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Review of: Binary Ascend

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On January 12, 2015
Last modified:November 23, 2015


The most effective tactical binary options software on the market. There are three versions available to suit any level of trading experience. I recommend this software and trust it 100% with my accounts.

Binary Ascend is here and I couldn’t be happier. I have been involved in the testing of this software and I am blown away by it’s accuracy.

It’s not often I come across a system this powerful with a strategy that I can sink my teeth into. This is a signal software that every trader needs to have.

This is a quick break down of the important elements:

  • 14+ signals day
  • Trades EUR/USD
  • 75% accuracy
  • Three versions for the price of one
  • Signals in all sessions, works world wide
  • Free installation and support
  • Compatible with any binary broker

This software is one of the very few I rely on daily. It is built to stand the test of time and is a long term winner.

Binary Ascend Review

binary-ascend-boxThe binary ascend software uses a cutting edge strategy that consists of filters and 10 different indicators. The software provides very simple signals, all throughout the day from it’s three different versions.

Traders are told to place either a CALL or a PUT and are told the exact expiry time to set. There is never any confusion and signals can also be accessed via email, MT4 alerts and MT4 on the chart.

The three versions (which come in one package with no extra charges) are the low risk, normal and aggressive. At this point in time I focus on the low risk and normal versions because the aggressive is too risky for my appetite.


My Current Results

Through my first 3 and a half months with this system I have been able to make some solid gains. I decided to test the software with a $1000 starter account and as of right now I’m at $8,440.25 in three months.

While the developers claim to provide a basic 32% return on investment in the first month I’ve found this is a very conservative claim based on opening very few trades.

Here is a closer look at my win loss ratio:

  • October 35-5
  • November 29-9
  • December 34-8
  • January 12-1
  • February 36-5
  • March 22-2
  • April 16-1
  • May 12-2
  • June 25-4
  • July 10-0
  • August 22-4
  • September 24-2
  • October 31-5
  • November 34-4

Total: 242W – 52L

Winning Percentage : 84.7%

I take 9/10 signals I see, I trade a large portion of the day but during the holidays I traded less.

Binary Ascend Conclusion

I am very excited about the binary ascend software, it is a guaranteed winner and a requirement for every Forex Robot Nation reader.

This software is exactly what you need if you are looking for a strong passive income investment.

I have an exclusive 15% coupon for all FRN readers, for the first few days of launch so don’t miss out.



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  1. can I use this Ascend and trade on 1 minute binary option?

  2. Just curious, why are almost all the signals call signals?

  3. Hi , what are the best trading times for you with BA ?

  4. with a 500 $ account can i do single trades of 50$ with this software or is it too risky , i’ve seen that this doesn’t seem to loose a lot so i guess it might be alright

  5. Hello admin, im trying to buy BA many time but always this message appear (we have not been able to verify the validity of the information you entered on the order form) , im sure100% my information is correct.

  6. can you please tell me the average signals per day that you receive and if anyone does the martingale strategy with this software? does it have many losses in a row ?

    • Hi Pedro, I get around 5-10 signals a day. I don’t use martingale strategy and max I ever get is 2 losses in a row and I haven’t had that happen in over 3 months.

  7. Easily the easiest and best binary system I’ve ever used.

    I don’t have one bad word to say about it, binary account started at $500, now at $5425.50 in 4 months. I’m going to start increasing the size of my trades now.

  8. what is the broker that you are using for bianry options

  9. Hi Richard here,
    I am looking to use the binary ascend but I need to to be assured that it is as good as it seems because I`ve been scammed once to many and am looking to make enough to pay my bills, I`m in Ireland and wondering if the time difference matters; Great work.
    Regards Richard

  10. Bo you have to set the time in Ascend the same as on your Binary Broker? My MT4 platform is 2 hours behind my time and my Binary broker.

    • Hi Bruno, your platform is not 2 hours behind, you are just looking at the MT4 timezone. The market is always up to date, it doesn’t matter where you live.

  11. Good start to the week I’m 8-0, hoping to see more wins going forward.

    I rate Ascend 5/5.

  12. I’m doing quite well with Ascend now.

    I use the low risk and normal. I’ve never lost a low risk signal and my normal signals I’m 35-5 in my last 40 trades.

  13. Binary Ascend working great for me lately. I bought it a few months ago, got a couple bad signals and gave up.

    I’m feeling really silly now for judging it too quickly.

    I’m over 80% ITM two months straight, I should have listened to you earlier.

    Ascend is awesome!

  14. Sounds fantastic. Unfortunately I do not have time to handle signals by manual the whole day (and night!) .Thats why I look for a robot. Or is there any way to use these signals by any software? BR Mace

  15. Hi and the english.
    When you received a signal of Binary Ascend, and go to the platform of the broker, witch expired time you use? Normally the signal of binary ascend expired 30 minutes after, and what time we must use to expire in broker?
    Thank you and best regards.
    José Vieira

  16. Binary ascend is my favorite.

    I’m a Forex trader by trade and lately all I do is trade binary it’s crazy.

    19-3 this month with low / normal risk on EURUSD.

    • Well done Norbert, good to see you are making the most out of your investment. You haven’t emailed me in a while, check in some time I would love to catch up.

  17. I’m continuing to grow my account steadily with Ascend low risk.

    I’ve won my last 12 trades on EURUSD and expect July to finish strong.

  18. I have recently purchased Ascend even though I’m a Forex trader and I’ve had a lot of fun using this software. It’s not my usual but I’m learning quickly and I’m starting at 68% ITM for my first two weeks.

    At this rate I’ll have no issues growing my binary accounts.

  19. Hi, can I purchase both BBW and Binary Ascend, and can they work on the same MT4 platform?

  20. Hi,

    I think Greece effect has affected the BA & not giving much low version signals for 2/3 days. What is your opinion on this ?

  21. Hello admin, can you give me direct BA paypal link with discount please and thank you

  22. What do you know about this broker? recommended? i am unable to fund my boss capital account with my debit cards

  23. I haven’t checked in on FRN in a while so I thought I’d let you know how Ascend is going.

    I signed up 4 months ago and I’m happy to report an ITM rate of 79%.

    I am up $15,000 during this period. The support team connected to my computer and set it up for me free of charge. I thought that was a really nice touch and they’ve been very helpful every step of the way. I never thought I would be able to achieve results like these win binary options so I would just like to say thank you to the Forex Robot Nation team and recommend others to follow in my foot steps.

    Thanks for listening!

  24. Ok, so i have been using Ascend for the last couple of weeks and so far so good, about 80% ITM, awesome! Obviously I can’t make every trade but on the ones i have gotten in on have been good. Keep it up!

  25. Top notch software. I’ve been over 90% ITM since I purchased it 3 weeks ago.

    Anything Forex Robot Nation uses, I use, this strategy is paying off 🙂

  26. Just had my first week with Ascend and I’m excited! First day I went 2-2 but since I’ve gone 15-0.

    Putting me at 17-2 for the week and +$1750.

  27. Thought I’d weigh in as well. My first week I was 65% ITM which is just fine for me but since then I’ve slowly gone all the way up to 75% ITM using low risk and normal signals on the EURUSD.

    The low risk signals are as close to a sure thing as I’ve ever seen, they never lose. When I get a low risk signal I hit it hard and put big money down. Even that in itself is a solid strategy.

    Up $2300, paid itself off in the first week.

  28. Really enjoying my time with Ascend so far. I’ve read a lot of great comments here and I’d like to add my experience.

    I took a $1000 deposit with their recommended broker and I’ve turned that into $5000 in three months. I really appreciate this investment opportunity and recommend Ascend to all traders!

  29. I’m really happy with binary ascend. As someone who’s never traded before this was very easy for me to install and use. I deposited $300 and I’m happy to say it’s now $2,400 in just over a month.

    Thanks for telling me about this helpful product.

  30. Last week went great used ascend to pull in a cool $1,000.

    This week haven’t had much action but the way the market is moving I think Wednesday and Thursday will be the big winners.

  31. Hi!
    Does the no of signals have anything to do with the latency of the internet or use of VPS? and likewise, If i concentrate only on the low risk version, will I be able to get enough signals to grow my account weekly since it doesnt issue much signals and whats your recommendation, please?


  32. hello
    I would buy the track ascend, but first I want to know which strategy has higher frequency signals and if there is a time when we must work

  33. Please, I have been using the binary ascend now but only get signals on the normal version but no signal at all on the low risk version. could there be anything wrong or is that how it is programmed.


    • That’s normal. Low risk signals will only come when all of it’s trading rules and filters are met. Some weeks you will have a bunch of them and other weeks a few.

  34. Ascend is really going well for me. I wonder if anyone is using a money management strategy they could teach me.

    Right now I’ve won my last 16 trades in a row and I’ve made over $1000 in this time but I feel like I could have made much more with the right money management strategy.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Try using a percentage money management strategy. Tell yourself you will use 5-10% per trade. Then recalculate each trade based on your account size. Simple and effective.

  35. Christian Asogwa

    I purchased the B.A software and have installed it . I have not received any signal after 2weeks. what should I do to start

    receiving signals. I will be grateful to receive solution to this challenge . Thanks . from Chris .

  36. Appreciate you bringing the software to my attention 2 months ago. It took me a few weeks to go live because I’m patient and this patience really paid off. I did a small $300 deposit and pushed it to $1,500 in the last two weeks.

  37. Hi Admin,

    I’m confused to set the time zone in Binary Ascend. I need to figure out in the configuration “GMT+X” & “Broker GMT Zone”. I live in Srilanka and my local GMT time is GMT+5.5 means I’m 5.5hrs ahead of GMT as far as i understand. Therefore, should i put -5.5 in the settings? or what shall i put?

    Also, when setting “broker time zone”, if the broker time is ahead of GMT, should i put (-)figure?

    Please help me with this ASAP. Really appreciate

    Thanks in advance

  38. My firts day. (3-0) 1 in EURUSD and 2 in GBPUSD only in USA sesión. Great.

  39. Good day admin! What currency pairs do you with Binary Ascend?

  40. Ascend is going great lately. I started two months ago with $300, took some trades quickly and dropped it to $200. Then I looked a little closer at the members area and started following their advice. Now I’m up to $2,400 and I’m depositing more later today so I can increase my trade size.

  41. Just to clarify thsi BA system… Is this a stand alone normal set of indicators installed on the client MT4 after purchase or does it receive or depend on anything externally from the vendor/ owner as signals are received?

  42. hi, any suggestion please about the best binary broker in market right now?

  43. Good day! Any other currency pairs that works well with Binary Ascend?

  44. Ascend is really strong this last month, 27-6 with mostly low and normal signals. Keep up the good work here.

  45. Another great month with Binary Ascend. My $2500 trading account using their recommended broker is now up to $15000 in 3 and a half months. No big deal right?! 🙂

  46. Alexandre Julien

    can i use this software with another currency then eur/usd ?

  47. Ascend is currently doing very well for me. I hope to use this software for long time. I now trade normal and low risk signal to get 77% ITM. I cannot ask for anything better. Thank you for your advice.

  48. Hi admin, I purchased BA and like to test trade some other pairs on Low risk, for example AUD/JPY, do I need to change the settings in the indicator list from false to true for both currencies>? and what about the added and tested a1ra, seems working OK setting, I also have to switch this to true? hope you or somebody else can give me an answer on this. In Euro/USD (low and normal) 3-0 in the Asian session today..Keep it up

  49. admin — on this website you say ” I take 9/10 signals I see,” does this mean you cherry pick? What numbers do you get if you just take each trade that comes along? And what time of day (eastern time) is the best time to trade?

  50. Veronica Hilley

    Ok! I am ready to get back into trading binary options after a long dry spell. I see all the wonderful comments about BA, and ready to purchase. Just one thing..Are there enough signals during the US session? I am on the west coast and can trade only between 7:00am to 10:00am PST.

  51. Hi , can i install BA on more than 1 mt4?

  52. After finding quite a bit of success with the Forex steam system I saw that Patrick FX and Forex robot nation was doing very well with binary ascend. It is because of this I decided to try binary ascend and I now have a new income source that I never thought I would it has even 2 months ago. I have been able to win 63 trades and lose only 15 on my live binary options trading account. This is a fabulous service and I can’t say enough about how responsive their support team is to top it all off.

  53. Christian Asogwa

    Please I want to buy the Binary Ascend but after completing the order form at their site they gave me the following reply:
    Dear Customer,

    We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid.

    If you have not received notification within 24 hours, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

    For reference, your order id is 3CKUZBL-A83H3L.

    So how then can i buy the software.


  54. Binary Ascend is my favorite binary options system, I’ve gone 22-4 in the past two weeks!

  55. Hi,

    i have a question about setup GMT+x and GMT for broker

    I`m from Slovenia where the timezone is GMT+1, so that`s what i set for GMT+x.
    For BrokerGMT i did what the instructional video said, typed time is UTC and it was one hour behind my local time so that means i sould set BrokerGMT -1???

    Is that correct?


    P.S. How many signals did you get yesterday and today, im trying to figure out if i set the GMT+x and BrokerGMT correctly, because i did`t get that many signals.

  56. Been using Ascend for two months now and my account has been tripled. Like most of the comments here I use a lot of the normal and low risk trades. I’ve also started using a trade assistant program that’s free on a web-site called Binary Today. This has helped me as well.

  57. anyone want to partner up with me? so we can domination together?

  58. Hi,

    Although I had Binary Ascend set up correctly, I have not been getting many trades.

    I was therefore wondering what are the other currency pairs that I can use Binary Ascend for.

  59. Been using ascend a month now. This week I’ve found it’s been very slow signal wise but I notice the market has been in a major down trend so I’m very appreciative of the fact that the software has been aware of this information and treating it properly. This week I’m 5-0 which is slow but because the software is so picky it obviously helps weed out the bad trades.

  60. can i get a guide how to operate your system ?
    how long is this indicator in business?

  61. I take the day is what it is possible to automate? with my binary option platform? thank you

  62. This is easily my favorite system after 1 month of trading. I have taken my $2000 account and turned it into $6000 and I’m spending 1-2 hours on the computer a day. I have my laptop alert me when a signal comes available and I drop it in in my binary broker. I hope they add some more pairs soon too, I want to make even more trades.

  63. Anyone want to team up on this together? I just purchased this software yesterday and would like to team up with novice and pro’s to make a lot of money. We can use Skype or TS3 to catch signals together or to trade secret techniques back and forth to better improve our odds of wining. Let me know whos interested as I am a beginner and would like to get off to a great start.

  64. Hello I want to know
    1 What is a vps server ?
    2 is that the low-risk and normal release versions it is necessary to analyze the chart ?
    3 how many signals per day? ( low risk, normal) thanks

  65. how much money do you trade?

  66. How much money do you put in trade in order to reach like $7,000 or more?

  67. Can anybody recommend a reliable broker in Australia that offers binary trading and offers 30min expiry (demo account also). I signed up with VantageFX but this proved to be useless as they only off expiry upto 5min.

    thank you.

  68. I have BA have it on a VPS and yes it is set up properly, I lucky if I get one signal a week and thats on the aggressive setting. Doesnt show me to much.

    • It can’t be set up right if you only get one signal a week. I’ve tested it for months, I always get signals and so do my readers here.

  69. Hi
    can I ask everyone who is trading with BA if they are having winning trades and how many each day as there is not much being posted regarding personal results so seeing a few would be good if you don’t mind
    Thank You All Very Much
    Kind Regards B

  70. When I say Brokers market and Chart I mean what they are trading at ie 1.2345 and 1.3367 There is always at least a 10 point spread. Should I be concerned about this?

  71. Hi Admin,

    Is this system like Binary Brain Wave that we have to analyze the chart before we take a trade?

    should we analyze the chart to see if the pair is ranging or trending if we choose the Low Risk option to trade with?


  72. Hi Admin,

    can you please advise what timeframe i can use this system on?


  73. What size vps do I need to use metrader 4 wit ascend binary? Thanks

  74. Best binary software on the market, I believe it because I’ve seen it. This software disappointed me for my first few days of trading but I didn’t give up, now I’ve doubled my $3,000 account in 3 weeks and I’m feeling rewarded for sticking to my guns.

    • Hi, Desmond, seriously awesome to hear you doing well with binary ascend!! 🙂 Btw what currency pairs you trading with binary ascend??

    • hello Desmond!
      Can you more accurately report how did you manage to increase your win rate so. What was the loving that you have a signal traded?

  75. I purshased Binary Ascend, however when I go to open the account with Boss Capital nothing happens. My question is: Is binary Ascend a seperate thing? it attaches to the MT4 platform correct. So If I call Boss Cap I can open a account over the phone. I am from the USA. Thanks

  76. Do you recommend auto trading robots or manual entry ea’s? Thanks

  77. would you recommend Binary Brain Wave or Binary Ascend? Which is better beside the amount of pairs it trades.

  78. I would like to run binary ascend on a VPS do you recomend one? Thank you

  79. Hello,
    I do not have any experience in binary options, but I have been traded forex for 10 years. Now, I opened a binary options account with my forex broker. I have seen that they offer 15, 30 and 60 minutes options, they always have a fix start time for example 19.20 and 19.50, it is always xx.20 and xx.50 hours. Question: Can I use binary ascend? Or do I need more flexible start time? Plz, a short reply from a trader with experience. Regards, Stephan

  80. What Happens when you Broker finds out you’re trading with a Robot?

  81. Is this for real? I have been ripped of to many times and am ready to give up. Thanks a reply would be greatly appreciated.

  82. Hi,
    I tried to buy binary ascend today using your 15% discount coupon, but unfortunately it’s not working. Its throwing an error saying “entry error invalid coupon”. Please check why they are not accepting the discount coupon. Binary Ascend and Forex Steam, which one do you personally recommend?
    Best Regards,

  83. Ascend is doing wonders for my accounts. I moved to live after my first two weeks of testing and it’s going great. I only trade on my computer right now, not using the email alerts but I tested them and they work well.

  84. Hi how is Ascend working are the winning trades still coming, and how many a day

  85. I mean Admin!!

  86. hello Dave. When using BBW i have to look if the market is trending or ranging, is that also the issue with Binary Ascend or can you just take the trade when the signal appears? Gr Kees

  87. What expiry does it use because my broker doesn’t allow 5mins but 15,30…

  88. This software continues to win I can’t believe it. I’ve never been so happy to get up in the morning and trade a system/strategy. Keep up the good work binary ascend!

  89. Hi admin, is there any indicators we can use so we can increase our winning percentage? We know there is no such thing as 100% winning rate but if we can use some indicators to be able to pick signals that we think are winnable. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  90. hi admin, can we install binary ascend to smartphone? so, no need to babysit infront laptop 24hours…if we able to install to smartphone, can take all signals all day while moving and winning percentage will explode! please consider my suggestion.

  91. Started using your strategy a bit at the end of the week Mason. Looks great, I’m excited to test it for a couple of weeks and see what pairs it works on best and then take that to my live accounts 🙂

  92. Ascend is still performing great for me. I’ve talked with support and got some new ideas I’ve been testing successfully. I’ve recently opened up a whole bunch of different pairs and threw the low risk version on them. Been getting a lot of reliable signals this way. So far this strategy has me 18 trades in at 75% ITM.

  93. Hi Alain
    That’s great stuff!!! Would you mind sharing your strategy?

  94. Knocking it out of the park with Ascend. Up to 81% ITM now, I’m catching up to you. This software is so powerful, I go to sleep dreaming about waking up to use it.

  95. Im interested in this binary bot but, I would like to see more testing. Is there any vid’s that may have been posted recently on here or at youtube? Please help me out because I have been burned before in the Binary Option Niche by smooth talking advertisers and scam artists.

    • It’s also top rated on Binary Today. It’s the real deal. They have a video, review, and hundreds of user comments/votes.

      • Ive seen if you use brainwave and this together you get better results. If they both give signals for the same pair that the probability goes up and would result in a winning trade.
        I would like to ask what a good honest binary broker should i use?? Could you help me in this area plz???

        Also thank you for your response.

        • The broker I recommend is in my binary options lab at the top of the site. Go check that out there. I use them both but not in the way that you say because the probability of both these systems providing a trade at the same time is small.

  96. I’m testing the signals with other coins and find that this works best with EUR / USD

  97. Going great so far, just thought I would check in after the first couple weeks. I’ve made 20 trades, doing about 10 a week and I’m 77% ITM. I’m definitely happy and have been telling all my friends about it. Thanks FRN for this one.

  98. Which binary broker is recommended for this software please? Also out of all the 14+ signals sent daily, how does one know which signals to take which will be profitable

  99. Hi
    How does this software perform during the european session?

  100. Binary Ascend is making my Friday right now. Picked up a few easy winners and I’m calling it a day! Great finish to a good week. Might try testing some other pairs next week like you Cynthia. 🙂

  101. Seems to be a slow day today which is good I don’t like the looks of the market. I’ve done very well this week so far and I hope it continues. I’m thinking about trying some new pairs as well, anyone have any advice on which to try?

    • I’m thinking about testing some more pairs as well. I would test USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. Make a note of which is consistently winning and focus in.

  102. Is the news filter working for everyone? I am setup with proper time offset for me and broker and although filter is turned on for EUR and USD I still get signals right around high impact news. The 30 min before and after do not seem to work for me.

    • Working for me, was the news event significant to EUR/USD pair?

      • Yes, it was high impact news. Had a few alerts this morning all around news time and only from aggressive indi. Nothing else received throughout the day and I run all three of them. Support thinks it is the GMT settings, but they have been confirmed. My thought is possibly DST impacting it. Will document all my settings and send it to support.

      • the same with me….

  103. This software rocks. I did some manual trading yesterday and I wanted to poke my eyes out. I’ve only been using these signals a week and I feel like I’m already reliant on it. I don’t want to trade any other way. It’s so much easier to have a trade show up instead of having to find an entry yourself. I’m also at a win rate of 80% which doesn’t hurt.

  104. Hi to all. What do you like trading more Ascend or Brain Wave ??? Please explain why ??? Thanks

  105. My broker does not offer 30min expiration. Will it work when you select something close to 30 minutes?

  106. Does it matter which time charts we use ? In the members area it seemed to be the 5M

  107. Hi admin,

    1. Do you follow their signals (low risk and normal ones) automatically without any further analysis? Or after receiving the signals, you check your chart and candlestick for a while to confirm the trades before placing trades?

    2. After receiving the signals, did you place trades on your Binary Broker right away, or wait for 1 or 2 minutes before placing trade on Binary broker?

    3. If the trades are produced during High Impact News such as: Bank Interests date, Non-farm payroll, etc, do you trade those signals? or you skip those trades?

    4. Do we need to set up any GMT Offtset on MT4 platform when attaching this Binary Ascend onto MT4 chart?

    5. Any practical trading experiences that you got when trading with signals of Binary Ascend?

    6. How much per trade did you place to increase from 1k to over 8k usd in 3 months testing? And does Boss Capical allow demo testing of their platform?

    Waiting for your further explanations to all my above questions.


    • 1. Pretty much, I’ll always look at the charts some because I can.
      2. Couple minutes.
      3. They skip those trades, they have a news filter.
      4. Yes, for the news filter.
      5. Only if you use analysis.
      6. From $50-200.

  108. What is the difference between Binary Brain Wave & Binary Ascend.
    They look the same.

    • Look at their websites, they are very different. They trade different currencies, have different expiration times, entry times, trade patterns, frequencies etc.

  109. I read that somebody had success with USD/JPY with this system, does it support other pairs than EUR/USD?

  110. @Admin, on 13Jan2015 did you receive 20 low and normal risk signals you mean? and how many ended up as wins?

    • Hi,

      No I didn’t receive 20 low and normal trades on the 13th. I don’t remember how many I had but it wasn’t that many. I traded 6 signals that day and went 5-1.

  111. Wow, it keeps winning. I like this a lot so far. I’m starting to understand why you were so enthusiastic Ruth. Thanks for introducing me to this product.

  112. Going great so far! Thanks for another stellar recommendation. I bought copies for my family members too so everyone is involved and getting paid 🙂

  113. Does the brokers care if we use just one currency pair when trading, or is it ok with them?

  114. In your video you did not not sound very excited about taking an account from $1000 to over $8000 ,why is that ? One thing I have trouble with Binary Options is crooked Brokers .
    Maybe because I was sucked in previously by free Binary programs if I join a recommended broker and it was a pain to get what was left in an account back to me .

    • Hi Michael, she’s a new intern and she’s very professional. I’m sure she’s happy about the gains. Brokers are definitely a difficult water to swim in, but I am using their recommended broker and never had any issues. Plus they are the #1 rated broker by the binarytoday community.

  115. Did you do any analysis before placing trades on the low risk and normal settings or did you just get the signal and place the trades?

  116. Signed up early yesterday and I’m undefeated so far, I hope I’m not just lucky, 7 straight in the money has me salivating for more!

  117. Hello.
    You mentioned Ascend can be used on broker of your choice.
    I am US citizen and would only be trading on Nadex. Will Binary Ascend trade there?

    • Hi Laura, I suggest going to the binary ascend website and looking at the trade example. It shows you exactly how the software works, and I have a live trade example in my video as well. Go and look at those and see if it is compatible with your broker. Thanks for stopping in.

  118. I’ve had binary ascend for 24 hours and I’m loving it. I put all 3 indicators on the charts I’m focusing on low risk a normal versions like yourself. I’m starting to get a hang of it right away and it made some nice gains despite the choppy markets. I hope this software continues to produce the way it has because it does have a lot of potential. I’m excited today just because I get to trade.

  119. Hi
    I don’t understand the win loss ratio, you said that it gives 14+ signals per day.
    You trade approximately 40 monthly.
    So the 240 trade what happened to them?
    So it’s good if we take the real ratio
    Best regards

    • I mention in the review that I focus on the normal and low risk version signals. There are less of these. Also, I don’t trade 24 hours a day, I have other obligations. Plus during Christmas I didn’t trade at all to avoid the market. These are the reasons why.

      • Thanks for answering….
        So i will get 3-4 signals on the normal and low risk version signals …

        • Hi Leon, I think you will get more actually. They make really conservative estimations on their site as professionals but yesterday in 8 hours I had over 20 signals. Signal frequency is no issue with this software.

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