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FAPTurbo Flash | Reviewing the FAP Turbo Flash EA

FAPTurbo Flash | Reviewing the FAP Turbo Flash EA

So here we are  and I can’t believe it but we are talking about this age old forex trading solution provider yet again.  FAPTurbo Flash is the latest EA being touted by the team and many of us can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.  But I am pretty sure they know this, that’s why they have gone about it in a certain way.

FAP Turbo Flash cannot be purchased yet, however if you go buy Forex Samurai “YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS FAPTURBO FLASH FOR FREE AFTER PURCHASE OF THE FOREX SAMURAI SERVICE.”

We do not like this strategy, we feel it is an expensive service and that you should not have to buy one thing just to get another.  So I am going to wait until it actually becomes available, generally these pre releases offer systems that are not yet fully tested so it is likely not worth our time just yet.

Strategy Uncovered

FAPTurbo Flash will not be a scalping robot, it will use indicators such as ATR, ADX and SAR.  With a take profit from 40-80 pips and a dynamic stop loss being calculated by average true range values.


So far it sounds great.  We like what we hear but we don’t like the way they are going about releasing it.  We will have more information soon and look forward to hearing your comments about FAPTurbo Flash.


  1. Well we will certainly keep you updated on this system and others, please feel free to sign up to the VIP robot list for immediate updates.

  2. Closed the browser and didn’t save this website. Luckily, found it again through google. I’ll be greatly interested if you happen to find something that could work. The more I look around though, the more it looks like that I may need to open a new account through another place. Not that I would mind, just be another portfolio for me to have. I just don’t want to have over a dozen portfolio’s, all bringing in great income, and lose track of them. But, I am very open to these types of programs to see how effective they are, as well as to make sure it’s not “too good to be true” as well.

  3. What concerns me and what I’m wondering about, is if I’ll be able to use this with an account I already have with VT Trader and cmx. I can’t seem to find any information on compatibility issues, or if there is any such tool that can be used with VT Trader. Really hate to open up a new account.

    • Hi Patrick,

      I will look and see what I can find for you about FAPTurbo Flash in accordance to your request. Keep in touch.

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on this, I am probably going to wait until you put some results up though and I don’t plan on buying Forex Samurai.

    • I should have something soon for you. Thanks for checking out the review, I will have an update within the next couple days hopefully with a demo account up.

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