly 15% of profit a month. The developers of the system believes that the software can generate stable profit in any market conditions without involving human emotions. Today I’ll be taking a look at the software and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand if this is …

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Fire Scalper

Fire scalper is a new automated Forex robot that claims take advantage of simple trick that can earn traders up to $500,000 over a three-year period. Henry Ford as the developer of the software and he believes you can find success with all the different versions of his robot. Today I’ll be providing a review for the Forex robot nation …

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Pips Cannon

Pips cannon is another new Forex indicator by Karl Dittman. Karl has been in the market for years and this time claims that his newest product is not a holy Grail but it could make you a stable reliable income whether you’re an experienced trader or not. Today I will be looking at the software ( closely and finding out …

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