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Forex Steam Light Version a Huge Success

Forex Steam Light Version a Huge Success

As you may or may not have heard this system is really turning heads here at Forex Robot Nation.  We have done all we can to let you know, and so we are writing another post to discuss the latest information, which is the Forex Steam Light Version.

This EA is really kicking butt.  We had some troubles with the Normal version so we took it off our live account and have moved it all into the new and improved Forex Steam Light.

Information about the EA:

  • Trades the EURUSD
  • Runs on the M5 Timeframe
  • Runs automatically without intevention
  • Picks up 10 pips at a time with consistency
  • Trade 3-5 times per day

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 Forex Steam

Forex Steam Results

As you can see the light version, as expected picks up 10 pips at a time and really adds the account up quickly when it is taking this many trades.  We really like the way Forex Steam trades.

While it is early, you can see exactly how this Forex Steam system trades, and it is consistent, with a unique strategy that picks up winners.

If you are tired of EA’s promising huge returns than you need to stop buying systems that PROMISE HUGE RETURNS. Forex Steam promises mild returns, 10 pips here, 10 pips there, at the end of the month a few hundreds bucks in your pocket. Not $20,000 – because that is unrealistic and unfounded.

Stop putting yourself through misery trying to emulate $50,000 accounts if you don’t have one. Try Forex Steam, use the Light Risk Version and bank yourself some pips so you can go out for dinner on the weekend, not to Hawaii.

We have gone through the code over 100 times, and there are no problems, it trades exactly how it was meant to and we think it will be our #1 Forex Robot in no time.

 Forex Steam


  1. Hi Cam, would like to see your results! Could you tell me the S L you are running on the Bot? Thanks, John.

  2. I have been doing very well on my live account with forex steam light. It is the best EA currently in my arsenal.

    I don’t play with the settings much, I Just like a lower StopLoss than the 90 default. I’ll try and get my results posted up here if anyone wants.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I have not been able tp make a profit with this EA. It makes a few winning trades followed by a few large loosing trades. I have removed Forex Light from my Live account because of the losses.


  4. David
    I intend to buy the EA. Is it working for you Alpari live account ? Your live result will be appreciated


  5. Note to admin:
    I got 1 winner so far with Fx Steam.. so far so good. Question: Why are there numerous forums on this subject? Can we merge them all so that we can have more congruency? I will not quit my day job until then.

  6. david, do you mind to show your live result? intend to buy this one. thanks

  7. Hi,

    I like this robots, i have in live in Alpari uk, with risk 10 %, max trades : 5.

    I WILL HOPE trade well in the future…

  8. Their support team has responded. Thank you.

  9. I submitted a question to forex steam for clarification. Never received a response.

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