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Cynthia Macy Forex Review

Hey guys, I am doing something a little different today as I don’t review a product but I take a look at Cynthia Macy a Forex day trader.

Cynthia has a mailing list and she provides links to new software that comes out and she often gives away free break out trading strategies as well. This all sounds well and good but I do have some concerns about this trader and who she really is.

As I am quite involved in the Forex market I am a member of many Forex websites, forums and mailing lists. In watching my mailing list I was always interested by Cynthia Macy, mostly because she appeared to be an attractive woman, and this often draws attention.

Yet, when I was looking at her website and doing research on her I found that her picture is not actually her. This leads me to believe that Cynthia may just be a handle and we may all just be getting duped.

Let me show you the image:

cynthia macy
The supposed picture of Cynthia

If you have ever watched movies in North America you would realize very quickly that this image is actually Jessica Alba one of the most attractive stars in Hollywood. Now, what would be the reason for this? I know it is sometimes good to use an alias if you don’t want to get your name out there but using a picture of a Hollywood star certainly doesn’t provide me much good faith.

That’s really all I have for now. I just wanted to point out that there is a little discrepancy in this representation and that you should be careful if she tries to sell you something.

A fan of hers? Think I wrote something incorrect here?

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


  1. You are right! She says she has spent 35 years trading forex but wow…look how young and beautiful she still is. She must have an age-defying secret up her sleeves.

    By the way, I asked her via email if she was for real and also asked her if it was possible to trial her Color Coded Forex Trading System. She responded fairly quickly and said “she” was certainly for real but I must buy her trading software first and try it out for myself. No refunds!

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