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Forex Steam Nine Review

Review of: Forex Steam

Reviewed by:
On January 30, 2017
Last modified:February 13, 2017


Steam is the most consistent Forex robot ever released and is a must own for ALL traders of ALL skill levels.

Forex Steam, my favorite of all trading systems is fresh and new with an update built to take profits to a whole new level. I’m proud to be a supporter of this talented development team and today I’ll be telling you everything you need to know.

Just a few months ahead of their astounding five year anniversary the Forex robot that continues to grow accounts better than any other software on the market is providing a free update. Let me get started here by telling you what they’ve included in version 9 and what we can expect moving forward:

  • Major Market Updates for 2015 and beyond
  • News Filter tweaks
  • Trailing Stop optimization for better usage
  • Risk/Reward adjustments
  • Normal version also upgraded to v9

Current Forex steam members can go to the members area now to download the update for FREE. Non members, I have a coupon at the bottom of the review that will be running for a couple weeks to celebrate this release.

Forex Steam 9 Review

This Forex steam software is 100% automated. Trader’s can download the system, install it and let it trade for them right out of the box. For more advanced traders, they can quickly optimize and configure the software to trade to their unique specifications.

forex-steam-big-logoIt’s really quite surreal to me that the Forex steam robot has been successful for almost 5 years now. When this software hit the market I was extremely skeptical about Forex robots and never thought they would work for me. I’m happy to say now that 5 years later Forex steam has earned me over $300,000.

It’s crazy to look around the Forex robot community and see how many robots have hit the shelves, failed and disappeared. Yet, the team at Forex steam continues to provide free updates to make sure that their software is profitable for their clients and have proved that they are both trustworthy and reliable.

Forex Steam Results

I’ve been very successful thanks to the Forex Steam software and the way it approaches entries is far and above any other software currently on the market. I truly believe that since the development team is so active that this ever-changing strategy will be fruitful for at least another five years.

Here are my Personal Tests running Steam version 9.

Personal Tests:

Steam Tests:


You will see in my tests here that I focus on the Forex Steam Light version. This is my personal preference because I am a cautious trader that likes to grow accounts steadily over time. The software package also comes with a normal version for no extra charge and there are no upsells.

These two tests show that my accounts are matching up with the developer’s which gives me the added confidence to deposit more funds on a monthly basis. The software can take a month or two to match up completely as there is a learning process in the software that makes adjustments based on the market, the leverage and the brokerage being used. This is a unique feature that no other robot on the market has been able to replicate (despite trying).

forex-steam-v9Forex Steam Conclusion

Forex Steam 9 is another move in the right direction.

I recommend this system to all of my readers 100%.

I trusted this robot 5 years ago, and I trust it still to this day.

For the next few weeks we are celebrating the release of version 9 with a 10% coupon available for new clients.

Steam 10% Coupon: FRN-8WX3-FRN

Try Forex Steam Version 9


  1. Thanks to the glowing reviews on this site I finally bought the robot a couple of days ago and so far I’m impressed after winning four trades in a row running the light version with the default settings on a demo account. Out of curiosity, has anyone tried running it on other pairs? And if so, should one stick to the 5 min timeframe as per the original EURUSD version? I’m in the process of setting up a VPS and I’m hoping to test it on other pairs to see how it will fare.

  2. HI Admin,

    I am only have a suggestion about future development of Forex Steam Nine, because I been trading this EA for a while and my observation is the EA is much more profitable if the Reverse Strategy will be added, in such case it will become more flexible.

    Thank you.

  3. My first week I had a loss, and I almost gave up.

    I thought it sucked, emailed support and they were very nice. Told me it would turn around.

    I’m here to announce it did turn around, I’m 4 months later and I have three copies of Steam, running all 12 licenses, 2 on live and 10 on demo to test different settings.

    There’s no other robot at this price point that comes close.

    • Good to see you stuck it out Morgan.

      I had a similar story.

      Support really helped me out, and I never usually email anyone, so it’s nice to get over that.

  4. What settings do you use for pip retrace?

  5. Hi.. Admin.. could you tell what would a safe risk% be for maximum profit? Thanks.

  6. great EA i love the steam lite very good

  7. Classic robot. Steam light is great.

    Support even hinted something about a Version 10 coming out free soon. After 6 years it’s crazy that they keep developing the software. I paid $117 for this 5 years ago.

    Best investment in Forex I ever made.

  8. how are those accounts yours? they are the same accounts represented on the site?

    Are you really using this bot?

  9. Hi Admin! Are Forex Stream V9 still good for 2017?

  10. Hi I Been using steam all through the holiday break so far so good and its still winning as usual my settings are default except i have enable hedge and trailing stop set to true i run the steam with a VPS also so its set and forget after new year im going to buy FOREX FURY and give that a try ..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL 2017

    • Do you have pip retrace still set to true as well?

      • yes i have been playing around with the settings i got them all set to default EXCEPT i set the EA not to trade 140 min before high impact news and i get a way better result. this is a great long term robot that is working well for me.

  11. Hello Admin

    Just want to say that I ve been watching Forex Steam from a far and I am wondering if this is real deal.
    There’s probably a bunch a people out there that feels the same way about this EA.
    So any comments or advice will greatly appreciated.


  12. when is a good time to turn off steam for the christmas holidays?

  13. With my settings on default besides take profit on 6, what settings should I use if I want to enable hedging?

  14. My tp is 6 and my risk is 20%. What is a good pip retrace setting? I have everything else on defaults.

  15. Hi do you run the default settings with steam is this how we get better safe results ?

  16. No better EA in the world.

    Total steal at this price too, I don’t know why it’s priced so low when everyone else’s EA’s are hundreds of dollars.

  17. Excellent month, can’t wait for December trading in the snow 🙂

  18. Glad to be back trading this week. Steam started the week with 4 straight wins today after I shut it down the entire last week due to the election.

    A very happy comeback for me.

  19. what leverage should I use for the forex robot steam and the fury?

  20. Testing TP 7 last two months without a single loss.

    Try it out on one of your demos to see if you like it.

  21. Unfortunately the coupon is not valid.

  22. Steam is absolutely on fire lately.

    Win after win baby!

  23. Dear Admin,

    I would like to ask you regarding the news that are going on everyday.
    If the robot is set to filter news and there are a lot of news when can it open trades for that matter.

    For example like last Friday 14th the whole day there wasn’t any trade at all.
    If this goes on very likely that we will have few trades only.

    Please advise thanks!

  24. Dear Admin,

    Thank you so much for your kind advised. Yes is trading started this morning.
    I am in profit now $116.30 with two trades closed hit TP.

    Will see how it goes till end of the month but I noticed it will only open 1 trade at a time.

  25. Hi Admin,

    I just purchased Forex Stream V9 and already set up as instructed by the video.
    But so far there is no trade running please advise thanks.

    • Hi Ridwan, if you just purchased the software and set it up you will need to wait to see some trades. You don’t want a system that trades for the sake of trading. You want a system that monitors the market and trades when it’s profitable.

  26. Great last month Steam.

    Not a lot of comments here lately, I guess everyone is just riding the wave of wins.

    Got 13 straight wins right now!

  27. Hello Admin would like to know which version you use normal or light?

  28. Hi admin, all things being equal how much can I make a month using forex steam on a $200 account?

  29. Hi, i cant get the Steam 10% Coupon: FRN-8WX3-FRN to work. it says how can i get the discount?

  30. I use it with the EURUSD but wanted to know if I can use with the GBPUSD .
    Thank you!

  31. Just put my Fury results up, thought I’d share my Steam success as well.

    Very impressive with the Light version.

  32. Is this robot only for EURUSD?

  33. Steam is on one hell of a run lately!

    Good stuff.

  34. Can i start trading with 100 bucks and 0.01 Lot ?

  35. Wow, great system.

    I’ve doubled my account now after 30 days of live trading, I’m very impressed with Steam light.

  36. The data I have seen suggests a total of 7,040 pips over a 4+ year period (1355 days divide by 7 times 5 equates to approx. 968 trading days) with 1140 trades – this appears to be approximately 1.1 trades per trading day and just over 6 pips per trade.
    Fantastic balance but trading with large number of lots – requiring huge margin in trading account.
    (people frequently suggest approx $100 account balance per 0.01 lot and with 74 lots trading thats close to $0.75 Million $ dollars)

    Am I missing something ?

    • Hi Peter, yes, the lot sizes are only large now. They started at a normal size and grew with the account as the EA has built in money management.

      A large margin is not required.

  37. Hi
    Does this EA works with etoro? And can I start with 100usd account?

  38. Hi, Can i use steam with a 500$USD account or it needs to be 1000$ ?

  39. They should rename Forex Steam to nothing but wins because that’s all it does.

    Such a smart strategy, I love it.

  40. Dear admin

    now i purchased.
    Must i use default parameter?
    must using m5 or m30?

  41. Steam is by far the most consistent robot I’ve ever used.

    I’m up $3,000 in the first two months on my small account.

    Thanks for introducing me.

    • Dear Dennis, Can you show your or that you are up $3000.00 and from how much investment. I was thinking of buying the software. Thank you.

  42. I just wanted to know how many trades does Steam have per day. And how many trades do Forex Fury has per day.
    Thank you.

  43. I’ve been using Forex Steam for 4 years.

    I feel like it’s the best kept secret, just like your site Forex Robot Nation.

    I’ve only shared my successes with a few of my close friends and they followed in my footsteps.

    This system deserves a 5 Star rating.

  44. Does this work for micro accounts

  45. Steam is on one hell of a streak!

    Really happy with it’s performance.

    There’s my latest trades.

  46. Hi admin, do you run steam light everyday? means from monday to friday?

  47. Hi Guys,

    Forex steam is doing great. I started with $2689.31 on 23/May/2016, check the results below. I am using default settings and I am using both EAs light M5 and normal M30. The account gained $923.87 in just 4 days. Great EA.

    Closed Transactions:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
    51002031 2016.05.23 01:00:04 sell 1.00 eurusd 1.12175 0.00000 0.00000 2016.05.23 11:31:46 1.12021 0.00 0.00 0.00 154.00
    51030144 2016.05.23 08:04:44 buy 0.45 eurusd 1.12262 1.11362 1.12362 2016.05.23 10:00:31 1.12362 0.00 0.00 0.00 45.00
    51101995 2016.05.23 17:40:37 sell 0.48 eurusd 1.12031 1.12931 1.11931 2016.05.23 18:57:14 1.11929 0.00 0.00 0.00 48.96
    51118325 2016.05.23 19:30:02 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.12047 0.00000 0.00000 2016.05.23 20:16:21 1.12202 0.00 0.00 0.00 155.00
    51119963 2016.05.23 19:50:56 sell 0.49 eurusd 1.12060 1.12960 1.11960 2016.05.24 10:25:19 1.11958 0.00 0.00 -0.05 49.98
    51165675 2016.05.24 03:00:00 sell 1.00 eurusd 1.12121 0.00000 0.00000 2016.05.24 10:24:53 1.11970 0.00 0.00 0.00 151.00
    51274061 2016.05.24 21:30:02 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.11472 0.00000 0.00000 2016.05.25 18:17:15 1.11627 0.00 0.00 -1.60 155.00
    51295070 2016.05.25 06:06:37 sell 0.55 eurusd 1.11471 1.12371 1.11371 2016.05.25 13:43:31 1.11371 0.00 0.00 0.00 55.00
    51336611 2016.05.25 14:52:46 sell 0.56 eurusd 1.11472 1.12372 1.11372 2016.05.25 17:23:05 1.11372 0.00 0.00 0.00 56.00
    51393468 2016.05.25 23:11:27 buy 0.59 eurusd 1.11547 1.10647 1.11647 2016.05.26 03:23:03 1.11646 0.00 0.00 -2.83 58.41
    0.00 0.00 -4.48 928.35
    Closed P/L: 923.87
    Open Trades:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
    No transactions
    0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
    Floating P/L: 0.00
    Working Orders:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Market Price
    No transactions

    Deposit/Withdrawal: 0.00 Credit Facility: 0.00
    Closed Trade P/L: 923.87 Floating P/L: 0.00 Margin: 0.00
    Balance: 3 613.18 Equity: 3 613.18 Free Margin: 3 613.18

  48. Another great winning month coming to a close.

    Steam light is extremely consistent.

  49. where can find live monitoring results with real accounts?

  50. Just another great week of Forex Steam to report. I’ve attached my results:


    That’s my kind of ratio!

  51. Hi traders hello admin i be just purchased forex steam i use the latest light version v9 i ve putt my TP 7 end risk to 20 because on my live account with Hot forex trade size was only 0.05 i allready got 3 trades all winners in this first mounth i will use it on my pc because i cant putt it on hot forex vps i thing it s better to putt it on the same broker vps adnim my question is should i move the file from my experts folder from my pc to the vps or from the zip file i m asking this because in this mounth the EA could get some expirince with the platform end will it keep it if i copy the files from pc MT4 to vps mt4 direct not from zip update Steam v9

    • I use different vps from my broker it works fine. Just copy the expert file from your pc and paste it to your vps expert folder. If your vps already running, deactivated the EA from your chart in your pc otherwise you would have a double trade on your pc and your vps.

  52. Great streak going here for Steam.

    20 wins in a row.

    Let’s see if they can hit that 30 record.

  53. Hi Don J. I assume that you turn off Steam on days like FOMC, NFP, ECB Press Conference. Are they others as well? Thanks.

    • For the most part I will but Steam Light is very low risk it doesn’t require manual intervention.

      That’s what I like about it.

  54. 25 Straight wins.

    Steam is really hot right now!

  55. Forex steam is doing a great job with my accounts right now. I have to credit Patrick FX and the team here at Forex robot nation for finding this gem.

    I never believed that I would find a consistent robot in this market, so thank you.

  56. Abdullah Al Adwan

    thanks admin
    can I know what you use for stop lose an take profit ?

  57. Yuttachuk Tonnuea

    Hi Admin
    I just buy this EA 1 month ago
    I need to Know are you setting Risk ,SL and Tailing SL for account Personal Tests?
    Because default Setting TP 10 SL 90 but I saw in accout history TP 10 SL 20

    Thank you

  58. Hello Can you please explain to me which imputs do i need to change on forex steam if i wish to double the default settings of profit and risk. And what would be the minimum amount to start with on the default settings……Great Website………….Thanks………..Norm

  59. After my loss because of speaker news. I have won 11 in a row.

  60. Steam looks like it’s on ANOTHER roll!

    I’m picking up 20-30 pips every day again, love it.

    • Hi Rogerio, it is really good to see steam on this roll.

      I’ve also been able to pick up a couple hundred pips over the last few weeks and I see this continuing.

  61. Hi, I’m using steam 9 with good results on a demo account but I can’t get my head around the time offset for news time. I’ve gone to the Forex Factory calender as instructed but what time zone is that? I’m in GMT +8. Probably a dumb question but any help would be appreciated thanks

  62. Forex steam light is my favorite system, I rate it 5 stars.

  63. Hey Admin,
    do you ever close trades early?

  64. Got some straight wins!

    But does Admin knows why my lot doesn’t get increase?
    The default settings are left the same which is on.

    Any idea why?

  65. Hi there!
    So what are the best presets to start with a balance of 500€ account? Are there any recommandations?

    Thanks for answer!


    • Hi
      I saw that others had adjusted the T/P from 10 to 7. I did that and I went from 4 trades in a row to my last run was 11 trades in a row. I’ve set it back to 10 however. so I’ll see how that goes. And this is my Live account

      • Oh, and I forgot to say that other than that I am using the default settings. I turned ECN off because my broker does not do ECN trades
        So now I’m settings the TP back to 10. ECN off. And the default settings

        • Hi Walter,

          thank you for your fast answer!
          And with how many money did you start and what can I expect from the ea – I mean how much do you earn with it per day / week / month?


          • Hi
            I got 16 trades in a row when I used the 7 PIP take target. I switched back to 10 pips and got 4 in a row. So could be just luck but I got better results with 7 pip take profit. I started with $600. The EA does automatically adjust your lot size if your account balance changes

  66. Steam is trading so well lately man.

    I got 21 straight winners and my account is doing big things.

  67. I just bought the forex steam

    What is the best setting to ensure profit every month

  68. Any trade today? Just nothing today, am I the only one?

  69. Really great streak with Steam Light right now, I haven’t lost once this month.

  70. So I’ve read thru a few comments. Looks like to reduce risk we could test lowering target to 7. Lower risk to 2% , possibly stop loss lower than 90 ?

    • You can lower the SL but with the pip retrace there I don’t see the point.

      I do very well with a 7 TP and the rest defaults.

      • I decided to only change my target from 10 to 7. This helped a lot for me. greatly increased the success of my ForexSteam trades

  71. I am in the US and looking for a broker for ForexSteam?
    Beginning with around $200 us dollars, probably a micro, mini, or cent accout
    thanks in advance.

  72. Going great with Steam Light.

    Up 140%!

  73. Problem sorted. Back to the winning streak. Thanks

  74. Hi,

    After a successful two week with steam, it stopped taking trades suddenly. The last trade was taken on the 19th January. I increased my risk to 25%, I have live trading ticked and I have a smiley face. Everything seems to be in order but I am not getting trades. i wonder if my broker has got something to do with it

    • Hi Desmond, not having any issues receiving trades. Try checking your journals / experts tabs for errors. Maybe you accidentally turned off experts advisors at the top of MT4.

  75. Hi,

    Did anyone get trades this week?

  76. Hi,

    My broker (Hotforex) is running a trader competition where fantastic prize money can be won. Do you think it would be wise to participate using an effective EA like steam?

    • Hi Desmond, that sounds like a good idea. I’ve never done a competition before though.

      • After running ForexSteam since November, I suddenly got Access Denied on the EA? Do you have any explanation? I tried to authorize the EA once more, but got an error message on the ForexSteam website when I tried. ?

        Look forward to your support on this. 🙂


  77. After a loss on forex steam few days ago I was hoping for something good. Guess what Steam got a winning streak of 12 wins.

    I am loving my decision to buy steam.

    Thanks Patrick

  78. finally i bought steam…thanx to admin to show us right path..just put the ea on real account
    now please let me know which one put on the chart v51 or v5w


  79. A very happy new year to forexrobotnation family. I deposited $100 on the 1st of January and I am already up 14% with 7 trades taken (all winners). I have just one simple question. The profits I see on my accounts are not increasing with every winning trade. Profits remain between $1.96 and $2. I thought the EA will automatically calculate the lot size with every trade. Can you kindly assist. Regards,

  80. I am running Forex Steam both with real and Demo account with two different brokers.
    Real account is not taking as many trades as the Demo account.
    Any idea what could be the reason? I have set ecn to true on both account. Thanks,

  81. Hi admin,

    What is the recommended broker for this EA? Which broker you used for your own account?

  82. Hi FRN and Everyone,
    I have not been able to get the HEDGE feature working..If anyone does, please share how was the settings?
    Below are my settings BUT the hedge trade doesn’t seems to kick-in,
    retrace_exit = false
    enable_hedge = true
    hedge_pips = 50

    Thank you in advance.

  83. Hi ,
    I buy Forexsteam Light and i use recommended broker Finfx ECN .
    This broker is it best to have the same results as on the website ? Client they are all satisfied with this broker ? Quick withdrawals …

  84. Hello everyone!!! Can you confirm, I want to know if it still works? Maybe you can show your real results?
    I really want to know if it really works?
    What is a plus in a month?
    Thanks to all

  85. Hi,
    Can anyone let me know what a typical monthly return is using Steam Light (as a %) with the default settings?

  86. The Steam software is my #1 right now. Up $3000 in the last month.

    I’m going to try Fury and binary defender next.

  87. Hi admin,

    i am unable to backtest M5 EA version 9 . please let me know how to do it. thxxx

  88. I bought Forex Steam a few weeks ago and it was working nicely. There has been no trades in over a week. Does that happen now and then? Also what is the hedge all about in their ea input tab? I have not had an answer to my past emails to them.
    Thanks for your help.

  89. Hi All / Admin

    New to forex steam and using LIGHT. How reliable is the new version and also normally how long it will hold on the pair ? i checked on their live history, the last update was oct 15 only. Hope will start winning some on this EA.

  90. What do you recommend should be the leverage on a $100 account

  91. I was running steam light and steam normal on EUR/USD 5 and 30 minutes on a live account through tallinex. All default settings…started with $1000 went upto over $1700 in about 2 weeks.

  92. Really having a lot of success with Steam light lately.

    Have one account up 400%, I’m trying to figure out how to upload the results, I’ll email you about it, see if you can help me.

  93. Hi, could this Steam V9 work with Cent-type accounts?

  94. hi admin i am new in trading i want forex stream as your write this is your favourate and vps nessory for forex stream which vps do you recomended thanks

  95. Hi, just want to find out if steam will work well with hotforex. I see hotforex has some nice reviews

  96. hi admin. i tried purchasing forex steam light version 9 but it keeps failing. i tried this link but no place to fix the coupon code for discount. pls can u help out?

  97. Hello is daniel, please on an account of $2,000 what should be the best lot size to start with and what should be the SL. thanks alot

  98. HI,

    i am running V9 on demo,with 10k equity it traded two trade of 1.11 and 1.12 but on Friday the lot size reduce to .10, is it normal and with default lot size is better or with your own lot size settings.

  99. Running my steam forex on default setting, it is giving me error “not enough money”. I have 1000$ and running on all default setting. Am i missing something. Please

  100. hello patrik,

    purchased forex steam as per your recommendation let see how its gonna work and then i have forex fury in my mind for the next purchase, please tell me how many trades per day by forex steam and is there other things i have to look for? does this system automatically increase the lot size according to the Equity??

  101. Hi,

    I really need some help with VPS. How do I install it and transfer my mt4 account to this remote server. Is there some instructional manual one can use?



    • Hi Desmond, just hop on YouTube and watch a beginners VPS lesson. You can use it just like a computer, click on the browser in the VPS and download the files like you would on your own computer.

  102. Hi, what % risk do you recommend?

  103. I have purchased steam forex ea today. but i haven’t recieved any email from them yet. Also my zip file say all version 5.2. What should i do now? Please help.


  104. Hi, Can you advise, what the best time Currency pairs this works on? and time frames?

  105. any one had used the trailing stop function successfully ? can you tell me the parameters that you use in the trailing stop settings ?

  106. Questions: Are you using the hedge settings and the break even settings? If so, how does that effect the trailing stop loss and/or the retrace exit settings?

    • Hi Chris, those are some great settings to test but I haven’t been using them recently.

      • Thanks for the reply. Generally though. If you were hedging do you need a stop loss? My point is that though Forex Steam has been doing great, every now and then there would be a bad trade or two. Even with the retrace it can take a chunk out of your profits. Wouldn’t the hedging setting make since as backup to always stay in the profit even in a loss?

    • I use the default settings with just the change that i activate the money management with 2.0 % of Risk in Steam M5 , cause went i tested activating the hedge settings I did have good results, this hedge settings would be better with a little twist in the configuration.

  107. I have a two month winning streak with Forex steam light version on EURUSD. I made one change, lowering the TP to 7.

    At first I wasn’t sure if this would work and I didn’t like lowering my risk/reward ratio but considering no losses for two months, it worked out great.

  108. Thank you so much. I bought forex steam per your recommendation and I am impressed. I’m using the light version of the latest release and my account is up over 11% in 4 days. Pretty neat.

    My question is what’s the difference between the light version and the normal version? It seems from some online reviews that the normal version doesn’t do as well as the light. My question is why? What are the benifits of the normal version? Can I use them side by side for more profits?

    Thanks for yor work on this site. Your recommendation took a failing account (using another robot) and made it profitable.

    • Hi Chris, they have a full explanation in their FAQ about the differences between light and normal. For me, I just prefer the light version, it meets my expectations and as you would expect, it’s less risky.

  109. Ready to go live with steam ! This week’s DEMO with both light and regular versions were a total of 12 trades of which 11 were winners and one loser , 6 encourage Gueron the light version of which all were winners and 6 the I opened the regular version of which just 1 lost and recover what it lost with the next trade ! steam excellent !!! I will continue commenting awhen termne next week but now live from the account . use the 2% risk in mm mode activated and my broker is turboforex

  110. I am very happy with the Steam software.

    The light version is very reliable and I would say my favorite, hands down.

    I have won the last 17 trades in a row.

  111. Thanks for the response. Understood!

  112. Hi,

    Steam took a very strange trade today. I am not quite sure what happened there. A buy trade was activated at 06:54 with the price at 1.12353. SL 1.11453 and TP 1.12153. How is it possible that a TP be below the price for a buy trade? The same thing happened on Friday where a sell trade was activated with the TP above the entry price. Is there an explanation for this?



  113. Which is the best broker for Brazil people? 1000$ account. It’s better use the default settings, or increase the risk?

  114. Hello I am thinking of buying the steam EA but I need assistance to set the right parameters.
    Anyone knows where I can find the right parameters for a 1000$ account?

  115. Hi, I am definitely sold on steam. This robot is on fire. I think its time to go live now

  116. Very strong performance lately, Steam is my favorite tool right now.

  117. allankokbizAllan

    Hi Folks,
    How’s the drawdown looks like?


  118. Hi, This software does not cease to amaze. However, I am afraid of the 90 pip stop loss. Can somebody put me at ease

  119. I am happy to say since beginning of August, steam has taken 7 trades all winners. I am still runing it on a demo and strange enough I am not even on VPS. I am waiting for 10 more trades before I can go live, but y the loom of things, I think we have a winner here. Thanks for sharing this with us

  120. Steam has been very impressive throughout the summer.

    I’m very happy with this software and recommend it to both beginners and advanced traders.

  121. hai sean
    can u upload history of forex steam ea

  122. I’ve been using Steam for 3 months and despite a little hiccup during the Greece situation I’ve done quite well.

    My account is up from $1,000 to $4300 in the 3 months using the light version with default settings.

  123. Hi,

    I am happy to announce that i took my very first trade with steam and I made $199 on the demo. I just need to get a VPS service and see how it progresses going forward

  124. Looks like since the Greece situation has settled steam is really hitting it’s groove.

    Glad to say that I stuck with it and I’m in the money now.

  125. Hello, i bought Forex Steam and i’m having good results in demo accounts. I’m searching a good broker to start 100$ Real trading with the “ForexSteam Light Risk M5 EURUSD V9”. Please, could you recommend me some one ? Thanks

  126. Hi,

    Can you direct me to the link that shows the recommended VPS for $8 a month. Thank you


  127. Do I need to set the GMT TIME?… All just use default setting?… I am from M’sia, currently purchased forex steam v8.

  128. Winning constantly lately! Steam is doing a great job.

    I hope to make $3,000 this week.

  129. Market is leveling out perfectly.

    Steam is going to have a big week and I’m going to take huge advantage of it!

  130. I see Steam, like most robots I use are struggling with the Greece news.

    I’m going to suspend trading with this one for a couple of days and let the market settle. Steam is still my second favorite robot and I won’t be giving up on it.

  131. Dear Admin

    just want to ask about what is the minimum investment for the Forex Steam and Forex Fury?

  132. Encountered some problems with my EURUSD chart on my MT4 (On VPS)-“Waiting for Update” displayed for the past 10hours now.Was ok before on demo but when change to live,it went like this.Status: Connected.Don’t know what happened.

    • Hi Bill, sounds like you entered the wrong account details and it didn’t connect. Look in your journals.

      • Hi admin,everything is ok now.Thanks.Wants to see some action now-hope to get some positive result.Will come back on this thread in a few months to give some proper review.Thanks again.

  133. Forex Steam 9 is very good for me now.

    I use this for 2 month and I’m happy so I try Forex Fury now and hope it good too.

    I will let you know how I do.

    • Hello Robin. That’s great to hear from you that Forex Steam 9 is very good. How many percent of profit did you make for 2 months?

      If possible, can you take a screenshot of the trades made for 2 months?

      Thank you.!

  134. Hi admin,

    Installed Forex Steam in MT4 and encounter some problem-when trying to add Forex Steam on my EURUSD-can’t be found on MT4 under EA (under Navigator)- I am using FXCM MT4 (have this with so many indicators installed).Also another proble-I open a demo account on FInFx-do I need to install there MT4?Kindly assists.Thanks

    • Bill, watch the video in their members, it resolved this issue.

      • Thanks admin and Forex Steam support answer within an hour of issue-reported back that everything is now running ok.My mistake, put Forex Steam on different directory-different MT4 different screenshot from example but everything is going now just waiting for some trade.Hope to see it in action to compare before going to VPS and real account.

  135. Hi again admin,I just purchase Steam first and I will do my fury next month.Will be doing my demo later today as soon I get back and will see how it goes and hopefully can start next week on real account using VPS.

  136. Hello, I am fairly new to the trading world…I would like to know how reliable are these robots?

  137. Dear admin,

    Based on your long usage of Forex Steam ea for many years, and your short time of using Forex Fury EA, what are the reasons and beliefs that made you decide to put Forex Fury EA on no. 1, while Forex Steam EA is no. 2?

    I am thinking of buying just one of these two eas, but I really hope you can share your practical experiences and reasons for Forex Fury EA is first? If I make profits, I will continue to buy the second ea because I am planning to use both on 2 separate accounts to diversify risks and increase more profits then.


  138. Hello Admin

    Forex Steam…ForexFury
    Which would you recommend for me, a beginner

  139. Any updated results?

  140. I’ve tested the EA on other Pairs, with the same Result.

  141. are you all using custom settings?

  142. My hot streak continues with v9! See my results here:

  143. New version flawless so far! Made $3,000 since upgrading, I’m taking off for the weekend to enjoy it. 🙂

  144. Hi,

    Has the performance improved due to this upgraded version ? What is the net benefit of this version ?

  145. Hello, does this ea work only with eur/usd?

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