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Trailing Wizard

Trailing wizard is a new Forex tool built for meta-trader four to help manual traders use some automatic elements of trading. The developers of this system believe that once you see it in action you’ll never want to go back to normal manual trading that you used to do. Today I will be providing a review about this interesting new …

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FX 180 Degrees

FX 180 degrees is a new Forex trading system by Eduan Stuart a struggling musician that achieved financial security so that he could live the way he always wanted to. Today I’ll be taking a closer look at the system and letting you know what it entails and what we can expect modestly from its utilization. FX 180 Degrees Review …

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Scion Forex AutoTrader

Scion Forex AutoTrader is a new Forex robot that works on the main principle of slow and steady wins the race. This Forex robot is a trade copier so you are not gaining access to the actual robot itself. The software will place the trades automatically for you based on trades being placed on the main account’s MT4. Today I …

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Forex Parabolic Breakout System

Forex Parabolic Breakout System is a new automated trading software that claims to be able to profit huge with every winning trade. The developers claim they have combined strategies of the 18th century Japanese rice traders and Charles Dow. They believe their system achieves an 83.91% win rate. Today I will be providing a review and letting all you readers …

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Easy FX Pro

Easy FX Pro is a new Forex indicator that is meant to make 200 pips today. The developers of the software believe that within two minutes a trader will be able to take advantage from this indicator. Today I will provide a review and let you know whether or not this is a system you should consider using in your …

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EA Matrix

EA matrix is a new Forex robot whose developers claim that is the number one rated expert advisor and that it is the most effective Forex trading program on the planet. I find this hard to believe because I’ve never heard of it but I will look into this system that believes it knows the secrets to achieve more winning …

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Currency Profits Cartel

Currency profits cartel is a new Forex strategy that claims to provide a 92% winning rate. The developer of the software Dave Taylor claims that he was a pissed off Forex seminar attendee that got a guru to teach him this strategy and now he’s going to share it with us. Today I will be providing a review of this …

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Forex Machine Gun

Forex Machine Gun is a new short to medium-term expert advisor that trades 24/5 in all sessions and market conditions. The software costs $199, comes with no return policy and the website provides little information. Today I’ll be providing a review and doing my best to find more information about the software so we can come to a better understanding …

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FX Profits Evolution

FX profits evolution is a new Forex scalping software that is claim to be the smartest, fastest and most accurate on the market. The developers of the system believe that this loophole is already being used by traders in the know on a daily basis to make money trading Forex. They also believe that this is your chance to be …

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Miracle Scalper

Miracle Scalper is a new Forex indicator that is designed to generate results quickly exploiting the new Forex loophole. The developer has put multiple indicators together to work in sync is one trading tool that is built to be robust. Today I will be reviewing this system and shedding a little light on what it may have to offer us …

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