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Method311 | Manual Forex Strategy Review by Donna Forex

Method311 | Manual Forex Strategy Review by Donna Forex

So, this manual trading system has been flying a little under the radar.  I guess simply because Donna Forex is not one for the sales hype, and I prefer her approach as well.  I am however, extremely satisfied to bring to you this review on Method311.

It is not often that forex products come out that can be trusted, but with Donna Forex’s name behind this one, we are comfortable in recommending it instantly.  She has a great reputation in the forex industry and wouldn’t release any junk.

Method311 Facts

  • Uses the EURJPY Pair Only
  • Runs on the M30 Timeframe
  • It trades Several times a week but it can go more than a week sometimes without a trade, do not worry if this happens, it is quite meticulous.
  • The settings allow you to customize the risk, colors, font sizes, email alerts and pop control.
  • It has been developed for 6 months but the Method311 strategy has been used by Donna for over 12 months.
  • The indicator included is protected so you will need to activate your account, which is quick and painless.

Method311 Results

Let’s look at a recent trade that just took place on September 23’rd.  There is no drawdown on the trade and 45 pips were snagged.

Two trades are placed at the beginning of the bar following the red arrow in the Method 311 Strategy. Trade 1 is exited at TP1 and trade 2 is exited at TP2.

Method311 Conclusion

We recommend this system 100%.  We think that Donna is great for the forex community and would not release something she doesn’t believe in (Method 311), unlike other unscrupulous forex developers.  The system is $149.00 for launch and then will raise shortly after, make sure you get it before the price raises or you will be kicking yourself in the butt.

Click here to Try Method311


  1. You should not just join the praise of this seller, she is not as honest as you think.
    Her site is full of sycophants and any anti posts are quashed.
    311 is useless and without credible back-up

    • I understand and appreciate your concerns, it is difficult to find anyone honest in the online realm but Donna has never given us reason to think badly of her.

      We don’t praise many products at all, so our research has been done here, if any discrepancies come up, we will report on them.

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