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Review of: Forex Fury

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On February 13, 2017
Last modified:February 14, 2017


Leading the next generation of automated systems Forex Fury has exceeded all my expectations and changed the way I look at EA's forever. This is a 100% must own software.

Forex Fury is the future of automated trading. I’ve been running Forex Robot Nation for over 5 years now and I can honestly say that I am blown away by this EA. I have been testing it for months, and the results are tremendous.

Taking the #1 spot this is currently the best Forex robot on the market, and nobody else comes close.

Today I will be providing a full review and telling you what you can expect from this tested and true winning machine.

  • 100% Verified Live Myfxbook Accounts
  • 15 Year 466,725% Gain in Backtest
  • 93% Winning Percentage
  • Up to 10 Trades Per Day
  • 5 Years in Development

There is nothing this EA can’t do. It is truly the best software I have ever used do to it’s stable growth and aggressive trading plan. I believe that Fury will be the #1 automated system in my arsenal for the next 5 years.

I will be providing a 15% Launch Coupon for the next few days to celebrate the release.

Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury is a 100% hands off Forex trading EA. On the front page of their web-site you can find their real settings that you can download before you even purchase so you know that you can replicate their myfxbook accounts.

fury-boxI have been waiting for an EA of this magnitude for years now and if you’ve been a reader of the Forex Robot Nation blog you know that I’m very critical and rarely ever have my expectations met by any software.

That’s why this is such a big deal.

I have gone through every single line of code, analyzed the strategy, tested the strategy and there is no doubt in my mind that this will be bringing us impressive gains for years to come.

Before getting into too much detail, let me introduce you to the verified trading results.

Forex Fury Verified Results

Here you can find real live Forex Fury myfxbook accounts. The system takes trades every single day with low risk and high reward methodology.

Check out the Fury live account and demo account below.

15 Year Backtest Results


All the myfxbook accounts are clickable so you can view all the accounts in detail. The system opens a maximum of 7 trades at a time and doesn’t hold trades open for long periods of time. The strategy is very effective at getting in and out of the markets efficiently and quickly.

The strategy is an advanced scalper that runs on the M15 timeframe and the GBPUSD pair.

Fury is easy to install and run for any level of trader and consistently exceeds my profit expectations, this is an investment opportunity I can’t pass on.

Forex Fury Video

Forex Fury Conclusion

fury-boxForex Fury is the best EA to hit the market in years. I have total faith that this software is going to be reliable for years to come.

I am ready and willing to put my reputation on the line, I believe in it that much.

So, if you want to take part in the official launch you can grab your 15%Β coupon.

It is time to take your trading to the next level.

Fury Launch 15% Coupon: FORX-1GCW-FURY

DownloadΒ Forex Fury Now



  1. #1 EA!

    Tripled my account in the first month with some high risk settings.

    Might scale it back now but I’m not sure.

    I love the big gain potential with Fury.

  2. Finally got my EA to work at least on my live account. Still no luck on my demo (no idea why same settings and all).

    I am curious though… would it be unwise to increase the risk to say 30%? Or is that purely a personal preference?

  3. 45 Straight Wins, bought a second copy with some of my winnings.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Is the broker GAINSY INC OK to use with the Fury EA?

  5. When I buy the Fury EA, would you guys be so kind as to set it up for me? Thanks in advance..

  6. Have you seen any trades recently? Or when was the last time yours received a trade? I’ve had it connected for since the beginning of last week and haven’t received trades yet. I contacted them and did what it said on the FAQ, so just wanting to see if anyone else is getting trades to see if maybe something is wrong with the way I have it.

    • Haven’t had a trade in a while. Markets have been somewhat choppy, and avoided. There’s a few changes you can make if you aren’t sure. Setting max spread to 10 and max trades to 1. That will usually make it trade on every account.

  7. Does it only trade 1 hour a day?

  8. started Fury 3 months ago and I haven’t had a losing trade yet.

    how about that?!

  9. Hi Admin

    i have a question, if the size lot 0.5 on my MT4 with my broker, does it mean it won’t work with my Broker as the Forex Fury default settings is 0.5 ?
    the only lots available is 0.05 to 1
    help please
    thank you

  10. hello

    i’ve installed the FF and 2 days without any trades ?

    is it normal ?


  11. Hi Admin! There is Forex Fury still make good profit?

  12. Access Denied!
    Your account is not authorized
    Re-attach EA to chat.

    Those messages above are what I got after my purchase of the forex fury. Yes,I watched the tutorial video over and over again and followed the steps in video but still no luck. What do I do? Please let me know. Please Help!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Thank God for Forex Fury support team, I sent them an email and they helped me fix the problem. I would recommend this EA to my friends and family.

      Thank you.

  13. Thanks for introducing me to Fury admin.

    This EA has doubled my account now in 2 months.

  14. The winning streak continues!

  15. Back and winning again!

    Anyone going to shut Fury down for the holidays? Let me know your gameplan please.

  16. Excited to get some trades and get this ball rolling again.

    I’m hoping it continues the hot streak.

  17. Is it safe to turn EA back on?

  18. I’m not trading this week.

    But this is a good time for me to let you know how well I’ve done.

    I have been winning consistently with Fury for 8 months now. This is the smartest system I’ve ever used.

  19. Due to the U.S election next week, Is it advisable to switch off the EA for that whole week. please, advise.


  20. Forex Fury is a real winner.

    Testing some different hours lately to take advantage of it’s stellar performance this time of year.

    Going great so far!

  21. Hi, is anyone use none recommended broker for forex fury that achieve consistent results?


  23. Fury is on a nice roll!

    Really kicking the markets ass lately for easy profits.

  24. Had my first loss yesterday but after 4 months of wins I’m not concerned.

    I should have looked at the erratic market and shut it down for the day.

    I’m still up 135% so I’ll keep it running πŸ™‚

  25. Hi admin would like to know if the account 1k with this different configuration of 10k account?

  26. The Fury software is my favorite.

    I installed it two months ago and it’s done nothing but grow my accounts. I still haven’t lost one trade.. *knock on wood*

    I just thought I’d stop in and say thanks!

  27. Please, I am using Alpari broker and wish to know if I have to change the default time setting or its okay like that. kindly help.


  28. Fury has been very impressive lately.

    I hope it’s okay I show my results.

    Click the link, it will show I haven’t lost a trade in a long time!

  29. Fury still hasn’t lost in over a month for me.

    I love this EA.

    Seriously, thanks admin.

  30. Hi ,

    Give me News about your strategy results Ralph TP5-SL5 . August was good ?
    And Chad and Tom your results please ?
    I will begin testing the TP5-ST5 from 29 / August
    I look forward to sharing the results and setting for this great EA .

    Sincerely ,


  31. I love Forex Fury.

    That’s the best way to put it.

    This software continues to win trade after trade for me.

    It’s a very logical scalper.


    • I’m not getting a lot of trades lately but I also haven’t lost in over a month so I’m not complaining πŸ™‚

    • Glad to see your comments.

      I wasn’t sure if I should be getting more trades either but like Ben I’m good with all the consistent wins.

  32. Hi,

    With Forex Fury i don’t understand why the time issue cant be solved with adding something to the ea to fetch the correct time as this is the only problem i see with the trading robot so you don’t have to constantly change this setting.

    Would be something i hope they would work on before i purchase.

    • Hi Daniel, there is no time issue, never has been. You find out your broker GMT offset, you add it to 20 and you have your time. It’s really that simple and you don’t have to constantly change the setting either. I’m not sure where you are getting any of this from.

  33. The new 10K account looks great, hasn’t had a single loss yet and it’s double verified on Myfxbook.

    I’m using the same settings and it’s working very well for me.

  34. There was a loss in my account when I set the time for 24 hrs. Now I changed the setting as recommended by FF and now it’s 2 days and its working fine with a default setting. It’s too early to rate the software but I hope it will continue in same way. I will update the result.

    • Yes, you will do much better with the default time setting. If you do test different time settings find 1-2 hours a day in ranging conditions and you will pick up easy wins.

  35. Dear Admin,

    I purchased Forex Fury today, As I am new to this software hope for a guidelines from you.


  36. i want to ask the people used this ea forexfury. how the result using TP 10 pips and TP 20 pips ?

    • Hi Hery, I’ve never given that a shot but I can set it up and let you know how it goes.

      There are free unlimited demos with any license so I run about 10 copies.

  37. I’ve been using your strategy Ralph and it’s working really well for me.

    I’ve been testing a couple other settings changes too with quite a bit of success. If it continues to go well I’ll share my secret sauce πŸ™‚

  38. I’ve been testing some new low risk settings going TP 5 SL 5 and it’s been working very well for me. I have no drawdown and I’m up 45% in 4 weeks.

    I definitely recommend it.

  39. I’m really happy to see that Brexit didn’t hurt Fury.

    It makes me believe even more in the software to see it handle such horrendous market conditions so admirably.

  40. Hi admin, Base on your advised i’m now using Thinkfofex for my fury.. Would you be so kind to advise the time setting?

  41. Does anyone knows Fury can works 2 brokers at the same time ?
    I bought 1 live account License !!

  42. Just put my Steam results in the Steam review, going very well.

    Now, time for my Fury results, equally as impressive.

    See here:

    Great robots.

  43. Hi admin and fellow traders,

    I bought both Fury and Steam and so far they are both profitable,
    Does anyone have a plans to shut down the EA lead up to and after Brexit vote? Thanks in advance.

  44. First Steam, now Fury. I’m happy I bought them both.

    I have an undefeated month going with Fury, you can see my results here:

    I couldn’t even fit all the wins in one image.

  45. Vinnie Salcedo

    Did anyone have new trades this week?

  46. Ridwan Ibrahim

    Hi Admin,

    Could you kindly recommend me which are the best brokers that I can use to run this Forex Fury with good results thanks.

  47. Big week for fury 20 wins and a bundle of pips! πŸ™‚

  48. I finally got it working :). Does anybody here adjust the take profit to more than 5 pips with success like say 10 pips and how many max orders do you have it adjusted at once. Just want to know if there are any specifications to make it even more profitable.

    • Hi Blake, glad to hear you got it working. I prefer the default settings but you have unlimited demo accounts so why not try some different options.

  49. Really enjoying this robot so far.

    I’ve been using it for two months and have yet to have my first loss.

    I’m very happy with it.

  50. Not trying to be negative or bash fury because it worked good in the past. Just want to know how things stack up now because I just see mixed reviews with different settings and everything. I have it set up on vps and it is flashing on the screen if I just watch it a minute or two. Don’t know why it didn’t trade today from 23:00-24:00 where I have the settings on.

  51. I heard there was a lot of market turmoil expected due to major data leaks and it was recommended that no one trades until it’s over.
    Is it safe to trade now?

  52. Fury is back on a major roll.

    Last week I made 40% and this week I’m on pace to do the same.

    Can’t wait for the next few months when Fury gets even stronger.

    • Daniel do you have any special presets you are running the robot on? Or is everything set on the preset settings? I heard there was something going on about changing the gmt + or -. Last question what vps service do you use? Thanks in advance.

  53. Was a slow week for me. Did anyone get any trades the last several days?

  54. Just had that excellent first 22 days of this month. I didn’t lose a single trade and doubled my account. Normally I’m a little more cautious but I really believe in this strategy so I went live right away and I’m very happy that I did.

  55. Hi Admin,

    I thought of getting Forex Fury but need to know regarding question that I have.
    Does this ea run on cent account only or both standard and cent account.

    What is the best lot size to open with capital 300 USD.
    What are best pairs to trade with Forex Fury thanks.

    • Hi Ridwan, you can run the EA on all account types. I recommend using the built in money management to set the lot size for you. GBPUSD is the best pair.

  56. It looks like Forex fury has had a slow couple of weeks but I’ve been looking at the charts all week and I predict that next week is going to go very well. So, if you are using fury make sure you have it running next week because the market conditions are going to be perfect for some easy wins.

    Fury is my favorite trading system and I recommend it to everyone.

  57. Hi Admin,
    If my broker is ThinkF, what should the STT and ETT be. Would it change because of daylight savings time. Thanks.

  58. Ok, so my brokers GMT is 0 (finfx). Do i leave it at 23:00:00 – 23:59:00?
    Or do i change it to 20:00:00 – 20:59:00? (Like it says in the FAQ). This is the part that is confusing me.

    • Hi Rafal, the FAQ is very straight forward.

      Forex Broker GMT 0 means you set StartTradingTime to 20:00 and EndTradingTime to 20:59

      November 1 – April 1 add +1 to your normal GMT.

      So 21:00 – 21:59.

      • That’s so weird, cause for the last 5 months I’ve been on default settings (23:00-23:59) that came with the software. Does that mean I’ve been trading during the wrong time all along?

        • Yes, this is an easy change and is the only required setting change. Always read the manual before you start, with anything.

        • USA TimeZone change last night. I assume brokers based in USA will have a diff offset from GMT.
          It took me a while to get the GMT offset. I’m using There trades are taking place in London. London has zero offset. So the EA default is good for me.

          • Hi Admin,

            My Forex broker is GMT 0. If I set my clock to 21:00 – 21:59, and now that in the USA Eastern time have move 1 hour ahead, do I need to readjust the time in the EA again.


          • Hi Nick, your time plays no role, just your broker time so you won’t have to make any changes until the end of the month.

      • Wow, so this whole time i have had my setting at 22:00 because my broker is gmt +2. So you are saying that since november i should have changed it to start at 23:00 until April 1 then change it 22:00?

  59. What about the NFP week? Is your Fury turned on the entire week except Friday? Thanks.

  60. Do you guys recommend trading with this on Fridays, leaving positions open over the weekend?

  61. The Forex fury software is the smartest expert advisor I’ve ever used in my life. I’ve been using this software for 6 months and I’ve only had one losing month. That was December during the holidays and I should have listened to the support team because they told me not to trade over Christmas.

    In February I made over 50% in my $6000 account is now $21,450. I never thought of Forex robot investment would be this profitable but I’m glad that it is.

    I certainly recommend fury to any of the readers here and I’ve already bought a couple of copies for my family members.

  62. I still get confused with this GMT settings. My broker GMT is 0, so I should change time settings for Fury 21:00 – 21.59, is that right?

  63. How does it work? It haven’t trade anything since i bought it.

  64. I saw in a previous post that fury didnt do to well last month is it still earning 30% + per month?

  65. In faqs section, the best trading time is between 20:00 to 20:59 GMT.
    Now appeared a new condition, “November 1 – April 1 add +1 to your normal GMT”.
    This mean that from November to April we should change the trading time between 21:00 to 21:59 GMT ?

  66. admin, FF has been performing poorly this month so far. Do you know why? Cheers

  67. Hi admin,

    What is the minimum deposit for Forex Fury to start trading

  68. Dear Admin

    There’s no update for peter fxbook live for last week ? Account still need to close down ?

  69. I just recently purchased the EA. I’m using the default settings (with correct GMT of 20:00:00 – 20:59:00). I have no trades yet. I don’t see how the EA does well when trading only 1 hour per day? What am I missing?

  70. Fury is already winning for me in 2016.

    I think it’s time people start firing it up again! Let’s make some money.

  71. As a owner of ForexFury, and being an experimented trader, I think we have to adjust profit to 14 PIPS.

    I am making serious tests with that management, so don’t hesitate to ask me for my results.

    At the moment, 3 days with 15 pips TP, 3 winning days with total of 313 winning PIPS, so, next losing day will still be positive (should be 203 in loss with 29 pips x 7 orders per round.)

  72. I just purchased the Robot to use it in 2016 …I hope it meet the requirments and give good result for new year.

    Happy New Year All

  73. I’m going to test that on demo soon towards the 4th of january when the market is at the right conditions again. How much would you say Fury earns comfortably per month on average? I saw some post you made months ago that it earns about 70% would you still say that is the average amount and also what settings do you use to achieve this?

  74. Looks like Fury had a couple losses this week so I’m glad I followed their advice and shut it down for the holidays.

    I emailed them and they say that they are only running their acocunts during the holidays for their tests but you can see the live account by PeteFX was paused and so he’s still up big on his live account.

    Glad they told us to pause it until the new year.

    I told them they should shut it down too so their accounts don’t look bad haha.

  75. If I wanted to open up a trade by myself while I am running the robot will I still be able to? Say for instance I see a setup I really want to get into but still want the robot to do it’s job to help me also.

  76. 100 wins in a row with forex fury.

    I would suggest all forex fury users to shut down fury till 4 Jan as market can be uncertain in holiday times.

    Once again thank you Patrick for your recommendation. My last wish is now Binary defender being automated.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all forex robot nation community.

    Thank you

  77. Hello Admin,

    Forex Fury EA is doing great.

    I would like to share my live results in myfxbook.

    Here is my link:

    • The account started on 30/Oct/2015 and the gain so far is 60%. This is great.

      I have started with $2856 and the balance now is $4592 that is an increase of $1,736.

      My plan to add more funds and check the account after one year by 31/Dec/2016.

      Happy new year to all.


      • I would be careful around the holidays though Ibrahim, might want to shut it down for a couple weeks.

        • Hello Admin,

          I am planning to add more funds. I will test the EA in all market conditions. I think that the EA is so smart. It will only trades when the market conditions are meet to open the right trades. Of course, we will have loosing trades and this is normal. Overall, the EA winning rate will be very high and this is what counts to me and all traders. Year 2016 will be the best the year for me, no more searching for EA’s. Forex Fury is the EA I’ve been looking for . 92% winning rate, what else would you be looking for? Leave it running for one year and get your cash by end of each year. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Looks good Ibrahim! Thanks for this.

  78. what broker does the fury trade on and can we trade it any other time of day if we chose in the inputs and if so what other time of day would you recommend, and is there a way to lessen the sl if we are uncomfortable with the number of pips it loses with each trade

  79. The Forex Fury software deserves a 5/5 Rating.

    I am using this system every day and I’ve never used a better robot.

    I have taken my account from $1,000 to over $3,000.

    I’m at this point now I wish I invested more.

    Keep up the good work!

  80. No trades in three days. I must have something incorrect. Very frustrating.

  81. So Forex Fury is recommended to trade just one hour per day, correct? Is anyone leaving it on to trade 24 hours? Start time and end time equating to 24 hours daily? Or are you all trading just one hour as per recommendation? Thanks.

    • Sir you can let fury on vps for 24/5. The EA is designed in a way that it will trade during specific time. It’s perfectly designed.

      Just add your username in the EA and let it run.

      Thank you

    • Hi Jonny,
      If you try this, make sure you do it on a demo account first.I tried leaving it on through the Asian session (which is more prone to being a sideways market) in November for two weeks. The results: the first week was excellent and doubled the account in a week. In the second week the market started trending and almost wiped the account out! It would also be dangerous to leave it on during the London session and the first half of the New York session. You really need to monitor news events if you trade outside of the recommended time frame.

  82. My first week and it is 2-0, but that seems like very light trading. Just checking in to see if this is normal. One win Sunday evening, another on Monday evening and no trades on Tuesday.

  83. Hi, is anyone shutting their forex fury over the 5dec-5jan period? Thanks.

  84. Fury on fire at the moment. Up 500 $ in one week.

    Thank you Patrick for such help with this EA.

  85. Back to winning ways with Forex Fury.

    Good to see my account thriving and growing quickly again!

  86. Hello,
    is it possible to know if is a good broker for this system? I’ve learned in your videos you suggest the people to focus with brokers using low spread. is a broker using variable spreads; in the case the robot trade with GBP/USD, the spread is 2.8. Is that good? Not good? Important to know, before I start up the robot. If not, is it
    possible to give me an answer? Best regards,
    Verlinden Dirk

  87. What broker do you recommend to U.S. resident wanting to run Fury?

  88. Hello admin

    How fast or how frequently does ff update on their fx book

    I did not see any update of their last trade of Friday Nov 6 2015 trading.

    I’m using the same default setting as well.

    Kindly advise pls. We do receive the same trades right?


    • Hi Elroy, it updates every few minutes. It says so on the left side of myfxbook the last time it updated. Yes you receive the same trades, they have a live account from one of their clients available on their site.

    • Hi Errol,

      The live account that Patrick speaks of is mine. This is only one of four (4) Forex Fury licences that I own.

      My initial investment was $A11,000 spread over two accounts and have tripled both in three months.

      I have been in the business for around 10 years and this is the best thing since sliced bread

      Patrick has done a fantastic job of alerting us all to the Forex Fury and I would ask anyone reading this post that you offer some recognition for his diligence and commitment!

      Cheers, Pete

      • Thanks Pete, I really appreciate that. I recommend a December holiday shut down, something like Dec 10th to January 5th. Just to play it safe.

        • Admin,

          I’m very new to this and experimenting with a demo account with FF. Please excuse me if my questions sound ridiculous.
          1. How does one shut down the trading for the time period mentioned for a live account?
          2. Can one actually see FF do the trading for you on the MT4 platform? If so, how?
          3. Between what hours does FF trade. Is it EST?

          Thank you,

          • 1. Not sure what this means, try spending time in the members area. 2. Yes at the bottom of the screen, open the terminal. 3. 4-5pn EST is when it opens trades.

      • Hi Pete,

        Regarding the trading results you’ve experienced across your investment allocations over past few months, are you using Forex Fury’s default settings on all of your accounts or have you made tweaks to the settings given your experience/expertise?

        If you made tweaks, would you mind sharing, so I can compare them to mine and possibly optimize my settings if necessary?

        Thanks in advance.


        • Hi Elisha,

          Yes I have been using the default settings. If the system works then why fiddle? The only difference is I have one Pro account and at this stage the standard account is ahead but not by much.


          • Hi pete

            May you share which good broker are you on and also do you trade on Friday?

            Thanks and good weekend

        • Hi all

          I have reviewed all the trades from 24 th june till november 11th (about 65 trades) and my conclusion after a lot of analysing: when use a SL of 29 pips and a TP of 20 pips the results would be 110% (more than twice) be better than the standard settings of SL 29 and TP 5. So i give it a try on a cent account for the coming months….

          Other people who want to share their settings?

          I’m curious!


          • Hi Ronald,

            Have set up demo with TP +10. First trade lost but interested to see how it goes in the long term. Thanks for sharing your idea!


    • Hi Elroy,

      I use Think Forex. It seems to work well with this system and their service is good, but as Patrick says any tight spread broker will do. Best to use a VPS. Yes I trade on Fridays. Initially I was nervous but it seems to work out OK. Forex Fury does have loosing trades but this is part of the strategy and it is still a very profitable EA.

      Cheers, Pete

  89. Hi, i use this bot few weeks now, doing well, but what i wonder myself: the R ratio of this bot is little risky in my opinion, standardsettings are SL 29 and TP 5. I wonder: what if i set the TP to for example 10 instead of 5 pips? It’s still a ‘small’ profit but increase my RiskReward ratio twice…


    • Hi Ronald, you can try it on demo but they have tested their settings fully so you don’t have to.

    • Hi Ronald,
      I wouldn’t change your TP to 10. Maybe review your last few winning trades and see if the market even moves 10 pips at that time of day….you may just be increasing your chance of loosing instead. I had thought about reducing my SL but after reviewing my trades I have decided to leave the TP and SL as is.

  90. I also noticed on the fury website that the live account and demo accounts are not trading at the same time. Demo starts at 23:00 and the live account starts at 22:00 and they are using the same broker. The live switched from 23:00 to 22:00 right after dst. I just want to know which one is correct because they are not consistent and produce different results. Is the time supposed to always remain one hour before the new york close or does it matter cuz dst does have an effect. Thx.

  91. Hi, I am wondering do I need a VPS to run Forex Fury EA? If I have only MT4 on my iphone, would that work without a VPS?

  92. How much is the minimum investment to get the robot working?

  93. I have been using Forex Fury’s default settings for the past three weeks and have been experiencing consistent, profitable trading results overall with GBP/USD. However, there have been no trading activity on my account for the last three days (10/26-10/28), which seems odd given that I didn’t change the settings. Anyone else who is also using the default settings for GBP/USD, have you experienced the same these past few days??

    • No I use default settings and fury traded on the 26 and 28 closed this trade long on 29 I Trade similar to the demos Are you trading on a VPS maybe your internet?

      • Hey Pienaar, are you from South Africa? What has your experience with FF been? Would you recommend?

        • Josh Yes I am from SA I’m using FF now for 1.5 months, the first I profit by 38% and this month I am so far at 15% profit. Its early to say yes but I am very happy with my progress so far. What I can say look at FF history in their demos. Hope this will help you. Pienaar

    • Hi Elisha. Does this product really work? How often does it trade for you?

      • Mark,

        Forex Fury does work and has been profitable for me. I’m not sure why this week (10/26-10/29) I didn’t receive any trading activity, but this is definitely not to say Forex Fury is unsuccessful. I’m in the process of troubleshooting my settings with Forex Fury’s team to see why I’m experiencing this on my end and I’ll post my conclusion(s) going forward.

        To confirm though, Forex Fury is legit and profitable.

        • Hi Elisha, probably just a slow week, I wouldn’t worry about it already.

          • Yea, I’m not worrying – too early for all that πŸ˜‰

            I just wanted to ensure everything was functioning as it should, that’s all.

            We’ll see how this week pans out.

          • Hi Patrick,

            Sorry for the delay but here is MyFXbook as requested. This is my Pro Account with ThinkForex and as I said It does better than a standard account on occasions and is definitely worth considering. They gave me $A500 to join up as long as I traded 200 units in a month (no probs) and also get free VPS. Their service is good too.


            Many thanks for your recommendation on ForexFury, its an absolute winner.

            Cheers Pete

          • Thanks Pete! Results look great.

        • Hi Elisha.
          Last saturday we in Denmark took time 1 hour back because of winter.
          I also changed forex fury 1 hour back atleast until US change back to wintertime. In last week I got 4 trades all winners. So if I am correct about time that could be a reason for you.?

          • Hello Peter,

            I live in the same time zone as you, Belgium, and had the same problem as above, no trades at all last week! What trading time do you use now? You changed it to 22h00-22h59??? in stead of 23h00-23h59???
            Thank you

          • It’s not about your time zone, it only matters what your brokers GMT is. If you don’t have trades they have easy fixes for this in the FAQ that take under 5 minutes.

          • Hi Peter,

            Your reasoning could be a possibility.

            Recently, I did find out my broker’s (PaxForex) server time is GMT +2, so according to Forex Fury’s recommendation, I changed the default “Start Trading Time” setting of 23:00 to 22:00 in order to trade in sync (hopefully) with my broker.

            Overall, I’ll see how this week goes.

    • Hi Elisha, Are you using Think Forex as your broker? I am using a different broker and find that sometimes there will be a day where my account doesn’t trade when the live account does and vice versa. They do mention on the Forex Fury website that using a different broker may cause small differences. Overall I’m still achieving a 90-93% monthly win rate since starting in August and am happy. If the monthly win rate stats to drop off I may consider changing brokers.

      • hi Linda. you are right. for example i had 5 trades (all wins) yesterday(1st nov, 2015) on my live account. but on my demo account using fin-fx mt4, there was no trade.

      • Hi Linda,

        I’m using PaxForex, which was recommended to me as I’m a U.S. citizen. Different brokers can definitely bring about trading variances, and overall, my trading results (after 22 days) has been profitable with PaxForex. Although I was somewhat concerned with the lack of trading activity all last week, it’s too early, so I’m not going worry about it. I’ll just see how things go this week and proceed accordingly from there.

  94. Hello Escoba, please be kind enough to share your settings

  95. Hi
    can someone tell me what time does the new 3K account trade from it is not the recommended time we see in the members area. Right now in Denmark its 07.20 PM and the 3K account have allready traded today the 27 oct. .??

  96. forex fury is indeed good. after 1week of demo testing with $100, i got these: 7 trades (5 loses and 2 wins). i got those results using their default settings. but after i tested some more settings, i had 21 trades (all 21 wins). so guys test different settings to know the one that suit you. so from 26th 0ct, i will go on live trading. happy trading guys.

  97. Hi

    Any other good pairs / setting you guys tested on with fury beside GBP/USD ? Is it recommended to up the TP ( like 5 to 7 ) ?

    • Hi GD, I just focus on the GBPUSD, does great for me with defaults.

    • Yes, i have been testing it with eurusd and have just as good results as the gbp using exact same default settings. However it did have a losing day today but it was bound to happen since it has not had a loser in about a month. I am thinking about adding the eur usdto my live account as well.

      • Sounds good Tracy, what broker do you trade with?

        • I was testing the EUR/USD on a demo with Tallinex using the Pro account since it has lower spreads, but does charge a commission. I am running the GBP/usd on my live account which is FXCM but I am paying commissions. I have gotten good results but I am trying to find a broker with low spreads that does not charge a commission since commissions are eating up 15% of my ROI. Ideally, I would like a broker with low spreads/no commissions, at least 200:1 leverage and allows hedging for U.S. clients but I don’t know if any exist anymore with all the b.s. rules they have on forex these days. If anyone knows of one please let me know because Fury would kick even more ass on such a broker. Thanks.

          • Hello Tracy,
            try to test a demo account with This is also a good broker with variable spreads. For example, in our case,
            where the robot make trades with GPB/USD pair, the spread is
            2.8 pips. And you don’t pay any commissions. I don’t know how many brokers I searched for my activities, but
            was the best in my opinion. So Tracy, try the demo, and you’ll
            see; next week, the sky has anymore limits for you!!!
            Dirk V.

  98. Forex Fury is the best.

    I set this up 3 months ago and I’ve bought 4 licenses since. I’ve never seen a robot this smart.

    I trust it fully.

  99. Hi Patrick,
    What kind of controls are in place in forex furey to prevent blowing your bank?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi John, money management, stop loss, an impressive strategy. It’s not a worry of mine at all.

    • Hi John
      It also a concern for me, but if you look back at the trade history forex fury wins much more than it loses so your account should grow in positive direction, but I put my trade off before Friday trading because if trade doesn’t close before closing when open on Monday it can jump into opposite direction and lose

      • Yes John, I’m thinking of doing the same as it seems pretty risky.
        Just wondering the consensus out there on turning it off on Fridays.

        Cheers Pete

        • Pienaar and Pete,

          Thanks for that, it is very helpful!
          On the flip side, do you notice that you have achieved lower growth in your account than the Myfxbook account because you turn it off on Fridays?
          How long is your Fury account live?

          All the best,


          • I trade 3 Fridays and every time not closing on Friday but when trading resume on after weekend I was always a winner. But this is a risk.

          • Hi John,
            Just leave it on over the weekend. This EA is designed to be set and forget. It gets even better if you have a Pro account.
            I have a Pro account with ThinkFx in Australia which is very responsive and they also gave me $500 in my trading account as a bonus. I ended up putting $11000.00 in the account since July and I have doubled my money even with losses of $7200.00 a couple of times. I have tried around eight platforms and ThinkForex Pro is the best I have found so far. It out performs the ForexFury 5K account you see on the Forex fury website.

          • Can you put the account on myfxbook for me to take a look at Pete, I’d really appreciate that.

  100. I want to get a good forex product and I am wondering, between forex fury and forex steam, which is the most profitable?

  101. I found out that by testing others pairs such as USDCAD, USDJPY, EURUSD and USDCHF (default settings) have been profitable over last few days, with Thinkforex. Will continuing and see long-term result.

  102. This thing is a monster. Initial deposit of 21,000 is now at 46,869. Roughly 93.5% return in a month. 206 winning trades out of 213. Personal settings and other pairs used. I just hope this keeps going and the developers make updates every now and then for more parameters. So far, I’m a happy camper.

  103. Hi Patrick,

    In a previous reply you mentioned that the large drawdown on Fury during the July Greek crisis could have easily been avoided by turning off the software, which is a very good point. It would be fantastic if users could get alerts/advice to this effect when future major market turmoil events take place. Is this potentially achievable do you think?

    Thanks, as always,

  104. Hi,
    do I need a live account in MT4 PLUS a live account of the forex broker to trade with real money? I have now a a demo acount in MT4 and and a demo account of my forex broker. What I have to change to trade with real money?

  105. haii admin, today im about confused. My ea only open 1 trade only, but when i check on fury 5k demo, its open 7 trade. when i lookout at expert tab, everything ok. is it because the vps?
    thank you..

  106. Hello, i was just wondering if anyone knows of a broker that accepts US clients but also does not charge a commission and has low spreads and at least 200:1 leverage? Fury is doing great but I am losing 15% of my profits on commissions because that is the only way i can keep my spreads low enough for Fury to work well. I could be doing a lot better without having to pay commissions. Thx.

  107. Hi Admin !
    I notice that in the web page of forex fury they show 3 deferents downloadable Settings wish are you using in your real account ?

  108. Dear Admin

    What does Risk % of 20 means ? if i wan to increase some lots size , do i change the 20 to 30% ?


  109. Hello again, i just wanted to say that i have also been demo testing fury on the eurusd pair with good results for about a month now. Had a couple of losing days early on but has since made up for all the losses and then some. Up about $500 on a 3k demo account. I used the exact settings as the gbpusd on my live account and same time settings too. So now I’m thinking about demo testing on all the other majors with low spreads since this ea really relies on low spreads. So, my question is, if the gbpusd time setting is one hour before the ny close, would it make sense to trade the usdjpy pair with the time setting an hour before the tokyo session close and the same with audusd pair time setting an hour before the sydney close? I am trying to configure the time setting for all the majors and want to stick with only a one hour window. Can someone please give me the gmt hour time settings for all major pairs relative to the sessions for those pairs, one hour before their close like the gbp. And please make it comparitive so if my setting for the gbpusd pair is 20:00 to 20:59 what would my time settings be for the other sessions? Something like 12:00 for the jpy pairs for example. I am going to try and figure it out myself but it would be nice to be able and compare what other people think those time settings would be so i don’t waste my time demo testing the wrong times with other pairs. Any help would be nice and then i can report back my results to everyone. Thanks.

    • Hey, I also found that it works very well with EUR/USD about a week ago.. I’ve tried it with USD/JPY and it’s a big NO. So far I’ve been running this for about 2 weeks on EUR/USD and GBP/USD and so far so good. There will be losses, but the profit definitely outweighs them.

  110. Fury is on fire the last 30 days! Just wanted to check with the admin on the last 30 days from aug. 13 to today. I only had one losing set of trades on aug. 24. Other than that, all winning trades!Did you experience the same? With that in mind, this system has to have a high winning % since it takes 6 winning sequences to make up for one losing sequence and some months are better than others, would you agree?

  111. just purchase the robot and vps. please how do I upload my mt4 and robot to vps

  112. hi, I tried purchasing fury but when I tried cashing out through paypal but got this message: We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid.

    If you have not received notification within 24 hours, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

    For reference, your order id is 3D2UAEZ-A8HWZX.

    Please do you valid link I can use to buy

  113. Hi if I load up three charts with this software on and run all the setting they provide on there website will this work or can it only trade one chart at a time?


  114. Hi if your broker time is GMT what off set time would this be for UK?

  115. HI,
    Can forex fury be used with any forex broker?
    Because i’m thinking to open an account with Avatrade.

  116. Hi Patrick,
    I notice that there was a drawdown of circa 30% in Forex Fury in July due to Greece, etc. Are there bank protection mechanisms built into the software or is it conceivable that one could get wiped out, for example if the Greek crisis had continued for another few months. There is always going to be a new crisis, many unanticipated and indeed acts of god disasters, nine eleven, you name it, so is it realistic to expect FF to deal with all of that?
    Thanks again for your help,
    Kind regards,

    • Hi John, it is realistic that it will be able to handle these issues. The Greece crisis is the first thing that happened of this nature in years, and it easily could have been avoided by simply turning the software off. The only reason they didn’t is because they just released the system. It’s easy to avoid these issues.

  117. Hi: If I’m running Forex Fury on a $100 balance should I decrease the rick from 20% to 2%?

  118. Hi, i have just purchased Forex Fury via your link. I’m just wondering is there a chance that if more and more people trade with products like this and earn serious profits via compounding, etc, that brokers could conceivably ban the practice of auto trading with E.A’s?

    • Hi John, Fury hides the TP and SL from the broker so it doesn’t look like an auto trader. That aside, there are more bad robots than good robots so its conceivable that only 5-10% of automated traders are successful.

      • Ah cheers Patrick for that. I am thinking of using Thinkforex – in your experience, do brokers like that limit successful accounts,such as accounts that are winning €250K to €300K plus per annum? Thanks for your help, John.

      • Hello admin, For how long did you use the forex fury that made use over $12000?

        • Hi, been using it around two months now.

          • Hello Admin !!! , I Have been reading lots of sites that reviews Robots and yours its the best ! i have bought forex Steam V9 thanks to your review and after 4 weeks of demo testing it has know other 4 weeks in my real account with good results . now i i’m thinking to invest in forex fury to adit to my porfafolio of EAs. can yo tell us wish other robot do you use in you real accounts ?

          • Hi, those are the only two Forex systems right now.

  119. May i know what best chart do i pull out from mt4 that i apply the EA on ? which fx charts to use ?
    with a funding of 300, what lot size recommended to input ? the rest of the setting is by default ?

    • Hi Darren,

      GBPUSD M15 chart. As for lot size you can just use risk and have the EA determine the lot size for you. I generally recommend starting on demo for a week so that you can understand how it works for your account size.

  120. What’s the approx % return last few months for fury?

  121. It was amazing yesterday!! I have won the 16 trades within an hour!! It is great !! Thanks fury and admin as well !!

  122. Hi Admin,

    I would like to compare my results with the results Forex Fury are getting i.e.. trades times/price/number of trades. I read somewhere on your blog that this can be done. Could you let me know how to do this?


  123. Thanks for all you recommendations Admin, I’ve been able to pay off all the systems you recommend within the first week of using them.

    It’s been all profit since, thanks again, sincerely.

  124. I purchased Forex Fury and it is not making any trades. You recommend increasing the spread but what should it be increased to? I am running it on PaxForex account. What is an acceptable spread to set it at and still be profitable?

    • Hi Jim, Try increasing it to 5 or 6. Keep in mind as you can see in the results here no trades in last two days, software has avoided the bad conditions successfully.

  125. Fury is on fire the last 30 days! Just wanted to check with the admin on the last 30 days from aug. 13 to today. I only had one losing set of trades on aug. 24. Other than that, all winning trades!Did you experience the same?

  126. Does anyone else having this issue? Im currently running fury on default setting but it only providing me with a max of three transaction. Once it closes, it provides me with a max of three transaction again. The EA is set at max 7 trades but it only provides 3. I’ve notice some traders are getting 7 trades. Is it because of account balance? or is it something else? Btw this is a awesome product, well worth the investment!

  127. Hi I purchased fury a three weeks ago but my trades only been 9 so far I’m puzzled on why it has not made a trade in two in a half weeks?

  128. I’m considering either Forex Fury or Forex Steam, but which one is the best and deliver most profit in average? I can also mention that i have no experience with Forex, so i am a beginner. I have thought about starting with $500 to trade with.

  129. Hi Admin,
    Can 1 license be use with more then 1 broker?

  130. Not knowing much about Forex at all I was scared to try Fury.

    Now I’m up 100% on my original deposit and I have to give my recommendation.

    If you aren’t sure, don’t worry, Fury is the best.

  131. I started fury today , hope it goes well !

  132. I just recently bought forex fury, followed the instructions and (I believe) installed it successfully.. I just noticed on the top right of the chart (GBP/USD, M15), there’s a frowning emoticon beside “Forex Fury”, am I doing anything wrong? I’m using the default settings btw.

    I’m really hoping to get the best out of this EA just like the others that have commented here.

    Thanks and best regards

    • Hi Escobar, you missed a step. You should go through the members area video or right click on the chart, go to expert advisors then properties, click common and allow live trading.

  133. Trying to understand risk settings better. Is pretty much everyone running it at 20% per cycle? Just bought it today and got it installed on my VPS

    • Also have to add. Does that setting mean that up to 20% of balance is at risk any given day? What settings are most people using? Like Ray, Will and others that have used it for a while now. Also saw that some had days with 28 trades. Thought it was supposed to be 5 to 10. And does it use fixed lot size when run a the percentage per cycle risk setting?

      • Hi Thomas, if it takes the original 7 trades and wins them all quickly it will often open more if the market is suitable during the entry time.

        • Whats the performance difference based on these three settings? And I assume I am right that it only trades the hour before NY close? Been watching it now for about a day on my VPS and every so often the EA disappears and the message to close chart pops up for a split second. Is that normal?

          • Hi Thomas, the risk will increase and decrease the lot size using money management to effectively increase the size of trades as the account grows. This blinking of the EA print out on your chart is not an issue. You are correct.

          • Awesome. Thanks for the quick replies. Last thing on my mind is the trading hours. As it looks like the only hour traded is the hour prior to NY close. Is anyone having the EA turned on on Friday?

          • Yes, I leave it on Friday, I’ve never had any issues but I could see why it would be smart to turn Fridays off so it doesn’t drag trades over the weekend.

    • I run on 5, 10 and 20%.

  134. Dear admin,

    Do you think the market is calm now, and it is good time to resume trading with Forex Fury EA? Pls share your experience. Tks

  135. Forex Fury went on an amazing winning streak for me yesterday putting together 28 wins in less than an hour. I’m extremely pleased with the purchase.

  136. Is anybody here from Europe using fury? If so, which EU broker is good to use with fury?

  137. Hi Will,

    Which broker are you using with such great results? I want to use that broker to copy trades into my broker to have same success. Thanks for your advice

  138. Big week for Forex Fury, it’s getting in and out of trades real fast, just the way I like it.

    My latest results: (image link)

    I’ll post more next week.

  139. hello, is there only certain pairs it goes after? If so could you tell what they are. I see it mentions it was perfected for GBP/USD. Im trying to decide which broker would be best based on spreads, and they vary based on pairs as you know. So just doing some research, any help would be great.

  140. I’ve bought forex fury about a 2 weeks ago, and for some reason i have got any trades for a while. Am i the only one not getting any trades?

  141. is MB Trader a reputable company? or does anyone else have any advise on a good broker for this system?

    • Hi AJ, can’t say I’ve ever used them, sorry I can’t be of more help. As for a broker, just any reputable Forex broker with a low spread will do great.

  142. After a wonderful 3 months with Steam I decided to give Forex Fury a shot and I’m very happy with the results on my demo accounts.

    I am going to go live with a $500 account next week and really see if I can win big.

    Wish me luck.

  143. admin, I currently use’s forex pro trader platform – as I have many years ago and I just recently dove back into day trading. Will this forex fury work with that? Would you recommend the best possible set up for use with forex fury? Broker – Platform – ……also does this scalp the market quickly? is there an average pip size it takes before exiting a trade? Any info would be great. Ive been sitting on your site for almost 2 hours now, loads of info, thanks alot

    • Hi Ricky, as long as you use’s MT4 platform you can use this software. I think that’s what your asking. Yes it scalps very well.

      • Yea kinda, I meant ive previously used Forex.coms trading platform called ForexTRADER…They also offer meta trader but I have never used it. Also if you take a look at this link ( ) would you say as a broker has a spread that would be ideal for using FOREXFury? Or would Someone like PayForex be best?

  144. Had a very impressive month with Fury.

    I’ve had a whole bunch of wins in a row, see here:

    Ever since the market settled after Greece I’ve noticed Fury is right back on track.

  145. Folks, Forex Fury is the real deal, believe me. the trades are totally logical and totally winners. i do have a concern though about the risk/reward ratio and i’m testing to find a more equitable balance, but it is good as it is because the trades are so logical and accurate.

  146. Forex Fury is really going well now.

    I have 23 straight wins.

    I expect a flawless week here to grow my accounts.

  147. I follow the Forex Fury live acc. Is this account still active because no trades took place since last week.

    • Still active just took a few days off for Greece News, they recommended this in the members area as well, they are on top of everything, it’s impressive.

  148. Looks like the market is starting to settle, perfect time to get some easy pips with Fury.

    I’m loading it back up today and can’t wait for the pips to pour in.

    My favorite robot right now, hands down.

  149. Hi admin,

    I would like to know if I use the VPS Provider recommended from forexfury’s website, how many MT4 platforms can I install and use at the same time? Please kindly advise. Thanks.



    • Hi Han, just install and run a few, you can test this yourself. Let us know how it goes. You can right click on the Windows task bar and click task manager, it will show you how much of your resources are being used.

  150. This is not a good time for trading

  151. My first trade with Forex Fury is profit. however the default setting for Starttradingtime and Endtradingtime is only for 1 hour of trade.. can i modify it to 5-10 hours of trade? does it effect with my broker GMT. Im using XM which is GMT+2

  152. I’ve noticed Forex Fury was having some trouble with Greece News, it looks like it’s starting to bounce back quickly as I expected.

    This strategy is very smart, and is incredible in ranging markets. I’m looking for a ranging market indicator, if I can add this in manually since the trades happen during the same hour every day I can easily stop potential losers.

    If anyone has one for me to use, let me know.

  153. I bought ForexFury after installation I receive pop up text that says access is denied and then I click OK and the text comes back.
    What is going on? Any help?
    Thank you

  154. Hi,

    I just wonder that for the Thinkforex account, what’s the account type? I have a thinkforex classic account and today ran at two losses while on the forex fury’s myfxbook account, it shows five wins. Any ideas please?

  155. HI admin,

    Can we use forex fxury with same broker as forex steam, if yes do we need to add additional fund on the broker?

  156. I purchased Forex Fury 6/3015 with high expectations. I have tried it with 2 different demo accounts ParaForex and Oanda. I am using Oanda because I want to use a US broker. As of 6/30/15, I have not had one trade. I know there has been enough price movement to have one trade generated by Forex Fury. I know I have install it correctly. There is the Forex Fury smiley face and Forex Fury parameter list – Forex Fury Active on the 15-min GBPUSA chart. Is any one getting any trades with Forex Fury? Am I using the wrong broker? Admin will you respond?

  157. Dear Admin.. i seen the myfxbook on all the Forex Fury Live System,Forex Fury Demo and Forex Fury PatrickFX it seems that most of the trade in this month are lost.. is it bad to trade this time of month?? im planning to purchase the FOrex Fury by today and use it. is it okay to trade with Forex Fury for this month??

    • Hi Matin, the software is still strong. Greece news has been impacting Fury negatively but I believe in the strategy and know it will recover.

  158. Fury seems to be set by default to trade for the last hour. Would it be wise to adjust this to the last two hours to try and get more trades running?

  159. Hi admin,I tried to check more reviews about Forex Fury from real users outside from here but couldn’t find any,do you have any idea why?Can’t find find any review positive or bad in any forex forums.

  160. Forex Fury Live account robot did not enter any trades on Friday 03 July at the expected start time. That was a good decision and shows how cleverly it has been programmed.

  161. Hi, I would like to inquire whether an ECN account of $300 and Leverage of 1:200 can be be traded with Forex Fury EA, and what Lot size should I place?

  162. First night, not so good, second night the damage is nearly repaired.

    • Yea, the Greece news made the markets quite erratic the day of the losses, good to see the system come back with a bunch of wins.

      • What are your thoughts on the PatrickFX settings, they seem high reward with the odd exrtreme loss. I’m on the default at the moment. Is there much difference between the default and live settings if any?


      • Interesting to see how the system recovers after the big losses of Thursday, do you think it will Admin?

  163. Admin, can you give me the myfxbook link of this forexfury ea so i can check the results myself.

  164. Hi. I purchased Forex Fury and with some help from their support team (thanks again!) I now have it loaded and running. No trades today so far, but in looking at the trade history on Myfxbook, I was wondering why the program takes 6 or more trades at the exact same time? Would it also run on EUR/USD? Has that been tested and can you tell me what the performance was, if so? Thanks.

  165. Hi, I’m running ForexFury with Finfx on a demo account but I’m not sure about the GMT offset. I contacted them twice and each time I got a different answer. The first time I was told they are GMT +3 and the second time that they are GMT0. Anyone got any ideas?

  166. Hi,

    I want to purchase Forex Fury & put it on VPS. So how much Vps will cost me & can i also lOad Forex Steam on the same VPS ?

  167. I set it up last week, took me about 5 minutes and had trades the first day.

    A couple of my friends bought it too and they’ve had no problems.

    Nothing but wins as well πŸ™‚

    • Good to hear, it really is an easy setup. If anyone has troubles, email support and get them to connect to your computer free. Make sure to have some patience though.

  168. After doing everything they asked me to do, the software is still not placing any trade. I have removed every other EAs, reinstall the MT4, increased spread and everything, upon all the EA is not working but shows approved and authenticated. What else can I do. My broker is Instaforex.
    Admin please what broker allow speedy withdrawal that you know works well with this EA.
    I need help.

    • Just like I said to the last guy Gabriel, have some patience. There were no trades yesterday. I’m sure since you followed their advice it’s setup correctly now.

  169. Hi all,

    Yesterday was a great day for Forex Fury ea when market price was down on gbpusd, and forex fury ea could close all trades for around 40 pips profit per trade.

    But yesterday night, there was no trade at all ? I wonder why there was no trade yesterday evening, while we expect to have trades everyday if we set trading on everyday is TRUE.

    Anybody got trades from Forex fury ea yesterday evening, June 30, 2015? Please share results. Thanks

    To MAFHU: The results you posted on trading EURUSD is great. Is it from STEAM EA? If yes, which version are you using now? Can you share the settings you are using? Thanks.

    What is the max drawdown of Forex Steam EA? I am planning to buy Forex Steam ea after I can make some good profits from Forex Fury ea first. I hope next month, I will be buying Forex Steam EA.



    • Hi Han, have some patience, the software trades a lot but you can see in their results they have days off too. This is a good thing, it means there is a real strategy.

  170. what is the best setting of fury ea on a $100 account ?

  171. I’m very satisfied with Forex Fury, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    My results:

    I started just last week and I am undefeated. I have never seen this type of strategy before and I have high hopes that Fury will remain atop this market for a long time.

    Also, I have to give a mention to their support staff. They really went above and beyond helping me get started.

  172. When does your Forex Fury Launch Coupon expire?

  173. hi admin.
    it is a good robot in the whole week I’ve done a plus 120 pip.
    I think that he will bring not bad profits

  174. Hello admin

    Can I send you a personal message? How?

  175. Quick question, has anyone ever noticed on the status screen on the chart that everything looks fine like it should be working and everything is verified and then for a split second that text goes away on the chart (top left on the chart) and some text pops up that says access is denied and then immediately goes away and the regular text comes back. What does that mean? And yes, my account is verified and everything is set up exactly per the video. I started using the ea last week and got no trades. However i noticed my brokers spread for the gbpusd is around 3 or 4 so it’s too high. I need to go to a pro account to get my spreads lower but just wondering why the status text is doing that or if anyone else has noticed that or if it’s normal? Thx.

  176. Can we change or modify SL, TP, TS & max open trade on Input tab ?

  177. My own copy is not working till now, no trade placed, bought since Monday. Please help

    • Gabriel, try to turn off money management, turn off any other EA’s you have running in the same MT4.

    • I have a mini PaxForex account with a little over $100 and had the same results with various recommended settings. Forex Fury support recommended a minimum of $300 when inquiring about minimum deposit to trade with FF. I trust the reviews on this site, so I know the EA works.

  178. Hi Pat,

    I am definately getting a copy today. Just a quick question. Does it trade during bank holidays?



  179. Does Forex Fury work only with GBPUSD? Is it possible to use it with other pairs? If yes what are the results?

  180. Hey, i saw on Forexfury’s website a notice saying that there is a limited number of systems available. do they have a quota on how many systems they are selling?

    i’m planning on buying a copy in the next two weeks.

  181. Hi,

    How is it working for you so far?



  182. standard or ecn account, which will produce the best results?

  183. After installing Forex Fury on a specific account, can i then take it from that account and install it on another with another broker?

    Also, does Fury and Steam have built-in money management systems, meaning do they automatically adjust lot sizes according to account balances.

    • Hi Bert,

      Yes you can. When you stop using an account the software can tell and will free up the license. Demo accounts you can use unlimited of course.

      There is built in money management yes.

  184. I may sound greedy with my question, but I would like know in how many days can someone expect to double his deposit using the default settings of Forex Fury.

  185. I would like to know about forex fury. Do I have to leave my computer on when I go to work and am
    not at home.

  186. Hi

    yesterday I bought forex fury.

    In 2 dayes it have taken 14 trades all was winner.
    Bad thing is its on demo, but soon I hope to have the courage to go live with it


  187. Hi,

    What percentage monthly growth can I expect with the EA and do you think it will be successful in years to come despite changing market conditions?



    • Hi Desmond, looking at 40% monthly growth on the live account so I expect it to be there moving forward. The strategy worked for the last 15 years, I believe in it.

  188. Hi admin,am just new on trading.Have some couple of questions about Forex Fury:

    1. If I have an MT4 already installed in the computer,do I need to install another one for this software?

    2. Do we need to open our MT4 24/7 5 days a week to trade?

    3. By using Forex Fury-do we need to manually place a trade or this is an auto trade?

    4. Can the signals be used in Binary options trading?

    • Hi Bill, nice to hear from you, sorry for the delay, trying to work less on weekends. You don’t have to install a new MT4. I recommend leaving it open 24/5, it’s an auto trader, the trades aren’t for binary options.

      • Thanks admin.

        I am on the process of changing my STP currency to Paypal-just waiting to be be cleared then gonna purchase this.Just some additional questions,
        will you help me or us how to set it up in the VPS (step by step instructions will be appreciated)-will get VPS under your link of course.

  189. Hi,

    What is the minimum deposit with which i can start with this EA Forex Fury & what best deposit to start with ?

  190. Hi Patrick

    Can Forex Fury and Forex Steam run together on the same mt4 account?
    If yes, would you recommend doing that?

  191. Dear admin,

    I followed your advice, and bought it yesterday. I got 6 trades Sell on gbpusd and all 6 were WINNERS.

    I checked results with their Myfxbook and can confirm that the entry price and closing price were same. Of course, a small slippage due to different broker.

    One thing I wish to ask Admin: Are you sure that the Stop loss are hard-coded, but it is just hidden to avoid bad brokers? Because if the trades today / Friday have to be open until next Monday, nobody can know if market goes up or down. So, a Hard-coded stop loss will make us feel safe at all the times.

    + About your experience with this Forex Fury ea and other eas: Do you think and believe that this Forex Fury EA will be STANDING OUT for several years to come in future? Or market change can affect its’ results in future?

    I will continue to buy Forex Steam ea after making enough profit to cover the purchase price of Forex Fury ea and extra profit to buy Forex Steam EA. I will surely buy from your link.

    But for Forex Steam ea, what is the max drawdown of it? And how about winning rate % so far updated to this time?

    Hope you can share more information about the advantages of both Forex Fury EA and Forex Steam EA.


  192. Derian Giovanni

    Hi, I seem to have an issue in purchasing your product. Might want to email me to discuss this further

  193. in June 18, 2015 the Ea has opened 7 position trades and all WIN far so good πŸ™‚

  194. What account balance produced these results?

  195. Question? What it is Forex Fury really compatible with such as brokers? I seen several reviews stating Binary Option Brokers then others stating only Forex Trading, which broker does this software work with?

  196. Looking forward to great success with the EA

  197. Is it working with any brokers with any amount of deposits?

  198. So far so good! Another 3 wins, 6-0 through two days. See here:

  199. This review has definitely caught my attention and I look forward to exploring this software!

    Quick question though: Regarding the profit results mentioned in the review, were these based on running the software on its standard “out-of-the-box” settings or were any of the settings modified according to personal preferences prior to running the software?

    Bottom-line, if I purchase this software, will I need to adjust the settings to get the results advertised? πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Elisha, the settings for the accounts you see are free on the front page of the web-site. You can download them before you even purchase.

  200. Hi, what is the minimum deposit?

    • Hi Laoud, as low as your broker will let you go.

      • What would be the settings changes for lower deposits?

        • Hi Mark, you could do two things but I don’t believe they are required. Lowering the amount of max trades it can open at one time and lowering the risk.

          • Hi admin, regarding the risk setting, i noticed in the .set files it has a lot size setting but the results page it appears to be using a money management setting increasing lot size according to balance. Is there a setting on the ea for MM and if so, what is that parameter named because i don’t see one on the .set file? Thx.

          • Hi Tracy, the money management is on by default, go into the free installation manual to learn more about the settings.

  201. Hello
    Really impressive, but I have one question: Does the EA use stops? How many positions does it open at the same time? As I can see it opens several positions in the same direction and it makes small profits, but what happen if 5 or 6 open trades go into to wrong direction? Without stops account can be blowed out easily… Thank you for a short explanation.

    • Hi Stephan, it uses stops and it only open 7 trades at a time max, this setting you can also modify if you like. You can see the exact settings on their site.

  202. Hi,

    How you compare Forex-fury with Forex-steam. Both should be in any traders’ portfolio ?

  203. Three wins on my first three trades, really fun watching this one work. See the trades here:

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