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Morning Pips

morning-pipsMorning pips is a new Forex trading strategy that supposed to bank traders 100 pips before they’ve even finish their breakfast. This software is developed by Joe Parker a relative unknown in the Forex market that he believes that his strategy has what it takes to beat professional traders at their own game.

Today I’ll be reviewing the software and providing the Forex robot nation community a place to discuss and critique the so-called PIP generator.

Morning Pips Review

The developer of the morning pips system believes that traders have landed on this page for one of 3 reasons. There either new Forex, know little about Forex or they try Forex and are happy with the results they’ve had so far. Considering I do very well with Forex a lot of my readers here at Forex robot nation are successful as well I guess we should just close this page because we don’t fall under any of these 3 categories. Regardless I will continue my review and see if Joe’s system can make a serious money like he claims.

The morning pips website is a classic sales story the tries to push this $39 product without any actual proof or verified results. This developer is clearly stuck in the past and doesn’t realize what it takes to compete in this market anymore. Traders are looking for track records of at least a few months before making investments and I don’t blame them. Considering the technologies that of taken over the Forex market it is outrageous now to see website being promoted without some sort of statement sharing service being utilized.

I won’t be recommending morning pips to the Forex robot nation readers. I feel that this software is stuck in the past with its sales page and lack of real verified proof. Obviously if you’re into taking chances them maybe this product to be for you but I don’t think that it’s solidified its position as a real investment right now. Please get the ball rolling and leave some comments and messages for me below the article. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that you come back and learn more about what works for me.

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