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Forex Megadroid Review with Exclusive Bonus

Currently rated the Forex Robot Nation team’s #1 Forex Robot.

Forex Megadroid is a very interesting expert advisor to review. We started looking into this system well over a year ago but it wasn’t until the latest update, v 1.2 that we began to note tremendous results, you can see our live results below.

We have been receiving tons of e-mails about Forex Megadroid running the newest version and our optimized settings.

Forex Megadroid Review Video

The results are outstanding, the system is easy to use and the support team is flawless.

Since the beginning of January our account has grown $20,141!


Results 10/10

Usability 9/10

Support 9/10

Forex Megadroid

This Forex Megadroid review will encompass backtests, forward tests, strategy, our live results and conclusions.

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So enough talk, let’s take a look at some of the results, first we have the backtests. The 2009-2010 Results along the right boast 2,134.97% Net Profit Increase in the last 302 days.

These Forex Megadroid results are unbelievable. After taking a look at how much some of the other traders made, we had to get our live account up and running.

Trading the EUR USD with Forex Megadroid is very profitable.

the results

Megadroid Backtest

2009-2010 Results

See More Results at the Official Site Here

January has been one of the best trading months we have ever experienced with a
Forex Robot, Forex Megadroid really came through.

We set the system up so it took risks and we have been benefiting the rewards. Whether taking risks or not there were 18 profit trades and only 6 losses. This is a winning percentage that any trader can work with.

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the strategy

The Megadroid system uses what the creators have coined RCTPA technology. RCTPA stands for Reverse Correlated Time & Price Analysis. Basically, this intelligence is a set of algorithms that look to predict safe trades in the future. We pushed this to the limit when we tested the system by using some of the riskiest settings we could implement.

Surprisingly, with all the risk Forex Megadroid continued to win consistently.

We have reviewed the code many times and in version 1.2 the technology has been perfected. As you can likely see from our results above.

Forex Megadroid Try

what you get

x You get the Forex Megadroid winning Expert Advisor. This comes with default settings that are already market proven and tested.

x You get what I feel is most important, 24/7 forex megadroid technical support for beginners or advanced users.

x You get a secure system that is backed by real trader testing so you know it works before you even purchase it.

x You get 24/7 trading capability so that you can leave the system on and not worry about turning it off during certain times that are bad for trading, there are no bad times.

x 100% Money Back Guarantee, if your not satisfied, let us know and we will get your money back.

the conclusion

If you are like us here at Forex Robot Nation you have tried many robots and are constantly hearing about new ones. As many as we test not often do we come across a system that we feel is even worth writing a review about. Yet, here we are and we thank you for spending your time reading about our thoughts in this forex megadroid review.

The bottom line is, we think this is a great product. Not only are the results outstanding but the people behind the product as well.


If you purchase after clicking through one of our links we will send you two free Expert Advisors authorized by Forex Robot Nation.

We suggest that you go check it out and see for yourself.

Forex Megadroid

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