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Forex Smart Pips

Forex Smart pips robot is a new expert advisor the claims to provide a Japanese-style of Forex trading. The developers (Den Murukami and team) of this software believe that it is unique and unlike others because of its trend identification and inability to understand flat markets. Today I’ll be providing a short review and telling the Forex robot nation readers …

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Genuine FX Profits

Genuine FX profits is a new Forex software that leverages broker strategies with real-life Forex experience to deliver a 93% winning rate. The developer of this software is Louis Anthony and he claims that he uses this manual strategy to make over $2500 a day. Genuine FX Profits Review At the top of the genuine FX profits website we see …

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Pips Guardian

Pips Guardian is a new Forex indicator the trades on the four hour timeframe. The developer claims that the software can make over $5000 in one day thus making it worth me checking out today. I will be writing a review and providing comprehensive details about the software and what it might be able to offer you and the other …

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Binary Brain Wave

Binary Brain Wave has hit the market and everyone is taking notice. I take great pleasure in introducing the readers here at Forex Robot Nation to systems that work for me. If you read my site often you know that most of my time is spent reviewing systems that don’t work, today that changes with the introduction of a real …

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FX Monetizer

FX Monetizer is a new Forex product that we are really trying to get down to the bottom of here. The website provides us with very little information, just a my FX book account and a short little video. Today I’ll be trying to dig deeper and review this software so the Forex robot nation readers know whether this is …

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Triple Profit Winner

Triple Profit Winner is a new Forex indicator by Karl Dittman. Karl claims that his new software uses three indicators incongruity to produced triple sized profits and forecast market trends with extreme accuracy before they even occur. This page will act as an area for you to leave comments and as a review of this software and some of the …

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Forex Cowbot

Forex CowBot is a new automated Forex robot being provided by Rita Lasker. She claims that this is the worlds first organic Forex robot, I have no idea what that means or why that’s something I would need but I will take the time to review this software today. Here you’ll be able to find information about this new product …

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Home Earners Kit

Home earners kit is a new free application being provided to traders looking to make money in bit coin trading. The closer a look at the system though, it shares a very similar resemblance to many of the free binary options software’s that have been flooding the market over the past few months. I’ll let you know my thoughts in …

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Forex Steam Eight Review

Forex Steam is here with the biggest update they’ve had in over a year. I’ve got all the exclusive details so enjoy the show. With over four years of success the best Forex robot on the market is taking this system to the next level. Easy to use and even easier to install the Forex steam robot has it all …

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Mason Forex Expert Advisor

Mason Forex is a new expert advisor that claims to take the guess work out of Forex trading. The developers of this software understand that trading Forex requires a large amount of knowledge but they believe they have done this work and put it all together in an EA. Today I will be reviewing this software and informing the Forex …

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