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  1. Dear Sir, I have an account with fx open. I have bought the forex steam EA. I also wish to buy the forex fury EA. Can I run both forex steam EA & also the forex fury EA in 1 mt4?

  2. Hi
    Have the Fury successfully up and running, my question is about the spread setting, its set at 2.5. I have never seen the spread that fine. I use Tallinex.
    Will Fury ever make a trade for me . I must be missing something here ?

  3. Love ForexFury!

  4. Good day! Since there is an upcoming election in the US, what days should we avoid trading? Thanks!!!

  5. Hi Guys.. I see that no new comments since October.. whats Up?

  6. Hi admin,

    I am excited to come across your site whilst trying to find help to make my trading a lot more profitable as it’s hit and miss so far. I’ve just started trading a few months ago and realise it may take a long time to really get my head around it properly. Your robot reviews look great, I hope in reality the robots are not too good to be true.

    I currently trade using MT4 on Terra Fx, will ‘Forex Fury’ and ‘Forex Steam’ work with this set up?


  7. Hello, where can I see the coupon-code for forex-steam?

  8. Can I run steam on 5 and 30 min.chart at the same time on the same platform on one account ?

  9. hi, what’s the different between forex fury and forex steam? I’m a beginner which one should i choose?

    • Hi Ray, these are two very different systems. Both will work great for a beginner. I suggest choosing whichever one you have a better gut feel about.

  10. Hi. Just download your forex fireball and setup with MT4. What is the setting? M1, M5, or H1? After set it with pair EurUsd, it still not doing any trade. Pls advised. Tq.

  11. Hi Patrick,
    I want to thank you for creating this review site. It has helped me greatly.
    I did purchase Forex Fury about a month ago. I did turn it off during this season and will wait till about Jan 10 2016, is that what you suggest?

    ( While it was running it was doing rather well. I still need to see more results before I go live.)

    I originally test FF on 3 US mt platforms. One was Oanda. My question relates to only this broker. I received FIFO error code when FF tried to close out the trades. I already contacted them. The ” first in first out” code only happened on Oanda and not on FXCM. So i was wondering if anyone else had this happen, or if you know of a solution. I do not mind trading on FXCM but my live account is with Oanda. Thank you. I appreciate your help and all your work here.

  12. I’ve been running Forex Fury for about 5 months now and have noticed “failed trades” in the Journal due to insufficient funds. Does anyone have an idea on what level of account funds are needed to execute on all trades per day? I still have the account set at the default daily trade limit of 7.

  13. Can I use 2 different Expert Advisors on one mt4 platform? (different charts of course)

  14. Hello,
    I appreciate a lot of your researchs reviews because it help me to in this jungle. You have so many Robot reviews but if I want to look on a special review of a specific robot I cannot find it because to to look all through your reviews, man …. could you create i.e. a search engine on your website to find one on the spot? or put them into an alphabetical order?

  15. Hi,
    I have Forex Fury loaded on a demo account with a current balance of $29,000 at leverage of 100.
    Firstly Fury is going very well and very happy with the performance. Two questions:
    Fury trades for only one hour per day is that correct?
    When I look at the MT4 journal there will be maybe 12 placed trades and then another 400 plus failed trades stating lack of money will this balance change as the account value increases?
    Sorry to be a bit detailed but am on the verge of moving to live trading and would like to understand everything.

  16. Hi admin,
    I run Fury with gainsy demo account. I want to create a real account now, but what leverage should I choose ? Thank you

  17. Do the results that are posted for Fury take into account swap rates? They are negative for GBPUSD on both long and short positions with my current broker. It appears that there will be a lot of trades that will carry over to the next day…just curious how that would affect the results and would appreciate your input or if you have any suggestions on how to handle the negative swap (especially on short trades…it’s pretty substantial).

    • Hi Jim, yes it’s taken into account. It will cut into the profits but not even two percent. The software is winning up to 100 trades in a row lately so it’s not a concern of mine.

  18. hi Admin,

    how are you? saw your videos on youtube that took me here i am following you for the last one week,saw your reviews for so many EA and Signal providers Even for Vladmir but i want to ask why you put your reputation on for Forex Fury? Are you that much confident about it?secondly i am interested in Forex Steam,please guide me in this regard.

    thank you so much.

  19. Hello, is there a mac vps ?

  20. What is the average daily return people are getting? I’m interested in determining what that daily average is over a longer period of time, say a year plus.

  21. I am working off a demo account now with ForexFury and see that the robot is trading lot sizes of .49 to .50. The demo account has a “balance” of $5,000.00. Does the lot size change as the balance in the account increases?

  22. Hi
    You suggest three signal softwares for binary optios, such as Binary Ascend and Binary Brain Wave

    Could you suggest any binary optios robots for me?

    Do you mean manual strategy is better than robot?


  23. Hi ,
    please admin, i really need your help. i have $250 to invest to option trade and i need signal to support myself. I am novices and i have lost a lot of money in forex before coming across your site. I need your advice and how can i gain access to video that will help me out


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