Elite FX Mastery

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Elite FX mastery is a new Forex trading system released by a self-proclaimed former stock market whiz the turns rogue outsider. The developer of this system claims that traders can make over $7000 in 5 weeks or less using this manual Forex trading strategy because it has a 91% winning rate.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know my thoughts about this manual trading strategy.

elite fx mastery

Elite FX Mastery Review

The software developer has released many systems in the past. Every single system is released with a new name that has the exact same layout and draws the exact same response for me. It’s at the point now where I’m getting tired of saying the same thing over again but I feel like is an important point so I’m going to have to hit this exact same nail on the head once more. The people who put together this system provide us with a fake my FX book screenshot. This makes me extremely mad.

fake my fx book results

I would rather the developer of the elite FX mastery system shows us know results at all they show us fake results. This immediately is a sign of disrespect towards the trader and potential client. No part of me believes the account is real because if it was real I would be able to find it on my FX book and I would also be able to click on the link on their website and go to that page. There is no reason for me to further this review considering the development team here doesn’t respect us enough to tell us the truth.

I do not recommend elite FX mastery because they have fake results on the webpage. I never get involved with any software developer that will so blatantly lie to us. If you think that I’m wrong or you just want to leave a comment please leave your remarks below the article. I hope you enjoy this review and that you spend some time on Forex robot nation looking at the best Forex robot page for the binary options lab to see some tools that I use successfully to grow my accounts.

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RSI Robot

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RSI robot is a new automated Forex expert advisor. There software is based on the relative strength index and they feel that using this strategy they will be able to provide a system that works on both demo and live accounts.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look and analyzing the potential of the software and what it may have to offer the market.


RSI Robot Review

The RSI robot is priced at $100. The developers claim that is easy-to-use, trade safely, back tests well and is suitable for both professionals and beginners. As I mentioned in the intro this software is focused greatly on the relative strength index created by Welles Wilder in 1978. The software and the theory is based on the fact that when the price moves up rapidly and reaches the point where it’s overbought or it falls rapidly and reaches over sold a reversal is imminent. So basically if the market goes up quickly are down quickly and hits a certain point the Forex robot will generate a trade.

We can see on the front page here the RSI robot has multiple back tests using different major Forex pairs. A few more elements the developers want traders to understand is that the software is not a scalper, nor martingale and uses no high risk methods like grid trading systems. I think this software shows us some potential here because the strategy is sound and it’s quite interesting.

live trading results

While I do see potential in the RSI robot I cannot provide a recommendation at this point in time. Their live testing started just a couple of days ago so I would prefer that we hide our optimism and wait until more results come through. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments or questions below the article. I am always willing to discuss Forex or binary options with the traders here at Forex robot nation so please click contact and send me an email if you ever want to have a conversation.

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Forex Premium Scalper

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forex premium scalperForex premium scalper is yet another automated trading software by Rita Lasker. When he claims that this new scalping software earned her over $16,000 between January 26th and February 20th.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know if this scalper is actually worth your time and money.

Forex Premium Scalper Review

It’s getting to the point now where I actually starting to get a little annoyed and frustrated with Rita Lasker and the product she’s putting out like the Forex premium scalper. There are just too many of these hitting the market. In past reviews I’ve mentioned that Rita releases too many systems and doesn’t focus on making quality robots. You just can’t put out a new automated Forex trading solution every month that works. If she spent 6 months developing something instead of 2 to 4 weeks I would be much more receptive.

same old results

The fact is Rita is putting out too many systems a year. I have little to no faith that the Forex premium scalper robot is actually going to work. I usually find that the strategies and thought processes used in developing the systems are great but Rita lacks the proper follow-through. This is proven by the notion that every Forex robot she releases shows us results from one month. What are we really going to do with one month? This is not enough of a sample size to trust.

Today I am disappointed that I have to say that I am not recommending the Forex premium scalper to the Forex robot nation readers. I’m at the point now where we do needs to start listening to the community because these systems are coming out too fast and too frequently. When Rita starts putting out some quality products I will start providing her with better reviews but until that time I cannot endorse or in any way. If you have something you would like to leave for me to read please leave your comments below the article. I look forward to hearing from you and responding to every one of your concerns.

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Sexy Bot EA

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sexy bot eaSexy bot EA is a new automated Forex robot. The developer of this software is Shawn D Anderson and he claims that his system skyrocketed his Forex earnings over $116 million. How can I really take this seriously though when it’s called the sexy bot, give me a break.

I really don’t want to considering the name of this system but I guess it is my job to write a review about this new Forex EA.

Sexy Bot EA Review

As I mentioned is the beginning of the review for the sexy bot Shawn claims that the software has made him over $116 million. If you scroll down a couple of inches you will quickly find out that the results are from a one-year back test using that he claims is a safe and unique scalping strategy. I’ve seen people do this with back tests in the past and the modeling quality of 56.82% is just awful. I don’t trust anything below 90% modeling quality when it comes to back testing Forex.


At the top of the website the sexy bot developer introduces himself is Sean and then a couple lines below that he calls himself Dane. That’s a little confusing. Then we see that there is a video that shows his system turned $250 into $27 million in 3 months but again it’s another back test. The bottom line here is that there are no real results on this webpage and that’s enough for me to turn away.

Today I will not be recommending the sexy bot EA. Honestly, I just can’t see myself taking this seriously. How am I supposed to spend thousands of dollars of my investment portfolio and be confident that the system with such an embarrassing name can take me to the next level. Maybe I’m being petty but at this point I believe I’m just being smart. Ask another real successful trader if they would get involved with the system like this and you’ll get a similar review to this one. If you have something you would like to add please leave your comments and concerns below. I appreciate the time you spend on Forex robot nation and hope that you come back again soon.

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Forex Supreme Scalper

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Forex supreme scalper is a new scalping system developed to suit short timeframe traders. Team that created the software claims that it is built on advance indicators to filter sideways markets and find the best trading opportunities available.

Today I’ll be providing my review along with an analysis of the software and let you know whether or not I believe that this system has potential.

forex supreme scalper

Forex Supreme Scalper Review

Despite not being able to spell the word pressure the Forex supreme scalper development team is, with quite a few programs in the past. I’ve never spent too much time with the systems because I’m usually not impressed by their sales page tactics. I’m going to take a closer look at this one and see what they have to offer this time around.

forex indicator example

The developers of the Forex supreme scalper shows a handful of different screenshots trading on the M1 and M5 timeframe. It looks like the software is built to work on just these 2 time frames so it is not one of the systems that works on every single time frame. However, the software does look like it functions on all currency pairs which makes it very difficult for me to understand the strategy. The software is built with 6 powerful indicators which are programmed to work together to trigger entry points. When signals are triggered you’ll get alerts on your chart which will tell you what trades the place and when to place them.

At this point in time I’m not going to give the Forex supreme scalper my 100% recommendation but I’m not going to bash it. There are a lot of indicator systems like this released every week so it is very difficult test all of them. I’m hoping by writing this review it will give people the opportunity to write their comments and reviews and help inform the community. I know this review is not my best piece of work but I’m working on a lot of new things here at Forex robot nation that you’re going to be extremely happy about, so look forward to that.

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Renko Pip Scalper

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renko pip scalperRenko PIP scalper is a new Forex scalping system that is following the free binary options trading method. The developers of this software will give you access to their system for free as long as you go through their affiliate link and sign up with the Forex brokerage.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know my thoughts on this new marketing method and Forex and the software itself.

Renko Pip Scalper Review

I am certainly not overly enthused by the renko PIP scalper marketing. Developers in the binary options market have been using this method where they provide you something for free if you sign up with a brokerage. The problem with this is that every single system that is followed this marketing template in the past has failed miserably. I don’t want that to predetermine my review or analysis of this software but I do find myself already having some sort of prejudgment.

the process

Just like the binary options systems the follow this marketing method the renko pip scalper provides us with little to no information at all. If you watch the video it is not very helpful and does not provide us with any strategic analysis or results. Without either of these 2 things I’m afraid there’s no reason for me to further review the software. With only 25 views it’s likely no one is going to get involved with the system and that it was just a waste of time.

Today I will not be recommending the renko pip scalper for all the reasons that I highlighted above. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and concerns below. I also appreciate listening to the Forex robot nation readers and I hope that you spend some time on my website today looking at some of my other reviews and what works for me. I hope that you have a wonderful day and that your trading goes very well in 2015.

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Forex Gemini Code

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forex gemini codeForex Gemini code is the latest Forex system by Vladimir Ribakov. Vladimir has been involved in the Forex market for years and has always done his best to release quality products. This is one of the first product is released that I’ve seen marketed aggressively by the Forex community.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know my thoughts, opinions and overall position when it comes to this Forex software.

Forex Gemini Code Review

The marketing for the Forex Gemini code looks like it’s being done by the old tree publishing company which has done many releases in the past, all of which promote expensive products. This software is no different as it is being sold at a premium rate of $997. If you are planning to get involved with this system make sure that you have a full week off minimum, in order to truly work your way through all the materials and take advantage of this strategy.

signal results

There is a lot to learn when it comes to the Forex Gemini code. There are different screenshots of results on the webpage and videos that show Vladimir taking live trades. Most of the results are pretty recent although some of them stop a couple weeks ago and I’m not sure why they are no longer being updated anymore considering the product is just being released today. Just like the other products released by the old tree publishing company this system comes with a handful of DVDs and cheat sheets to help traders get the most out of the software.

DVD List:

  1. Basic trading concepts
  2. Trading tools
  3. Component rules
  4. Example trades
  5. Live trades
  6. Webinar
  7. Trading Manual (Not DVD)

At this point in time I’m not going to give a full recommendation to the Forex Gemini code. Some of the other products pushed by the old tree publishing company hasn’t panned out extremely well. The fact is, at $1000 this product is extremely pricey and will take a lot of work in order to pan out for trader. I don’t feel like spending that time or that money right now on this system so I just have to take a pass. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your contributions below the article. I appreciate you coming to Forex robot nation today and I hope this review gave you some clarity in regards to the Forex Gemini code.

Official Site

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Burgi Signal

Forex Robot Nation, Forex Software on February 19th, 2015 2 Comments

burgi signalBurgi Signal is a new Forex indicator that just hit the market today. The team that put together this software asked traders if they want a profitable yet brutally easy Forex system. They believe that they have a software that is so easy that their tagline is “easiness is a breeze”, whatever that means.

Today I’ll be providing a brief review and giving you an analysis of this new Forex trading software.

Burgi Signal Review

Burgi signal is the latest software by Scott Ross, a full-time Forex trader. He says he’s been using this Forex signal service for years in his own daily trading. Like many of the other product developers Scott goes on to tell us about how he used many products in this market that didn’t work until he discovered his own Forex indicator 6 years ago. This is another software that doesn’t require traders to spend a lot of time in front of their computers.

burgi signal mt4

The Burgi signal software uses meta-trader for and at the top left of the trader screen they will see a panel which will provide alerts. Inside of this panel traders will be able to see the entry of the trade, the stoploss and multiple take profit options. This is a little different than your usual indicator because of the way that it is designed and the fact that it provides you with a little more information than the other signal providers like this. While the software looks impressive the strategy doesn’t look solidified as the examples on the webpage are shown using different pairs and time frames.

Today I will not be recommending the burgi signal service to the Forex robot nation community because I don’t believe the strategy is specific enough for my readers. Obviously if you have the time to test the system you can try a whole bunch of different time frames and pairs and hopefully find the one that works right for you. Personally, I like this work to be done by the developer because they should know the strategy better than us. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below the article now.

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Forex Venture Bot

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Forex venture bot is a new automated Forex robot. Developers of the software claim that an aspiring football player injured his knee and generated over 8000% in profit on $500 deposit in less than 2 years.

Today I’ll be providing a genuine and reliable review for the Forex robot nation readers and anyone else who lands on this page.

forex venture bot

Forex Venture Bot Review

First, I’m really not sure why the people behind Forex venture bot gave us this story about an aspiring football player who injured his knee. My guess is that this is a very common injury which makes it a relatable story. I’m really surprised to see this system just being released now considering they have a my FX book account that is been running for such a long period of time. We can see on this page that the developers have taken a $500 deposit and turned it into over $40,000. This is a very impressive return.

myfxbook results

The drawdown for the Forex venture bot is a tech over 25% and in this two-year period of time the software is traded 224 times. In taking a closer look at the history we can see that the Forex robot is focused on the EURUSD pair. Yet, the pip gains can be very erratic. In analyzing the results I see trades that are winning anywhere from 1 pip to 224 pips which is an extremely large gap and not something you see frequently with Forex robots.

At this point in time I’m interested in the Forex venture bot. At $297 I’m likely not going to purchase the software right away the keep the conversation going here at Forex robot nation. If you use the software or you are currently testing it please leave your comments below and let me know how well it’s performing for you. I would like to see some real user results before diving in myself. If you need any help with Forex please click the contact button at the top of the page and thank you for coming to read my review today.

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Renko Street Trading System

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renko street trading systemRenko street trading system is a new Forex trend follower with triple signals confirmation. The developer of this software believes that there are no tools are trading systems that are good for all pairs and I agree he says for this reason he focused on only 20 which still seems like a lot to me.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know my thoughts and impressions about this Forex software.

Renko Street Trading System Review

The developers of the Renko street trading system is a trend following indicator that will help traders identify trades to take and where to place their take profit in stoploss. The developers of this software believe that using the Renko chart provides a great advantage for new traders because it can help reduce fall signals. The indicator will not repaint and there is a separate trend line indicator which automatically draws lines in real time.

forex indicator

The Renko street trading system also comes with a trailing stop expert advisor to help traders maximize profit levels if they are aware of how to use this mechanism. There is also a supported resistance indicator so it uses multiple indicators at the same time to ensure that the trades end up on the right side of the ledger. The website itself is not very professional and the discussion about the strategy is very limited. There are also no results in real information about the product so it is very difficult for me to give this a positive review.

Today I will not be recommending the Renko street trading system because it is missing a lot of these key elements I mentioned above. I still plan on leaving this page available for people to leave comments and reviews of their own. If there something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below and maybe you can change my thoughts and opinions about the software. Thank you for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that you take a look around the website and see what else we have to offer.

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