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Binary Cash Machine Review

Got a couple of reviews today, I’m going to start with Binary Cash Machine, this is a new binary options trading system.

This new binary options signals service costs $39 and provides more than 20 signals per day. That amount of signals is scary because it’s hard to find quality in quantity. My experience is that the systems that provide less signals are much more profitable, especially over the long term.

binary cash machine

The binary options cash machine is built to monitor all the assets 24/24, I think they mean 24/5. They watch stocks, currencies, commodities and more. What they provide is a software that will watch these different markets and provide you with signals that you can then take to your binary options broker to place.

They claim that the signals are all available in their members area so that you can just login and get binary options signals at anytime of the day.

I have talked to a few of the Forex robot nation members and at this point none of them have had success with this Binary Cash Machine tool. I don’t plan on writing too much more about the software as I’m not sure it really has the potential.

At this point in time I do not recommend the Binary Cash Machine software. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this new software and maybe we can start a discussion based around the release of this new signal provider.

If you have any questions or anything just let me know, I appreciate you taking the time to read the Forex robot nation site.

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