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Forex Hosting VPS | The Best MT4 VPS For Forex

Forex Hosting VPS – The Best MT4 VPS For Forex

So you can’t trade Forex on your Home Computer or Laptop anymore.  Don’t worry we have the solution, you need a Forex Hosting VPS.

A VPS is a virtual private server that you connect to from your home computer or laptop that never shuts down.  Once you turn your computer off, your Forex VPS still continues to run.  So you don’t need to have your Home PC running all the time!

How does it work?

Forex Remote DesktopYou are given an IP and Password after you order, you input this into Remote Desktop Connection.  This is already installed on EVERY Windows PC.  You can find it by going to Windows (Start) > All Programs > Accessories (it is in here).

Once you are connected, you can click on the browser inside the Forex Host, go to your broker, download MT4 and install your Expert Advisor or Forex Robot if you use one.

Which Forex VPS Host is the Best?

Well this is the easiest part.  We have tried quite a few, Forex VPS, Forex Hoster, and a couple more that specialize in just Forex Hosting.  The problem with these specialized companies is they cost more because they believe Forex Traders don’t understand that any VPS client could just download MT4 on a VPS.  With these companies I was paying over $60.00 a month and I could only run 4 or 5 Metatrader platforms at a time.  Now this is a total joke!

Forex Hosting VPS Comparison Chart

Price (cheapest)
Support Instant Response 24 hour response 24 hour response
# of MT4

I made a move to InterServer and paying just $21.00 per month I can run 5 clients no problem.  In order to run even more clients I moved to the 512MB model and I can still run 12-15 at a time.  Please see the photo below to see the image of how your Forex Hosting VPS would look like.

Forex Hosting

As you can see, the Virtual Private Server looks just like your computer at home and works the same way, except it never turns off!  If you think a VPS for Forex suits you then go with InterServer.

Use the coupon ‘FXRNATION‘ for an additional 10% off of your Forex Hosting order.


  1. pls, I am interested but is there a 5-10 days trial? Where is your company? What do I need to have b4 ordering?

  2. gd explaination

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