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Fast Cash EA the Newest Forex Robot

Review of: Fast Cash EA
Forex robot:
James Hall and Ivan Ardankin

Reviewed by:
2 Stars
On July 17, 2012
Last modified:July 17, 2012


Not impressed. Read more to see what I really think.

Fast Cash EA is hitting the market, I am a little slow with the review on this one but I’ve got the details.

The problem I had is there was very little information so I had to dig deeper.

The system is being released on July 23rd for the price of $49 on the Clickbank payment processor.

The developers are James Hall and Ivan Ardankin, two relatively unknown Forex traders.

Fast Cash EA utilizes a counter scalping and martingale strategy that is meant to use both these strategies. To me, it sounds quite dangerous right off the bat and they don’t give us much more information in the video either.

Tagline: sensational free video reveals the fastest way to profit in Forex.

Nothing really special there.

So is This Worth Buying or Not?

That’s the question people always want answered. So what are my genuine thoughts about Fast Cash EA?

Well, I am not very impressed.

As always, I look for results. This time, I looked and I did not find any. That leaves me disappointed and leaves the developers of Fast Cash EA already on the short leash in this review.

As for the strategy, it seems to be the come one and come all type. By this I mean it works on all brokers, trades all times and pairs etc. These types of Forex robots I am usually disappointed by. I find EA’s that trade specific times and pairs are usually much better thought out strategies.

My feeling is that if they say it works for everything and everyone their product will appeal to the masses, well while this might be true, it doesn’t work for us here at Forex Robot Nation.


So what’s the final verdict on the FastCashEA?

Well, do I really need to spell it out for you?

Doesn’t look good, buyer beware.

If you have any opinions on this system you would like to share leave a comment below about the Fast Cash EA.

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