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Binary Ascend


Binary Ascend is here and I couldn’t be happier. I have been involved in the testing of this software and I am blown away by it’s accuracy. It’s not often I come across a system this powerful with a strategy that I can sink my teeth into. This is a signal software that every trader needs to have. This is a ... Read More »

Forex Steam Eight Review


Forex Steam is here with the biggest update they’ve had in over a year. I’ve got all the exclusive details so enjoy the show. With over four years of success the best Forex robot on the market is taking this system to the next level. Easy to use and even easier to install the Forex steam robot has it all ... Read More »

Euro Open Strategy by Josh Martinez


Euro Open Strategy by Josh Martinez is a Forex trading method popularized in mid 2013. I never came across this strategy at the time so I thought I would look into it as I saw it is still being advertised by Josh regularly on Forex websites. Today I’ll let you know if this strategy is still relevant and worth considering ... Read More »

Forex Twin Pips by Alex Tanuka


Forex twin pips is a new Singapore-based Forex robot by Alex Tanuka. Alex tells us that his software provide stable execution by utilizing a micro shifting algorithm. He believes that his software can generate over $15,000 a month totally hands-off. Today I will analyze this independent trading software provide the Forex robot nation readers the tools to make the right ... Read More »

Atomic EA V2


Atomic EA V2 is a new automated Forex robot. The developers of the software tell us that anyone can use this automated Forex system to surge themselves to huge profits and long-term success trading Forex. Today I’ll take a quick look at the software and let you know if I feel it’s worth your while in this full review. Atomic ... Read More »

Pivot Trader Pro


Pivot Trader Pro is a Forex robot that uses invisible market levels within their unique trading strategy. The developers of the software tell us that they’ve taken $5000 account and turned it into a $49,000 account in less than 12 months using this fully automated software. In my review today I’ll be taking a look at their money back guarantee, ... Read More »

FX Profit Boom


 FX Profit Boom is a Forex software that is looking for traders that are tired of getting slaughtered by the markets. The developers of this system claim that you can win 90% of your trades if you copy this never before revealed strategy that makes $4000 to $20,000 a day. In this review I’ll let you know in my analysis ... Read More »

FX Childs Play Signals


FX Childs Play Signals is a Forex signals service by a man who claims to be the most respected name in Forex trading. Considering I’ve spent the last 6 years dedicated to the Forex market and I’ve never heard of Farhan I would have to disagree with his tagline. Today I’ll be looking at this Forex system that’s supposed to ... Read More »

Bon Forex Robot

bon forex robot

Bon Forex Robot is a new automated trading solution being brought to us by an undisclosed development team. The system is being sold for hundred and $149 and $199 depending on how many licenses the client requires. Today in my exclusive review I’ll be taking a closer look and analyzing whether or not we should be purchasing any licenses. Bon ... Read More »

Forex IMBA


Forex IMBA is a Forex robot that works exclusively on the AUDUSD currency pair. The developers of the system want traders to know that they can start trading with $60 and that their software is simple to install and anyone can use it. I’ll be taking a closer look at the software and providing you with a full review so ... Read More »

EA Builder


EA Builder is a new Forex solution dedicated to creating indicators, strategies and automated Forex robots. The purpose of this tool is to help every day traders build indicators and automate trading strategies so that they are more successful in their Forex trading. Today I’ll be providing a brief analysis and reviewing every single thing that this software delivers. EA ... Read More »

FX Monopoly


FX Monopoly is a new Forex indicator by a former Forex bank trader. This trader, Joseph Anderson tells us that his software has the potential of making $1.4 million in merely 27 months. In my review today I’ll be taking a closer look at Joseph and letting the Forex robot nation community understand if I believe the software has what ... Read More »