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Binary Today 5 Review

Binary Today 5 is a 5 minute binary options trading signal system that’s taking the market by storm. The initial response from the binary options community is extremely positive and I am 100% on board!

This is NOW the #1 Binary Options software in my arsenal and is a must have for any type of trader.

Today I will be analyzing this software, showing you how it works and why I believe that this software is going to change the way people approach their binary trading.

This is a true, game changer.

Binary Today 5 Review

Binary Today 5 uses a tactical trading strategy to send traders effective signals using out of the box settings. Traders can receive trade signals in their email inbox, their phone or my favorite the free Metatrader4 platform.

binarytoday5-software5 minute expiry times have been overlooked too long. There was a time where I did everything I could to avoid this type of trade but that’s no longer the case thanks to this in-depth trading strategy.

The trading system uses multiple filters to ensure bad signals are never signaled. The methodological approach of the developers is very strong. They focus on historical analysis and real trading knowledge to determine trend direction, support and resistance.

The software is consistently catching market turns early and taking advantage of new trends. I’m very impressed by the trade-logic behind the signals and it gives me a level of comfort that I just can’t find with any other trading system in binary options.


daily-results-binary5The Binary Today 5 software comes with everything a trader needs to be successful trading 5 minute expiry times.

  • 81% Win Rate
  • Live Trading Results
  • Built-In News Filters
  • Built-In Trade Assistant
  • Built-In Market Analysis Filters
  • Works On Live & Demo Accounts
  • Lifetime Access To Free Updates & Support
  • Compatible With All Brokers & Currency Pairs
  • Can Be Traded In All Trading Sessions & Countries World Wide
  • The #1 Rated Binary Options 5 Minute Strategy

Binary Today 5 is all inclusive. You don’t need any add-on tools and with each update the software is adjusted to current market conditions to ensure long-term winning. In my preliminary discussions with the development team there are many free updates planned in the next 6 months. They plan on adding new filters, and new technologies all free of charge for current members.

The developers are serious about this software.

Ease Of Use

Trading the signals is very simple. You will receive a trade and it will tell you exactly what to do. All you need to do is login to your broker and place the trade.

binary5-signalsYou can see in the example image that you are given everything that you need.

  • The time the signal is received.
  • The pair that needs to be traded.
  • The expiry time you need to set.
  • The direction, either PUT or CALL.

All the trader needs to do is pull the trigger.

Final Thoughts

The Binary Today 5 signal software is everything a binary options trader needs to be successful. It is easy to use, comes with more features than any other tool in the market and follows a systematic, proven strategy.

I am very pleased to provide the Forex Robot Nation readers with a tool you can trust. As always, if you have any comments or if you need any help, please send me an email. I can’t wait for you to start winning with Binary Today 5 and discussing the performance here.

As members of the community here, I’m offering a 15% coupon so that you can get started right away.


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  1. Binary 5 trade update:

    145 trades in 3 months. 74% ITM.

    Earnings, $4500.

    Responsive support, impressive.

    • Well done Mark, been a while since we’ve chatted on Skype.

      Let’s talk binary.

      I’ve found a way to get my ITM to 77% using some tweaks to the methods we discussed last time.

      So.. go online!

      • Share some of these binary secrets with us!

        What’s your method?

        • When I first started with Binary Today 5 I focused heavily on tracking results and I still do.

          I am constantly marking down each trade by the pair, and time in which it’s traded. Then, I can look back at months of data and see what time and pairs are most effective and then only trade those times/pairs.

          Yes, the market changes but that’s why I continue to monitor.

          Try doing the same.

  2. Loving every minute of trading with B5.

    Hope you are well admin!

  3. Still the #1 binary software in my books.

    Can’t be touched.

    Let me know if you are working on anything else. Any binary software you use, I’m going to use.

    I even started using Forex Steam and Forex Fury with success there too.

    I apppreciate it.

  4. Hello

    Does this software works in IQ Options and how much is minimum account size???

  5. The only Binary software worth a damn is Binary Today 5.

    Coming from a non-trader, this is easy and makes sense.

  6. Amazing software. Binary Today has a Black Friday sale still on until the end of the week if you need it.

  7. It states that it will send the signal to MT4. Do we need to copy and paste once its there? Or will it set it up like an actual trade?

    Thank you.

  8. In fact, the most difficult part to binary trading is not how to win. I believe the software for the bottom of my heart. But in my countless hours of research, I still can’t find the right binary option broker to invest my money in 😀

    Which binary option broker would you guys recommended?

    Thanks in advance from a happy Forex Steam and Forex Fury user. Thanks FRN 😀

  9. Big wins today 7 for 7. Hoping to carry this momentum forward!

  10. Hi, is there any recommend binary broker? CapitalBoss is not available in my country. Many seem to be scam.

  11. Genius software!

    79% ITM in 3 weeks.

  12. is it suitable using Binary Today 5 to trade Forex? and

    What is the reliable Binary option broker? how about iq option ?

  13. Tremendous software!

  14. Excellent binary options software.

    The #1 I’ve used for sure.

    I’m 77 wins and 18 losses this month and a few of those losses I just got greedy with so it could be even better.

  15. After we purchase Binary Today 5 can we see the signals from the members only site?

  16. Very impressive software.

    16 trades this week and 16 wins.

  17. Hi admin any special settings for the indicators that binary 5 use.

  18. ibrahim abdulkadir

    i want to use this time to thank you mr kane for giving us this kind of opportunity i have never seen a software like this which is very effective i was skeptic about buying it but am glad i did is one of the best software i have come to see i have use several software which burn down my hard earned money. but this binary5 is the best is also effective on the forex trading i never loss a single trade since i started using it despite am using it on a demo account i will soon switch to live account i prefer using it on forex trading please can you recommend a good broker that is fast like thinkforex because there platfoem is fast and i like it but unfortunately there do not accept nigerians. please let me know
    thank you

  19. I am new to binary options but I gave this a shot at your recommendation.

    I’m still learning but after watching the video you posted earlier I’ve been able to win the majority of my trades.

    In the past two weeks I haven’t traded often but I won 52 trades and lost only 9. This is a major success for me in my trading and so I appreciate the recommendation greatly.

  20. ibrahim abdulkadir

    hi admin i was going googling the best robot software then your website stumble up. i have use several software that fails to deliver what there were advertise the last i use was virtnext this software burn my hard earned money i lost 5000$ now am just fed up i dont know if there is any good soft ware on the internet. please i want you to give me some assurance that this software is the best deal.

    • Hi Ibrahim, Virtnext is a clear scam. They promoted the software as a “secret way” to make $18,000 a week without any effort or skill necessary. That reeks of scam.

      Binary5 is a real trading strategy. You aren’t going to make $18,000 a week though, so if that’s what you’re after good luck.

  21. John Kane put together an excellent video showing the Binary 5 software in action.

    7 trades, 7 wins and $469 in profits.

  22. Continues to win.

    I’m three days in and feeling very comfortable with 5 minute binary options already.

  23. Excellent software so far.

    I bought it right after you put the review out and I’ve won 85% of my trades.

    I am usually Forex only, but this time I made an exception because I had so much success with your other recommendations.

    Thanks for everything.

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