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Honest Forex Signals – Live Trading? : Full Review

Honest Forex Signals – Live Trading? : Full Review

Let me just start by saying we are expecting this project to be huge.  We have talked to the people behind this live trading room and EA and are very happy with the responses we have received from Honest Forex Signals.

The team is extremely honest, professional, and the product is top of the line when it comes to Forex Trading!

Honest Forex Signals Review

This brand new service will be offering top of the line signals in a live trading room, from sms/email and an automatic trade copier which is the ea.  This is from a trader that grabs 500-1,000 pips a month.  I am extremely impressed by the results I have seen so far as they have allowed me access to see the finished product before release.

Update: Launch is expected to be around January 10th, at this point we will give you our special links with any bonuses or coupons that we can provide.

At this point in time there is not much information more to convey about Honest Forex Signals.  As more information is released to the public we will obviously be updating this page and giving you all the details you need to see if you would like to purchase this system.  At this point in time the estimated price is somewhere around $200/month for the membership.

Honest Forex Signals Conclusion

We really like what this team has to offer and plan on purchasing this membership ourselves once we have finished testing and it launches.  If you have any information about this live forex trading room and signal service then please leave a comment.  Please keep in mind we will be continually revising this post with new information so please book mark it if you are interested so that you can check back in.

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  1. HFS has offered the first month for $ 77 and I bought. I used their copier and the results were disastrous. The trades looked as if they came from a cheap EA. The entries were crazy and I stopped it.

  2. Extremely impressed with their results.
    I have done over 100% with semi-aggressive settings and support always responds instantly. I highly recommend HFS to anyone looking to dabble in this very complicated market.

    Jerry Lewis

  3. The price is pretty steep per month but easily recoverable with a decent sized account. The Idea of a Professional trading at a “set” price is really enticing. This is one let-A-professional-trade-for-U-through-copier-software that I trust! I guess you get what you pay for sometimes in life

    Happy Trading

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