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Welcome to the Binary Options Lab

LabHere we will be able to provide you with information on binary options software, brokers, signals and other related trading information to help you find success in your options trading.

At this point in time I am doing a lot of testing and I am very active in finding only the best for my readers. My two main focuses right now are reviewing binary options brokers and binary options software and systems that can help contribute to winning trades.

The more information I find I will add it to this page, and eventually branch it off into multiple pages with more content. This is just the base to get started.

Current Lab Testing

At this point in time the #1 Binary Options product on the list is Binary Options Bullet.

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Binary IQ Review

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Binary5 Review

Signal Software

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Binary Today Trader Review

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Binary Ascend

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Binary Brain Wave Review


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Binary Options Bullet Review


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In the table you will see many different types of products. Here I will give you an explanation of what they all are and how they can help you with your trading whether you want to just receive signals or learn some sort of manual strategy. We are CONSTANTLY testing new binary options systems and trying to find winners to recommend. At this point in time you can see there is only 1 well rated system.

Binary Options Signals

How Binary Options Signals look when you receive them.
How Binary Options Signals look when you receive them.

First let me take a look at signals. These are definitely the most common type of software or product inside of the binary options marketplace. So how do these work? Most signal software is very simple. There will be some place where you can access the signal. This is often a members area or MetaTrader4 and in some cases they will be sent directly to your e-mail address or your cell phone.

After receiving a signal you will log into your binary options broker and you will simply place the trade. The trade of course will tell you whether it is a call or a put also known as a buy or a sell. Once you have placed your trade you set your expiry time and then you collect your winnings. Currently this is my favorite type of binary options system because it is basic, easy to install and even easier to follow. If you haven’t tried a binary options software before I suggest that this is the place that you start.



Manual Strategy

Watching the charts to implement manual strategies.
Watching the charts to implement manual strategies.

A manual trading system is something that takes a little more skill than your average binary options software. The word manual itself lends to the fact that you will have to be doing all of the work. For most of the systems you will be taught a strategy. Usually using MetaTrader4 or some sort of charting software and manual strategy will need you to monitor trading charts and candles to diagnose market conditions.

Then, you will generally place a trade according to the current market trends obviously in conjunction with that strategy. This is definitely not my most recommended especially for new traders because it can be difficult, it can take a lot of time and a lot of patience is required. If you are looking for a challenge and you’re looking to learn that this is probably a good place for you to start.

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Top Rated Broker in the Binary Options Lab

So it took me a few months to find a broker that is trustworthy but I found one. I will do a complete write up and video review for this brokerage but for now I will just provide you with a link to check them out. I am using this broker now and the rest of the Forex Robot Nation team is as we so we recommend this broker.

This is a special deal that will allow you to try a demo account without a deposit, something that is hard to find in binary options.

Deposit as little as $300.

Accepts clients from anywhere.

Sign Up to Our Recommended Broker

Sign Up to Our Recommended Broker (US Clients)


  1. Hello,

    I want to start with Binary Option and I read that binarytoday5 and IQ option are recommended sotware and broker, respectively. can I use it both together? It might be a stupid question but I’m a newbie in this broker issue.

    thanks in advance

  2. Hi Admin,
    Can I use this software in 24 option?

  3. Hi Admin,

    Out of all these recommended Binary Options Product, which one is by far the greatest software recommended and can this software be plugged in with any online broker like

  4. I was looking at the CToption broker to make it my broker as my trading. I liked their platform and also their Binary Bug signal indicator. I also read reviews that this is a not a regulated company and some users had problems in withdrawing their money. So mixed signals. The question is whether I should consider using them as my broker and is the Binary bug software good to use for consistent profit ?


  5. Do you have your own binary options signal software? I note that you have some listed on the site.

    Just wondering since you guys seem to be traders yourself if you had one – or considered having one.

    If not, could you please recommend which on the binary signals providers is currently doing well. Lost a a lot so a bit nervy

  6. Hi Admin,

    Beetween Binary 5 and Binary Today which is the best? Because Binary 5 have in his sales page 81% best results and 5 min is best time than 30 min and 1 hour.

    Which sw have better results in live trading in your case? Thank

  7. I have Binary Today Trader and it works great sends put/call for 4 pairs from MT4 email setup on platform I am AVG 8 to 10 trades per 24 hours works very well!!!!

    using 500:1 account with $500.00 USD.. started sunday 7/17/2016 made in demo account 1,500 so far very little neg trades of course you are managing the trades and take profit as you see fit.

    also if you are looking for a great auto trader look at stream on this website #2 but it works great!!! 3 day currently and 656 in profits on demo account but i will use this for and live accounts!! also at 117.99 you get 4 account lic great deal!!!!

  8. What happened to Binary Defender? I noticed it’s not listed anymore .

    • Hi KD, great system but it was bad mouthed by the biggest scammer in the binary market and now it makes us look bad if we promote it. It’s a shame but that’s how the internet works sometimes.

  9. Hello admin.
    i’m new here …. which one are good and easy to use ?
    Binary Today Trader Review – Binary Ascend – etc…. ?
    Thank you.

  10. Question on whats the best and trust worthy Broker for Binary Options out there for US clients, that has been used by most and have received great reviews? I was going to sign up with Boss Capital your recommended broker however they do not take US clients as of recently.

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