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  1. hi. I am a newbe here and I am trying to download the forexrobonation free and it wont let me I need help

  2. HI if I download forex stream does it give me a list of brokers I can use because I don’t have one

  3. I’m a newbie in Forex trading. I’ve a few questions for you.
    1. Can we install Forex Fury on web trader or is it done with desktop iversion only?
    2. Do we need to leave the computer open 24/5 to trade?
    3. When we switch from demo to live account, do we need to re-install Forex Robot?
    4. Does Forex Robot trade the news?
    5. Does it start trading automatically once installed?

    • Hi Thomas,

      1. I’m not sure, works with MT4, this I know.
      2. Yes you do.
      3. No you don’t.
      4. No it does not.
      5. Yes it does.

      Hope that clears it up for you.

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