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Fibo Machine Pro by Karl Dittman Review

fibo-machine-proFibo Machine Pro is a new Forex trading indicator by Karl Dittman. Karl is promising us that his indicator knows where the price will go every single time and will allow us to make profit easily and simply every single day without stress.

Karl is a contributing member of the Forex community releasing a few indicators and trading systems every year. Today I will be reviewing his latest software and letting you know if I believe that this one will be a hit.

Fibo Machine Pro Review

Karl usually provides thoughtful trading strategies and I’m sure his approach with the Fibo Machine Pro is no different. There are quite a few things I like about Karl’s approach to Forex trading and then there are some elements that I’m not as fond of. To start, I do appreciate the way Karl formulates and explains the trading approach of the systems. With this indicator. There are 3 different levels of risk available and these are printed on the chart. There are safe, medium and aggressive trades. Each one of these trades is in one of the 3 categories based on its take profit level. Safe trades operate with a take profit of 31 pips, medium risk trades 50 pips and aggressive trades look to gain 70 pips from a single trade. I believe it is the traders responsibility to choose which level of risk they believe they should use at the time¬†after receiving a trading signal.

My hope is that Karl provides some guidelines with the Fibo Machine Pro so we know when it’s more likely we should focus on specific trade types. The only issue I have with this website and Karl’s marketing approach is that he doesn’t provide us with enough trading proof. I’ve mentioned this many times in the past and I’m hoping it’s something at some point that he takes into consideration. There are no real long-term trading statements or my FX book accounts, so it’s very difficult for us to verify the viability of this trading strategy. We just have to hope that it works.

I am not going to be putting my name behind the Fibo Machine Pro at this point in time. If the software performs very well and the Forex robot nation community start to leave positive comments here on my review then I will certainly take a closer look and potentially test it myself. Please let me know what you think about the software and leave your comments about prior experiences with Karl and anything else Forex related you would like to add. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and please let me know if there’s anything I can ever do to help you become a better trader. Have a good day.

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