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Forex Review – Trillionaire EA

Trillionaire EA is a new Forex robot promising to make traders 100 to 1000% per month on a consistent basis. The robot is being sold at an exorbitant price of $2000 for the one pair version, $3000 for the two pair version and $12475 for the 30 pair version. Trials are available at $195 and $295 for a 3 month period.

It’s important to analyze and review this EA because ponying up $2000 for something that doesn’t work could really hurt the Forex trading community.

Trillionaire EA Review

The robot uses price action and an advanced algorithm that isn’t elaborated on to create perfect entries. There are both fixed and trailing stop losses built into the Trillionaire EA software to ensure consistent profits.

In the features section of the sales page the robot is said to be able to trade over 30 pairs. On the order page the version that trades over 30 pairs is being sold for over $12,000 but there aren’t any results.

The robot trades the M1 timeframe in all trading sessions. It won’t trade every single day but when it does trade it’s supposed to open over 50 trades per day on average. Their myfxbook contradicts this statement as it shows just 97 trades in an entire month of trading.

Trading Results (Developers)

The Trillionaire EA developers provide a my FX book demo account that has been running since the 10th of November 2016. Considering the people behind this software believe the system is worth $2000 it’s really quite surprising that they aren’t running a live account. It’s also quite surprising that the account has only been running for a month when the product was released 3 months ago.

That makes me wonder if there was another account that already went bust but that’s just speculation. I don’t want to attack this software in any way before using it myself. I plan on contacting developer to see if I can grab a copy and start testing it within the next few weeks. Then I will be able to give you a proper conclusion and inform you of my personal progress with the robot.


I’m not going to give an official conclusion for the Trillionaire EA at this point. Obviously, I don’t believe the software should be purchased outright because the price tag is just too high. If the developers had a live my FX book account showing us thousands of dollars in profits that I would consider it but we are really just looking at a one month old my FX book demo and that’s just not providing enough information yet.

After I do my own tests I will come bac and revisit this conclusion to let you know if I’ve changed my mind.

In the meantime, I recommend you check out the top rated Forex robots as we move into 2017 as well as the binary options lab for those interested in trying something new. Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you have anything you would like to add to the review.


  1. don’t buy this robot, the vendor is a known scammer, the EA does not work in live conditions, all losses… i requested a refund but i’m getting ignored, stay away from this scam

    I met the vendor in myfxbook some months ago. He made to me a very nice impression and told me how long was his forex experience and how he learned to trade (with very successfull traders and so). We discussed nearly every day (pm) and he gave me some long term trading tipps. They were all crap (hit the SL), but I didnt care. I thought may be bad luck, every good trader has losses…

    Then he came to me with this EA, which was in “prelaunch” at that time. And as one of the first tester I could have it for special conditions, but “this EA is so great”, that he would never give it away for less than 10 k… even to friends
    When I see the prices on his website now, I must laugh.
    I answered I would never spend so much for a EA I even didnt test. So after a long time of negotiation he gave it to me for $150 for trial.
    After i burned one account and on the second one with defferent settings I got nearly no trade at all, I wrote him again, but he never answered anymore…

    With some chance and research, I found out that the trillionaire EA is a identical copy of the EA Nostradamus, which is a simple tick scalper that you can find for free on the web. Acc. to what i read in some trading forums, it works well in backtest, but never on a life account.

    So be aware! Hands of this EA! The vendor is a scammer!

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